I Have Finished A Project!



Well, here’s the dress 🙂  I can’t say I love this picture.  K just snaps the picture and doesn’t consider how it makes me look.  I hate my arms in this picture and the angle of my face.  He doesn’t have the magic touch that I have when it comes to taking pictures. This picture is cropped.  There was a lot of negative space.

Here’s the dress on my bed.


Anyway, this took me about 10 hours to make in total.  Is it work it?  Perhaps.  If you want to spend a fraction of the cost of what you would spend at a store.  It was fun, but only when I wasn’t making mistakes or the sewing machine was acting up.  Those made it very frustrating.

I chose this pattern, Simplicity 2176, because I liked the simple A-line and I thought it would be a good first try.  It was 🙂  I think I did pretty well considering I’ve never made clothes.   I just downloaded a circle skirt pattern for free from burdastyle.com, which is an addicting website.  I am hoping that I can turn a circle skirt into something Lolita appropriate.

I think my OCD really liked this project.  It kept my mind working and focused.  I tried very hard not to get burnt out by working on it too much in one day.  For me, that lasts a couple of days 😉

This weekend I basically worked on it nonstop.  I’ll be honest, it’s nowhere near perfect.  Somehow I made the bodice too big in the end and it is clothes-pinned to look tighter in the picture, but I think that’s an easy fix.  You can’t see it that well in this picture, but I also made a bow.  It’s really cute in real life 🙂  It looks bad in the picture 😉

I am really impressed by how well I installed the zipper 🙂 Everyone said it’s difficult, but I think it’s pretty easy.

Anyway, I’m glad to finally be finished (almost anyway), with a project.  This isn’t something I’ve done in a long, long time.  I have so many half finished projects lying around the house.  In a way, I’m proud of myself.  It was a lot of work, but with time I’m sure I’ll get better.

Also, this is what Chester did basically the entire time I was working on the dress.





He’s such a cute little baby boy 🙂
Thanks for reading!



117 thoughts on “I Have Finished A Project!

      1. I find it sexy if I may be so bold. I also like to hear a woman’s perspective along with her feminine mind and body language, There is something intricately amazing about human-kind and I may be partial, I can see it in women.

  1. You did such an amazing job on your first dress! =) The color and fit look so pretty on you. Also, I love your kitty cat! hehe!

  2. So I just wanted to say, first off, that you are absolutely beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with your arms in this picture or any other you’ve posted, and that dress is fabulous! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get into clothes-making for a long time and now I’m even more inspired to do so lol. Awesome project. Love your blog! 🙂

    1. Thank you for saying that 🙂 It makes me a less self-concious about the picture. I say definitely just go for it and try to make something. It’s easier than I thought. Use a pattern though, they come with step-by-step instructions, which makes it much easier. 🙂 Oh and burdastyle.com is a great place to download them instantly, some of which are free.

  3. Great job! I’ve got a sewing machine, for Christmas, years ago. I really enjoy hand sewing, which I learned from my kids great grandma, but she helped me every step of the way on her old (and beautiful) Singer. But you did this all by yourself! I just can’t get over my fear of sewing machines. It’s the bobbin, threading thing. A lost art that’s making its way back. I really love the bodice. And you look great in it!! What are you doing next?

    1. Thank you! I was afraid of threading it too, but it’s a piece of cake with Youtube 🙂 I’m no longer afraid and much more aware of all that can go wrong. I was hoping that next I would make a skirt from a circle skirt pattern that I downloaded from burdastyle.com. I am looking to make it Lolita appropriate 🙂 Thanks for asking!

      1. Well done Megan. The dress looks lovely and the frustrations you had are normal. Try using poor thread and it keeps breaking! I’m sure, like me, you will have more pleasure from making original clothes.

  4. Megan, you did a fantastic job on your first dress! And the one modeling it looks normal, no flaws (broken arms or no broken legs) with beauty and bright intelligence shining out from within! I noted the bow on the front, thinking that you added a wonderful touch. Rejoice in your creativity. It is God-given!

  5. Oh, do keep going with your sewing. If this is your first attempt at sewing, you are a natural at it. Do you have a timer on your camera? Another blogger reminded me about the timer on my camera and I have been having such fun taking photos of myself. Setting it up for my pose is tricky but I am getting better at it, all the time.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I strive for perfection by nature, so I think that’s why it went so smoothly. I need to work on learning how to use the self timer on my camera. I need to take my own pics instead of relying on you-know-who to do a good job 😉

  6. Megan you did a fantastic job, I am so impressed and it makes me want to sew again, It mainly takes patience, that’s what my Mum always says, lol And you look wonderful and so pretty, I guess you are one of those lucky girls who always looks good….I can only dream. Thank you for sharing this and I agree the color looks great on you,,,,well done!!!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 It was a lot of work, but rewarding for sure. I will be honest and say that I definitely don’t always look good! I have many, many bad hair days 😉 Like today. But thank you for saying that. And what are you talking about! You’re beautiful 🙂

  7. Amazing!! I love it, and I think I’ll be adding dress making to my after-uni-is-finished-to-do list 🙂
    Thank you for the inspiration – you should definitely be proud 😀

    1. It’s definitely something to do after you finish college. There’s no way I’d have had time while I was studying 😉 Now I just work, come home, and do whatever 😉

  8. This is fantastic. I cannot believe you have never sewn anything before. You should be completely proud of yourself. Onwards and upwards I say. what will you make next? Doesn’t it make you feel great, when you set yourself a task and actually get on a do it? Yesterday, I collected figs from our fig trees and made a chutney. I had the biggest smile on my face all day after wards. My next big project for the winter is a patchwork quilt! My sewing skills are limited to making a cushion cover over twenty years ago! Wish me luck!

    1. Thank you so much! It defnitely made me feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m surprised it turned out to actually look like something I could wear 😉 I wish I could just collect figs and make something from them. I’m not great at making food from scratch! 🙂 I can definitely give you some tips on quilting. I have made two large quilts with my grandmother and they are definitely something to cherish. Good luck with doing that!

  9. The dress looks beautiful on the bed. I agree with you. That’s not a good picture. The focus should be the dress, it’s features, which you can’t see in this picture. You look fine. It seems to me a good angle to shoot it from is from above, looking down at it.

    That’s pretty amazing though. That you’re first project be a fancy dress. And to finish it. Pretty amazing.

  10. The OCD compulsion to at a project until you finish it is a hard one to overcome. Wayyyy back before OCD had a name I made those two quilts, and worked on them nonstop until I finished them, I haven’t sewed one since, and that was at least twenty years ago. I also did the same with counted crossstitch, I haven’t done one since I was preggers with your baby bro. You are going to find that no matter what the project you do that same compulsion to do it until it’s finished never goes away it just gets easier to pace yourself better. I don’t like that feeling so I pretty much avoid projects because I know it will consume my thoughts and actions.
    You did a fantastic job on the dress, it looks beautiful, comfy and something to be proud of achieving. Love you honey, mom

    1. Ugh, I’m so glad you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m talking about. I did the same thing with my quilts. I’ve had a time with cross stitch too 😉 Funny. I really should just stay away from crafty things. Even though I can do them, they drive me nuts.

  11. You have done a great job, and maybe this also helps finishing the other half jobs done. It helps to be focused on one thing, I write for instance, just takes a little balance.
    One thing is for sure, you do look proud on that picture and you have every right to do so.
    Perrrrrty lady 😉

  12. It looks great! I got into sewing a little a few years ago too. I found I could get lost for hours trying to make something with a pattern. It was really relaxing. Making small things like scarves and pillow cases was fairly easy but really rewarding!

  13. I am in awe…. I can’t even sew on a button without getting frustrated 🙂 You look amazing in the dress. The first item I attempted at school was a skirt which took me WEEKS and drove both the teacher and me totally crazy!! I was quite proud when I finished it but then broke a bottle of permanent ink on it on the way home. I have also sewn a sleeve of the only jumper I ever finished knitting onto the V neck!! I was so annoyed my mum had to unpick it for me in the end!! Needless to say I have realised that my strengths do not lie in garment making 🙂

    1. You’re stories made me smile, which I needed today 🙂 Sewing machines can be a pain, that’s for sure. I always have something go wrong with mine when I’m working with it. Something gets jammed and then I’m stuck for hours trying to fix it. I understand your frustration!

      1. Glad it cheered you up. I am very impatient and admire your tenacity. If something goes wrong and I can’t fix it quickly I just want to throw it through a window 🙂 My laptop has gone awol at the moment but after a frustrating time yesterday I have decided it’s time to call in reinforcements before I explode!!

  14. I have recently taken up sewing but I’ve not had your success! It’s such a great “mind-blocker” – you really have to focus and I find 2 hours have gone by and I’ve not been stressing or thinking over things, just focusing on the 1 guide inch line on my machine!!

    1. It’s definitely a mind-blocking activity and time really flies by, which can be a good and bad thing. I have so little time to begin with that it got stressful toward the end. I just felt I had to finish.

  15. Great job! It feels good to start a project and finish it, doesn’t it? Something I can rarely say, but a part of my personality I’m striving to change. I love the dress, and I love your determination!

  16. Your first time sewing and you actually made a dress that you could actually wear? I am all types of impressed by this because I considered a ‘first time sewing’ as replacing a button…that’s about as far as it went for me :)…you did a fantastic job – keep it up! 🙂

    1. 😉 Thank you! It took so long to finish it though, so I’m kind of weighing the pros and cons. I did learn a lot though that I didn’t know before, so that’s something!

  17. This was the first time you’ve ever sewn a dress? This was amazing! I’ve grown up watching my mom make clothes and I can tell you that it is very time consuming, especially when you have to stop and pick out a seam and the machine decides to just quit on you. I think the picture of you in it isn’t so bad, the color of the dress compliments your skin pretty well. If you enjoyed the sewing, keep it up!

    1. Yep it’s my first time to make clothing of any kind 🙂 Thank you. I totally agree though, it is VERY time consuming. When I consider the hours and the occasional machine mishap, I think I’d rather just buy clothes 😉

      1. True, but there are times when making it yourself makes the project at the end all the more meaningful. We still have the dresses that our Mom made for us over 20 years ago!

  18. Congratulations! I know exactly what you mean about not finishing projects, but once you do it feels so great! Lovely dress 🙂

  19. Brilliant job! Can’t believe it’s your first attempt! You’re one brave lady, looking forward to seeing what else you’ll be making, now it sounds like you’ve got the bug! 😀

  20. Great job! Zippers were not that hard for me either, and everyone told me they would be. Hmmm. You really having me wishing I could sew now. I miss that. Before, it was always the excuse of school and work; now, it is I don’t have the money, space, or stamina to do it. Well, if I had the money and space, I could probably gear up the stamina.
    You done good girl.

    1. Thank you! I don’t know why everyone says zippers are so difficult to install. Not more difficult than anything else in my opinion. I don’t have money, space, or determination most of the time. This was a fluke 😉

  21. Not everyone can follow a dress project for their first sewing project. It looks great. I am a sewer so I know! Great job!

  22. Impressive. It looks darling!
    You needn’t be so hard on yourself and how you look. This is the internet where much worse pictures have been seen.

  23. lol Chester. He just likes being near you.

    For a first attempt I’d say your dress is incredible! OCD is not something anybody would want but in a way, I wish I had the stamina and motivation and drive to take on projects and finish them – or even work on them for more than a few hours before I get sick of it and give it up. My depression/anxiety/bpd makes me like a skittish horse, always bolting. There are very few things I can spend a lot of time on and one of the only things is internetz…and that means poodgy belly!

    PS we have the same bed and bedspread lol. So you like Ikea too?! lol

    1. I get so burnt out on projects. I have this terrible feeling of anxiety if I do not finish them in one sitting. It takes a lot of effort for me to convince myself not to finish it all in one sitting. Not necessary! I do love IKEA 🙂 That’s too funny that you have the same bed/bedspread! It’s a cute choice 🙂

      1. my I have been obsessed, OBSESSED with having pretty hanging light lanterns from my bedhead for probably a year but have for some reason, even thought they’re only between $20-$30 for a set I couldn’t find the PERFECT lanterns. I scoured shops and the internet and finally settled two weeks ago for near enough just to bloody have a set and they are still sitting above me in their box unopened…I was consumed by wanting them for more than a year. Silly me!

      2. I thought about doing that too! I went with ribbons instead because I just know Chester would destroy them. I went with a ribbon instead like in the Ikea magazine. I’m really surprised that he hasn’t destroyed those though 🙂

      3. Me too! Dangling ribbons and cats usually don’t mix but good on Chester for showing some self control! For now…

  24. When I got to the part that said, “I have so many half finished projects lying around the house” my eyes were drawn to the cats. It gave that sentence a whole new meaning. 🙂

    The dress came out looking like something you could wear and people wouldn’t snicker. You did a great job.

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