Chester Is King, Well Sort Of…

DSC_0654So this happened today….

A couple of days ago, I got Chester’s Halloween costume in the mail.  I bought a Pharaoh headdress and beard for him 😉  I thought it was fitting since he has an exotic, almost Mau-like appearance.  The cat in the picture on Amazon was so regal. Hahaha!  I knew as soon as I saw that that it was never, ever going to look like the cat in the picture.  Anyway, I bought it because I thought it would look nice with his coat and it does.  However, cats are crafty. I knew I had to get the camera ready to get some shots. He almost instantly reached up and took it off with his hand-like paw.  Not before I could snap some pictures!




DSC_0659And it was over just like that 🙂

He’s so funny.

Looks like we’re ready for Halloween.  Actually, it’s just an excuse to buy him a funny costume 🙂

Thanks for reading yet another post about my cat!





76 thoughts on “Chester Is King, Well Sort Of…

  1. That reminds of when me and my sister used to wrap our cat in tinsel at Christmas time………poor cat 🙂

  2. Excuse me while I fly my nerd flag on this one, but your choice of costume is actually quite appropriate. In Ancient Egypt, cats were thought of as gods and worshiped as such. And I think it’s fair to argue that cats have never forgotten this. 🙂 The goddess Bastet was the representation of felines as deity, and while the affinity was certainly feminine, male cats were still regarded, as well. Bastet, along with Sekhmet, was known as the Eye of Ra. They were so revered that any cat anywhere in Egypt found to be dead was carried off to a particular temple to be mummified and buried in a large cat cemetery, of sorts. I’m sure all of this was going through your head when you picked out the costume, too lol. Sorry. I’m a hobby Egyptologist lol. Anyway…Beautiful pics and cat! Happy Early Halloween!

    1. Not nerdy at all! I find the history of the African wild cat turned domestic Mau very, very interesting. I can see the exotic heritage in Chester’s markings and eyes. I’ve actually been looking for a Bastet statue for awhile now. I think that would be cool to have. Thanks for sharing all of that. I didn’t know most of that.

  3. I get the feeling he isn’t feeling the whole Pharaoh thing. Nice try. I just dress my dog in a Purple Wizard had and I am done. The cats, well…let’s just say I value the use of my hands and fingers more than dressing them up.

    1. 😀 He is actually a very sweet boy. He is never aggressive to me and is always very loving. Not quite the same with my boyfriend 😉 I think they’re more like buddies and I’m the mommy.

      1. You’re inspiring me to take more pics upload them and share our little girl, Samantha. She’s a chaweiner. She spent four days with her cousin Kira a Cavaliere. They get alone great. Got to see Kira in witch hat. Such fun! Our furry companions are priceless.I’ll do a snap I took of Sam on my blog page. Have fun!

  4. So cute! I would love to dress my dog, Mr. Bojangles up but not sure if I can afford it. He needs sweaters as well as his new sister, Roxy, whom we adopted recently. I may have to though!

      1. Thanks! All my life I really have never cared about pets or wanted one. I never wanted to be responsible for something, hence why I have no babies of my own. Roxy was my brother’s dog he couldn’t keep so it worked out well since she knew me and the household I live in. My baby, Mr. Bojangles was a street dog as I say. He showed up about two years ago out of the darkness, looking dirty, skinny, riddled with fleas! Just a mess. But right away, it sounds stupid, but something just connected him to me and I knew he was my dog, the perfect dog. He’s been that way since and has thrived being part of the family now. He’s a Jack Russell and has short hair. Once fall hits and it’s colder at night, a sweater is mandatory or he shivers. When winter arrives and stays, he will be wearing a sweater all the time. I need to get him and his new sister, Roxy some to have this year. Roxy is a miniature snhauzer and she will freeze too. I wish I had the skill to make them. I tried putting regular articles of clothing on them both but it’s just not a fit and doesn’t work. Maybe I can find some good deals on the net but they must be cheap!!! I have no income! But they can’t freeze either! Do you have any pets?

      2. I do have a cat 🙂 He’s pretty awesome. Pet clothes can be stupidly expensive, but I found a website that is extremely cheap. It’s a wholesale site and everything is shipped slowly from China. I know that sounds terrible, but I bought stuff from them and have been satisfied. THe shipping is almost always free and the stuff is cheap to begin with. It takes about a month to get your order, but for the price it’s worth the wait. The site is Just search dog sweater or whatever you want to search and you should find it 🙂 You should also make an amazon wishlist of the things you want/need and post it on your blog. Someone might just send something your way 🙂

      3. You are just amaze, kitty! I will check it out for sure. I love the advice you give me, an Amazon wish list is something I’ve never ever thought of! It is a nice thought, someone being kind and sending something, but I have few followers and am just starting out! I don’t even know how well I’m doing to be honest! But again, thanks for being so kind to me!

      4. You’re welcome 🙂 I have one suggestion that might help you out. You should edit your Gravatar profile so that you have a picture and so that it links back to your blog, that way whenever someone sees the picture, they know it’s you and they can link back and see your blog 🙂

      5. I have been wanting to fix that but I am so computer stupid, lol. I’ve been to the help section so many times to try but still haven’t conquered the task!

      6. 🙂 The gravatar thing is kind of complicated and I’ve had trouble with it myself. I’m pretty good with computers, so if ever you need help just ask 🙂

      7. I always need help! Lol. I wish it was like doing your profile like you would for other social media, etc! I might try to do it again tomorrow but my expectations are low, lol. I do want to get my picture up soon though, it bothers me its not there! I like your pic, you look super pretty!

  5. I could read about cats all day! That was the cutest, funniest little photo session. You’re right that headdress is superb!
    my housemate has two cats and unfortunately they can’t sleep with me because I have my ratty boy in my room, but I do love getting cat smooches when they allow it. Well one demands it and the other sometimes lets me be standing in a place he’s walking by and he will momentarily lean…he needs more time…lol.
    Happy halloween! Whenever it is, I have no idea about these things!

    1. It was super funny 🙂 He is so eccentric! Today I found him somehow on the very top shelf of my pantry, not sure how he got up there. He’s always entertaining us that’s for sure. I know what you mean about the cat that just walks on by. Chester fakes me out all the time 😉

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