My New Baby Brother



I got this little baby in the mail today, a new Brother sewing machine 🙂 Actually, the UPS man dropped it off while I was eating dinner.  It’s so exciting! I’ve wanted my own sewing machine for a long, long time and thanks to K I now have one.  He’s such a sweetheart.

It’s a simple machine and I could have gotten one that was a little more complex, but I didn’t want that.  In case it were to break, I wanted to not have a computer to worry about and I wanted to be able to work on it myself, which is not all that difficult when you have the operation manual and Youtube.

Here’s a picture of it a little closer up:

This has since become my little sewing corner 🙂   My old desk turned sewing table is perfect for the job.  I put our little floor lamp from Ikea next to it because you need a lot of light to sew.  The chair is one that I refinished last year. It was ugly and I made it, in my opinion, pretty cute 🙂

I first learned to sew when I was in high school and my grandmother taught me on her old Singer. It was a solid machine and if I could have one I would.  She bought me a machine to practice on. It was also a singer and it was heavy and green and really a good machine.  I loved those days, sewing in her little sewing room, me on the sewing machine, her hard at work at the quilt frame, and the sound of soap operas in the background on that small TV in the corner.  I miss those days.

I have actually been thinking about it all day. I knew that it would be in the mail when  got home or shortly thereafter.  It will be a good way to keep my mind focused on something positive and hopefully I can make something useful.

I will start on a circle skirt tomorrow! I’m excited to get ready and use my new machine. I will post a tutorial of how to make the skirt, if it turns out ok 😉  I’d hate to post a piece of crap 🙂

Thank you for reading!



61 thoughts on “My New Baby Brother

  1. I’m excited to follow your relationship with your Brother 🙂 I really want to make a traditional Colombian skirt someday. Maybe I can use your tips as a starter!

  2. woohooooo! I think mine’s a Brother too! You know, the one that’s been sitting in it’s box for nearly 2 years…
    Yours is going to create magic!

  3. Congratulations on your acquisition and may it last you long and bring you much joy.
    Your story of your grandma brought back memories of mine. She too had a Singer. I wonder whether it’s part and parcel of all grandmas’ arsenal. Well… the Singer is still there, but I lost my grandma a couple of years ago to a brain tumour she did not tell me about, because I live far far away and she didn’t want to worry me with it. It was tough, first losing her and then finding out that everyone knew about it except for me.
    She was a lovely lady, full of laughter and song. I used to love watch her work on her Singer. She taught me a thing or two as well, although I never quite got the hang of it, certainly not to the extent you have.
    I’ve been considering taking it up again, just as a way if feeling closer to her. I do miss her so.
    Sorry if my comment is somewhat melancholy. I hope the skirt came off well. I haven’t seen the post with your tutorial yet, but will be on the lookout for it.
    Thank you for sharing the start to your new adventure xxx

    1. Not at all! I appreciate any time that I can think of her and remember her fondly. It’s not every day that someone like that comes into our lives, so I think it’s only to think about them from time to time, even if it is a bit painful.

  4. You go Megan! My sewing has always helped with my anxieties and being in agoraphobic phase of said anxieties its my bestie too! Well apart from hubby, daughters and flesh bestie, but you know what I mean.

    You really will find it helps you to focus and still that chatter that drives us crazy! Maybe to help your OCD tendencies get a ‘snips bin’…… just a wee little bin next to where you sew as it is unimaginable how much mess a bit of sewing can make and if you are prepared with a snips bins so everything gets lobbed (London slang for thrown) in the bin THUS keeping space tidy 😉 Tidy space, tidy mind….. well at least that’s how I go about it Different strokes for different folks aye?!

    Either way, enjoy and great choice why complicate matters this little gem looks just fit for the job 😉 Stay strong x

    1. I just finished a project on my sewing machine and attempted a tutorial 🙂 I just posted it. It definitely helps with some of my anxieties that’s for sure, but sometimes I get too focused on it and spend too much time on a project that I end up spending all day on it and nothing else. I have to force myself to stop! 🙂

      1. You know what Megan? That’s no bad thing in my book. If it takes your soul to a good space then do it. I learned the very hard way losing my parents very close together a couple of years ago and as an only child it shook my world to the core, I am now a total believer in the ‘tomorrow isn’t promised to any one of us’ so if you can find your soul food, then feed! have a great day lovely lady from Mrs Agoraphobic UK 2013 😉 x

      2. It’s not all bad I suppose 🙂 Sometimes we just need a focus and a break from all the constant stress of work and taking care of the house. 🙂 Thanks for saying that.

  5. Congrats! I know my whole family rejoiced whenever any of us got a new sewing machine. It meant that there was one less person vying for Mom’s. *laughs* Take care of it well and it’ll take care of you right back in how long it lasts!

  6. I am so excited for you and your new baby brother. I can remember the first day with my new sewing machine, and all of the Halloween costumes, which would be made on my little machine with love in my heart for my children. You will totally enjoy your time spent creating your very own works of art..Take care and stay happy…

  7. Hi Megan!
    I have been so busy working on a .pdf of health problems & remedies that it has taken more time than anything & does keep me on the subject about health too. I have been trying to keep up but is hard sometimes when out & am still working on my sciatica which in the cold acts up & don’t feel it during the summer hardly at all. I try to stay busy so much to never think of it until I have to run to the library to get books & drop others off besides. I really thought you had a baby brother but see in the pic it wasn’t anything but a sewing machine. My mom used to sew a lot for us when we needed our shirts & some pants fixed. Jeans were the hardest as you need a thick needle to go through the fabric that jeans are made out of. Also, thanks for seeing my new posts & commenting on them as you have done so good before. I have been busy & trying to add more posts to my blog on different subjects to see if I can get any replies but not really do I get anything at all. Am really happy your cat is there for the pic. He still reminds me of 1 I had when I was 5 years old & used to make him a doll so much in a stroller. Have a great day & inspire everyone you can!

  8. I am soooooooooooooo jealous. My sewing projects are still only on paper but I’m determined to get there. Looking forward to seeing what great stuff you come up with! x

    1. Just go for it 🙂 I was afraid at first because I haven’t made clothing before, but it’s really easy with a pattern. Reading the manual for the sewing machine has helped a lot for me too.

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