Chester Scratches His Way Through Another One….

DSC_0686Well, today was a cold and long day and here at the end of it I don’t have much energy to write a long post.  That, and I want to catch up on The Walking Dead 😉  I had to stop by Target today to pick up some allergy medicine, an unfortunate necessity when one owns yet is allergic to cats. I also decided to pick up a corrugated cardboard scratching pad for Chester. He already has one, but it’s seen better days.    He absolutely loves the new one. It has catnip inside. He was sitting around it for hours:



Then he started to do that thing where he was rubbing his scent all over it forever. Super cute.  Yes, I have VHS tapes and have yet to get rid of them….Jurassic Park…



Finally, we reintroduced him to the laser pointer.



My evening consisted of zombies and Chester being awesome.

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63 thoughts on “Chester Scratches His Way Through Another One….

  1. My cats go through those cardboard things rather quickly as well. They really like the one that is on an incline. It’s good to spend time with your pets sometimes.. 🙂

  2. Feel better soon my dear…Loved the pictures of your cat playing around, and jumping up on the door to catch the light.. so cute… Take care and stay happy…

  3. Chester is very sweet – I like to think of him and his new scratching pad. I have never had an animal that did not go crazy with those laser things – I think never catching the light and never being able to hold it down made my cats mentally ill – but that of course was my pets for whom they are an unhappy frustration – I am glad Chester likes them!

  4. I’ve never had a cat before but Chester seems quite cute! I used to not even like pets and I still wouldn’t say I’m a big “animal person” but since my Mr. Bojangles came into my life, I guess I’m slowly adjusting. Has Chester ever been sick or hurt? My Bojangles has a hurt eye and it’s killing me. Now I know how parents feel with a sick child.

    1. Yes, my poor little baby was sick before 😦 About a week after we took him home from the shelter he got an upper respiratory infection (kennel cough). Then he had a tapeworm from the shelter I suppose. He was so tiny for so long. The thing with the URI is that the virus will always be in his body, so whenever he gets really stressed he’ll start showing symptoms, so I’ll have to feed him Lysine to boost his immune system. Nothing makes me more worried than when he’s sick 😦

      1. I’m worried about Mr. Bojangles eye. I don’t think I can manage seeing him like this much more, I guess I will assess his condition more today and go from there. And, I can’t believe I didn’t think about the tapeworm, I remember reading about that. Sleep deprivation has happened since, lol. Hope Chester is well!

    1. I actually laughed out loud with this 🙂 FGT is a great movie! I have it on DVD too, but K had it on tape for whatever reason (he doesn’t like it that much). JP still scares me! 🙂

  5. Haha, I love how cats go bonkers for laser pointers! My cat had one of those cardboard scratch things and she ripped it to shreds. It got all over the place and was very messy. I hope Chester keeps his a bit tidier!
    PS- I still have some VHS tapes too! 🙂

  6. This made me smile. I threw out a similar scratcher when my macaroon passed away in January, but my family cat is obsessed with his, as well as fresh catnip grown in the garden (and obsessively vacuumed up).

    I was never allergic to cats until 6 or 7 years ago. I’d wake up daily with my eyes swollen shut or I’d itch like crazy from the cat hair. Now being a catless woman, I’m still finding her hair on my clothes, even when I wash them. Fresh out of the dryer, she’s still here. It’s unreal to find her whiskers tucked into sweaters from last Fall, etc. I kind of take it as a reminder that she’s still with me.

    He’s a great jumper. I remember those days all too well.

    Don’t feel bad about owning VHS tapes, I’ve probably got a thousand of them. Most of them are in the shed or in boxes, I never unpacked them and I couldn’t find my VCR right now if my life depended on it. Two years ago I bought a Blu-Ray player to replace the DVD player I couldn’t find after the move (mind you, there will be three when I DO inevitably find them!). I’ve donated some DVD’s to my local library, as well as any book I will never read again. That’s helped a lot.

    Like you, I’m not a clutter fan. I get told I’m OCD about being minimalist about a lot of things, and I fully acknowledge that I am to some extent, but I am trying hard to get rid of things, to donate or sell whatever doesn’t mesh with my life any more. I’m going to try to give my Aunt some things as well the next time I go up there. Not that she needs any of it, but for sentimentality’s sake.

    1. My allergies have actually gotten better with time, thankfully. I was always worried that it would keep me from enjoying a cat, but I’ve found that it’s not really the case anymore. I’m really happy about that. I always say now that I will not never have a cat 🙂 Chester has been the perfect addition to my life 🙂

      1. The more exposed we are, the less it becomes something our body rejects. More people are allergic to cats when they own male cats, and that’s due to a difference in their saliva, something female cats do not have high amounts of. I thought that was interesting because Venus is the only male cat in the family and he makes my eyes itch so bad whenever I visit. I think it’s got a lot to do with the fact that he’s a long-haired cat on top of everything else. I’ve always have short-haired cats, which helps reduce the severity of my allergies.
        Cats are feel-good animals. They help us in so many ways. In fact, I worry about anyone that doesn’t have a pet of any kind. I’m not a dog person, but I still see the benefits of having one (or several). Cats are less maintenance in my book, and they’re cuddlier.

      2. Cats are listed among a small group of animals that are well known for their psychic and intuitive ability. That’s why when you feel down or you’re sick, they will curl up and take care of you. I used to ask my macaroon if she wanted a “beauty nap” whenever I was feeling a lot of pain or when I was down and needed rest. You’ve never seen a cat more responsive to the words “beauty nap”. She’d be in the bed settled down before I even entered the room, sometimes she’d run ahead of me and practically trip me. I thought it was one of the most precious things EVER. Whenever I was sick, she’d purr me to death. She had this full body, motorcycle type purr that would just lull me to sleep. That’s comforting. If only men made such a pleasant sound when they slept. LOL.

      3. Macaroon was such a sweetheart. Chester is too, but he has his wild moments 🙂 I can never hear Chester purring, his purring is so quiet that I can only tell if he’s purring if I put my ear up to his neck. I definitely believe they can sense sudden movements and changes in condition.

      1. They are the self-help pet also. They are clean, fastidious and very emotional. They are all different too but that emotion is real and I know she has helped me. My SSDI came through and soon I get my first check.
        Also that means I will not be homeless soon and me and kitty can live safer.

  7. ROFLMAO! Excellent post! I distance-love Chester so much!

    I have heaps of VHS (dirty dancing) and I’ll never get rid of them while my player still works!

  8. Chester is adorbs. I’m allergic to cats as well but have three. Apparently, even though I’ve had cats my entire life, I built up an intolerance to them. Yay allergy shots every week! Actually I feel so much better because of my allergy shots and I’m not so terrified of snuggling with the kitties lest I want to spend my day doped up on Benadryl and passing out.

    1. My allergy is more irritating than life threatening, but it definitely has gotten better since I’ve had Chester. K is the same way. I have taken Benadryl before, but I hate it. I stick to taking Zyrtec or Claritin daily and always the generic for both. At Target you can get like a month’s supply of the generic for Claritin for about $4. They work tons better than Benadryl and don’t make you sleepy 🙂 Hope that helps!

  9. I had forgotten about those cardboard scratchers. My tabby, Spunkers, used to love his and would lay all over it like Chester does. In fact, he looked like Chester…except that he weighed twenty-five pounds. I miss him so much. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  10. My 3 cats give the scratchers a difficult time. That is where I always give them catnip. Yes, I have bookcases full of VHS tapes. I have two working VHS tape players, but I never view them. I do not think even charity shops want them anymore! Perhaps I should at least throw out a few of them–like “The African Queen.” No one watches Bogart anymore–not even a cat! Have a good midweek if you can.

    Greg and his cats

  11. My cats have a scratch pad too. It doesn’t last very long, and it collects loose hair more than anything else. I’ve got to buy a new proper scratch post for them. I don’t know why it always slips to the bottom of the list at every paycheck.

    Jurassic Park on VHS… I had that too. It became unwatchable because it had been watch too much. I don’t know what happened of it, but we probably ended its suffering at some point.

    1. Chester has a few scratching posts, so he rotates 😉 The scratching pads last a little longer than they might otherwise. I actually made him one and it was really easy and inexpensive. I just used 2 pieces of scrap wood from Home Depot that was about $2 total and then bought twine and wrapped one of the boards with it and used a staple gun to secure it. He loves it and it was cheap, but durable 🙂

  12. Did you get the scratching apd with the catnip on it. My two kitteies like to rub their bodies on it too and later they clean themselves and get high all over again. Cat nip is legal marijuana for cats. I keep telling my hubby we have to take them to rehab. LOLOL

    1. It did come with catnip and I rubbed it into the cardboard 🙂 He was rolling around on it forever. I don’t like to let him have too much catnip because it makes him over-excited and then he tends to be aggressive.

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