Shaking Hands and Da Bird



This is what Chester did most of the afternoon.  I took a nap and brought him into the bed with me, then I woke up, and he stayed all smashed up against my pillows like this 🙂  He’s precious.  

I don’t usually talk about religion, and I won’t really, but I will talk about going to church today.  K and I go to church most Sundays.  Honestly, I’m lazy and always put up a fight.  Today, we went to a meeting called “International Coffee Hour.”  I was nervous about going. I hate having to stand in front of a crowd and introduce myself.  Of course they made me do this.  Everyone was really nice and they even gave us a gift and inside was a Bible, a small notebook, and a book called Why Do Americans Do That? It’s a guide on some aspects of American culture, which is funny because I find it difficult in itself to define.

Anyway, it was interesting and nice to meet new people.  I have anxiety when someone wants to shake hands.  I’d rather just wave right up in their face, but most people don’t feel as comfortable as me with this 🙂  I had to shake far too many hands today and it made me stressed from the moment the meeting started to the long two hours when it ended.  I basically ran out the door when it was over, went to the restroom and washed my hands. Sanitizer got me through those two hours otherwise.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe fully for the entire two hours.  There were refreshments, but I was in no way comfortable enough to partake.  I did have coffee though, that I poured.  It takes me awhile to trust people in close quarters, particularly if there’s food around.  Perhaps next week it won’t be so bad.

On a brighter note, I made this today:DSC_0729

Well, my slow cooker made it. It’s a ham with potatoes, mushrooms, and onions.

Also, I have to share the coolest cat toy ever.  It’s called “Da Bird.”  Chester LOVES it.  He goes wild for it and even after I put it away he sat and stared up at it from his position on the floor.

It’s Guinea hen feathers on a string on a very long pole. It moves like a bird and sounds like one if you move it fast enough.  It’s very cool and I even have fun playing with it.  Anyone with a cat should get one of these!
Here’s Chester using it: DSC_0737

And I went to the gym! Yay me 🙂

Well, it’s been a weird and random post, but thank you for reading friends 🙂



38 thoughts on “Shaking Hands and Da Bird

  1. cute toy…our cat loves string….she is so funny. And she is 17…imagine. As for new people, well fair enough….and that meal looks lovely.

      1. yes, she is still fairly energetic, but she misjudges sometimes when she jumps on the couch etc….:)

  2. You have come a long way with social situations. I think every time you are exposed to them it will help you in the future with dealing with unwarranted worries. Just wash your hands before you touch your face. Lol

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