Hate Makes Me Sick, Cats And Babies Make Me Smile

DSC_0852Some days are rougher than others.  Today was one of those days, and it doesn’t have to do with having OCD.

I’m just glad that I always have Chester to come home to.  He is the epitome of pure innocence and love.  Everyone needs a cat in their lives, or a pet of any kind that shows you that not everything in the world is not so innocent and loving. 

Racism is very much alive and well in Southern Indiana.  I’ve lived here all of my life and have witnessed it thousands of times.  I don’t know why it still surprises me when I see something blatantly racist.

Bloomington is a small city, but a big college town.  The majority of people here are associated with the university and there is a lot of diversity, which can’t be found everywhere in Indiana.  The second most spoken language in Bloomington is Korean.  I love living here and it’s the only place in Indiana, besides maybe Indianapolis, that I will ever live.  Other than that, I would like to live somewhere on the west coast, Portland or Seattle perhaps.  Sometimes being in the university world makes me forget that not everyone is as educated as me and ignorance is quite prevalent.

Racism of any kind is my biggest pet peeve.  I do not understand it and never will.  It is pure ignorance.  I rarely speak up on here about my larger opinions, but this one cannot go unspoken for.

Today, a friend of mine pointed out that another person I know liked a page on Facebook that could very well be a front for a white supremacy group.  It doesn’t even deserve to be named on here.  It was like a bad disaster, I just couldn’t help but look.  I was appalled at some of the things I saw on that page.  Some things do NOT deserve to be liked on Facebook.  

Not only did it hurt to see such terrible things written about who are not “white,” but it also hurt so much that someone I know would choose to express their views in this way.  This person knows that I am in an intercultural relationship and at least pretends to be ok with it.  This made it much worse.

I felt nauseated all day.  Nauseated, frustrated, and angry.  I didn’t want to think differently of the person and I will still be kind to them, but I do feel differently about them now.  

Feelings of hatred toward anyone who is not exactly like you or at least the way you want them to be is ignorance and has no place in our modern world.  

My motto is to kill everyone will kindness, regardless.  

I’m just lucky that I have tons of pictures of Chester and my niece and nephew on my phone and computer at work to look through.  Sometimes you just need a happy place like that to get through the day 🙂

I mean seriously, how could these two not make your day better?  🙂

My sweet baby nephew and baby niece
My sweet baby nephew and baby niece

They are so precious 🙂 Chester is too.

Thanks for reading my rant today. I appreciate it.



77 thoughts on “Hate Makes Me Sick, Cats And Babies Make Me Smile

  1. Wonderful picture. Hate hurts, I try to just turn around and not see it. It can make me so mad, sad, and just bring me to tears. I am lucky as most of the hate I encounter is on the Internet and I can just click away from it. I remember working as a paralegal dealing with divorcing couples all the time. Man! There is some serious hate, hurt, pain. It used to just wring me out sometimes. Don’t let it infect your heart or soul. Put up your wall and let it hit the wall and bounce back to those who put it out.

    1. Sometimes the only thing we can do is turn the other cheek. Divorce can definitely be ugly and hateful, I know from experience. I always just look at it as even though I can’t control someone else, I can control myself and I can just be an example of a good person 🙂

      1. Good idea. I haven’t had a really hateful divorce, but have sure been a part of them doing other’s divorces. Sometimes they are so stupid and are making a huge issue out of who gets the TV. No joke! I had one where they actually argued about who got her Victoria Secrets underwear. That was messed up. I had another where they guy complained in court that he had paid for her breast implant. The judge finally asked if he wanted visitation rights. That shut him up! Funny as hell, but just plain stupid.

  2. Pets are just bundles of joy always happily awaiting your return and always there for silent support in times of pain. Just wrote an article about how my young puppy has helped me through chronic migraines and intractable vomiting, the best medicine I’ve ever had.

    1. Gosh, yeah I can see that a pet would be most definitely comforting during those times. I’m so sorry that you suffer from migraines 😦 I have a coworker who gets them terribly and know how she suffers. My love to you.

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I really appreciate that 🙂 I haven’t visited your blog before now, but I’m glad I did. I love the concept and wish I had some way to connect better to my school friends 🙂 Thank you again.

  3. I guess my pet peeve is cruelty to children and animals. Abusing the innocent is a big enough black mark that decisive action is needed to stop it. Which I have, when the opportunity presented itself, taken.

    And racism…ugh. I was raised in a household (not deserving of ‘family’) in which racism was celebrated. It was horrible, hearing people I grew to understand as ‘cultured’ talking…well, talking sewage.

    I learned to cut racists dead, have nothing to do with them. Listening to these idiots gives them a sense of approval. Isolation is the only thing they deserve.

    I come home every day to a forest of waving tails, and a chorus of barking. It heals a lot of hurts.

    1. I always appreciate your comments. They are always so insightful and clearly expressed. Cruelty to children and animals is another one of the things that make me just sick. I can’t understand what someone must be thinking to want to hurt a child or animal. Disgusting. I grew up with a fair amount of racism, coming from a small, predominantly white-American town. Many people were close-minded and still are. People like that do deserve isolation.

    1. I always wonder that 🙂 Chester is so eccentric! I don’t know if he’s trying to be funny or if it’s just in his nature. Doesn’t matter though, whatever he does makes me smile 🙂

  4. I hope that you’ll better in the morning. Really, people who forget to love need a lot of your prayer and love because they have no clue how to live. Life is short and only you can make beautiful, or ugly. I prefer to look at beauty and inhale joy through every pore of my being!

  5. I like your motto. Sadly, racism jumps out from all sorts of unexpected quarters. Sometimes it’s intentional, sometimes it’s through ignorance and sometimes it’s plain thoughtlessness. What you write here makes up one thousand times and more for one silly like on a terrible page on Facebook. If your page here would let me, I would put ten likes on it at least 🙂

    1. That’s very sweet of you. The intentional hurt is the worst. I hear a lot of that too from people I see daily. I’m always so thankful for your support and encouragement 🙂 You’re very kind.

      1. There was an article in our paper today by a local management expert. He wrote of a 17 point guide to living a better life. I thought of you and your anti-racism post when I was reading it. This point I found particularly important ” Be kind to people. You can’t always like them but you can be kind to them. This is a fundamental rule of life and we should never forget that if we hold a grudge against someone we are doing enormous harm to ourselves.” I absolutely believe in being kind to everyone and every creature and it makes me sad that people who make racist remarks etc not only hurt the other person but damage themselves as well. Such a waste of humanity. Here’s to kindness and cats 🙂

      2. I’m so touched that you thought of me when reading the article 🙂 That’s kind of what I’ve always been raised to think and something that I’ve learned from my grandmother and mom. You can’t always like people, but you can be kind to them. It’s definitely something I live by. Thanks for sharing that experience with me. It was lovely 🙂

  6. Never is something purely rooted in one cause. Racism is in a major part ignorance and more important fear. Fear of the unknown. The unknown that surprises, amazes or questions your way of life and world-view. It is an infantile urge to keep everything simple homogenized. That’s why most people someday evolve out of it. Its development that abolishes racism. Surmounted through information and involvement. Racist people are not inherently evil, they are uneducated and scared. I know how you feel and I know it will not change your feeling of nausea to say that, but you are the superior one and you will win. It is a waiting game.
    Okay well some are just fucked up in their head. There is no denying that. So I completely understand your point of view. But it has to be widened. And abso-fuckin-lutely! Those are two amazingly cute kids.

    1. You have the most elegant writing style, so much so that it makes me envious 🙂 I think you must be a modern-day Renaissance man. Behind all the hate there is definitely fear, and like you said it’s a fear of the unknown and of change. I see a lot of that here, with the arguments over immigration especially and the fact that our president is not 100% ethnically European American. The younger generations are changing the way of things, but the older generations still remain stuck in their ways. (I work with mostly old people)! 😉

      I know, aren’t they so cute 🙂 They definitely look like Messmer children.

      1. Thank you very much. I had to fight my tears. I feel so incapable and futile for so long. I cannot express my gratitude and how much these few words mean to me.

        We Germans got the racism thankfully, neccessarily and mainly beaten out of us. It is simply an unacceptable behaviour nowadays in most surroundings. But I had a very imprinting experience several years ago. I think I will write about that soon. Thanks for reminding me.

      2. German history is sorrowfully misunderstood and misrepresented. I’m sorry for that, being German American myself, and very proud of my heritage. Nevertheless, things happened and changed humanity forever. I will look for your post on the experience I jogged in your memory 🙂

        You are not incapable or futile. Not in the least. You’re a talented, handsome man and have so much going for you.

      3. German history is most of all short. What most people don’t understand is, that every culture or religion or country has a process of developing it’s own identity. Muslims for example are the newest of the world religions and had to suffer terrible blows to their intellectual elites, they have yet to recover from. Bombing them further into never-happening obedience is not smart. Now they have a similar consciousness like Christianity during the middle ages and are under constant attack. Germans are young and powerful from the start. We thought, we needed to proof ourselves in the eyes of the world. Legitimize our existence in the game of power in Europe and therefore the world. The Jewish religion was frowned upon in the whole of Europe. We thought their antipathy through, to the end and were very surprised when we were not allowed to do so. I write this, as if it were the cause that war was fought.
        It is our stigma and we earned it through hard and meticulous work. It was a crime. I feel not responsible nor am I, but I feel sympathetic and an upmost respect towards any victim of our ancestors or living culprit.
        I like history very much, I only recently discovered, that every nation teaches a different history. It is highly informative. I heard things about our history that was intentionally omitted in school.
        We you the others and I are a strong and adaptable people 😉

      4. I have heard from a German professor that she remembers things being omitted from her grammar school history books. I’m sure some of that happened here too, but I just can’t remember anything specific. I love history too and especially that of my ancestors. I like to sit with my genealogy books and read about them and try to imagine what life was like for them. I’m actually working on a novel about my maternal ancestors. There’s something interesting in our history that I want to elaborate on.

        We are a strong people aren’t we 🙂

      5. That is very likely. There is a constant tendency to redact history to rear.
        By the way may latest article is such a perfect example of my hate manifesting in a written way. Yesterday I was hurt. I blindly lashed out. Good thing, I found a better way to do that and describe it in the process of it.
        I am the United States of Jona.

  7. it is a shame some still live in fear of differences and haven’t learned anything or are to stubborn to even listen.
    So lets think Chester and babies, thought that also reminds me of poop diapers. Okay thank you for that. Have a good day.

    1. Haha! I have never changed a poopy diaper, so perhaps that’s why the connection wasn’t made. Sorry for that visual, but just think of my lovely Chester 🙂 I ought to add a video of him…

  8. I tend to like everyone until they give me a reason not to. I must admit that occasionally I fall victim to stereotyping. It is then when I remember that my cat loves everyone, no matter how they act or what they look like, and everyone loves my cat. It’s a simple formula: Love out = love in.

  9. Chester and your niece and nephew are adorable! Seattle is a wonderful place, but I’m a bit partial. However, even though I lived my life around Seattle, racism exists there as well. Maybe not as prevalent, but it is still there. My belief is that it will possibly take another generation or two before parents aren’t teaching their children to hate. (just my opinion)

  10. It is sad that racism still exists in the world. It is petty and juvenile. In regard to the person you know on FB, have you asked them about it? I know that may sound like you are meddling in their business, but often times things we see are not really what they appear to be. The person may not realize what the site is. They very well could have liked it because of something completely unrelated. In situations that can cause division between people, I believe that it is always important to ask, so that any potential misunderstandings can be cleared up. It may be a shot in the dark, but that’s what I would do. By the way, your niece and nephew are adorable!

    1. It is sad. I haven’t asked them about it and it would be beyond awkward to ask since I see this person every day. However, I see where you’re coming from and if it were someone else, I might ask. I think it’s a good idea too.

  11. Looking at those adorable faces would make anyone’s day a little better! The cat pic is a good one too!
    Racism is something I do not understand and have had to live with it in my own family. Being from the south, it saddens me that it is still so alive and well here. Prejudice and racism, two things born of ignorance and fear, do not have a place in this society, but as long as ignorance and fear exist then hatred will thrive. People are afraid of that which they do not understand, be it culture, race or lifestyle. They use hate to cover that fear and then wear it proudly like it is some sort of badge of honor, instead of being ashamed by their own narrow mindedness. I would love to think we could live in a world where we embrace other cultures and ideas and learn from them, instead of teaching our children that we should fear and therefore hate anything or anyone that is different from them.

    1. They are so adorable 🙂 I’m always happy to see them. Racism is definitely born of ignorance and fear, like you said. I grew up in a small, predominantly white town and to say the least, it was pretty much a closed society. I know some of what you probably experienced.

  12. Coming from a 3rd world country, when i travel i encounter a certain level of racism and discrimination. It doesn’t help that the general image for people from my country isn’t great. But racism is hard to break, i think of it as partly a coping mechanism for fear of the unknown (the different) and it is sad how this could lead to negativity.

    But definitely finding something happy about life helps us cope with these negativity.

    1. My bf is Korean and he experiences this too when we travel. We have to be mindful of where we decide to travel just because there’s still a lot of racism in some places. Intercultural couples are stupidly still looked down upon. I know where you’re coming from. THanks for sharing.

  13. Came for the cat, stayed for the story.

    The world will never be as cute as you would like. But as long as you keep your morals, there will be at least one person to make it cuter.

  14. really well put post and I understand your surprise. I am constantly surprise when I hear or see things that are blatantly racist or homophobic or sizeist or any of the ‘ists’ and ‘ics’ but I think it’s because we are so lovely (seriously!) we simply do not expect what we would not do ourselves. It is not always appropriate or safe to speak up either, and I’ve simply let friendships go to pergatory and stay there silently because I’ve found out they are into something that appals me. I know saying something to them about it won’t do any good, so I simply silently cut them out of my life and if I ever was to see them again I would be polite and get the heck outta there.
    PS Chester couldn’t be cuter than this picture! Ok he probably could but I love this one 🙂

    1. We just are too lovely 🙂 Homophobia is something I also deal with regularly. That bothers me greatly too. I do what you do and just silently cut people out of my lives. It makes me live easier and them too, even if in their ignorance, but some people just seem to keep coming around!

      I know that picture of chester is one of my favorites. He wouldn’t get out of the sheets when I was making the bed. He does that whenever I change the sheets too, so it takes me way longer than it should 😉

      1. my rat (Squirrel) jumps in the cage before I can put the bottom layer of paper down and runs around getting in the way, so I pull him out and start shredding more paper and he dives in, and I put in his little crocheted squares and towel and he starts moving it to where it ‘should have been placed’. He does this every time and it’s so adorable! He gets excited and then he gets in a huff because I’m not putting things where he wants them lol. If only they could talk! Or maybe not…;)

      2. I love that your rat’s name is squirrel 🙂 That is so cute that he has his little routine when you clean out his cage 😉 I am going to have to Youtube how pet rats act. I’ve never really gotten the opportunity to see one that is a pet 😉 That is so cute though!

      3. His name is Squirrel because…his is un-neautered and his balls are SO big he looked like he was hoarding nuts for the winter LMAO!! I make myself laugh. His brother’s name RIP was Pirate because he stole Squirrel’s food lol. He was a pig.

        Rats are surprisingly (I was incredibly surprised myself) full of personality, all different, and they are incredibly inquisitive and intelligent. You can teach them tricks, mine know and come to their name but if i had patience i could teach them to fetch and everything!

      4. Hahaha! I figured he was named Squirrel since he was so active, but this reason is much more creative and hilarious. I had no idea they were so intelligent and had such personalities! Actually, I take that back, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that they are actually quite smart. 🙂 Squirrel is pretty cute. I saw him from your Instragram pics 🙂

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