Chester Had A Visitor

Hello everyone!

This week has and will continue to be busy, so my posts are short and hopefully sweet. Sorry about that. I will try to be a better blogger next week!  K has midterms this week, not only for himself, but for his students as well. I’ve been helping him with clerical work and managing his study time. I’m kind of like his personal assistant 🙂 It’s sometimes hard to balance life and I’m sorry for not being here more!

On a brighter note, Chester got a visitor this morning. I am rarely awake enough to capture these moments and I’ve tried in the past, but haven’t been successful before, until today.  I was putting make up on and heard kitty commotion in the window. I went to look and sure enough, Chester’s little buddy Simon was on the other side of the gross window that Chester insists on sitting in.

Chester only meets Simon through the window. I’ve pet Simon before and he’s really sweet, but was horrified to find out that he has fleas. I need to contact the owner via the number on his collar, just in case he’s lost. If not, oh well, I tried.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you because you only have ever seen Chester in pictures and to really appreciate him you have to see a video 🙂  Also, please ignore my very, very dorky laugh and nasally Southern Indiana accent.

This made for an awesome morning, even though I was a few minutes late for work.  To me, it was worth it 😉  The best part is when Simon wipes out.

Hope this made you smile 🙂

Thanks for reading/watching!



74 thoughts on “Chester Had A Visitor

  1. My heart swells; he is beeeeeeeeeeeautiful!! I’m so in love with all cats. I have a beautiful cat called Poppy. She looks like Chester but has a white chin and bib.

  2. So, your first video is… vertical!! Don’t do that again, you bad girl 😛

    Unlike dogs, cats are solitary and territorial animals. Cats don’t seek friends, they seek to protect what they think is their territory. As long as they only see each other in the window, it’s safe. Don’t let them get physically in contact.

    Your window has a lot of condensation. This is bad. You have too much humidity inside. I would talk about this to your landlord, so he can check. It might not be serious, but better get it checked.

    And buy yourself some Lipton noodle soup, for that sneezing. Ah, the joys of winter.

    Nobody will want you dead if you skip a few days not posting. We do understand what life is. Just don’t let me wait for several weeks though, I got used to reading you regularly.

    1. Oops, I didn’t know a vertical video was bad. Sorry 😦

      The stupid window is terrible. i live in a garden apartment, so we have a lot more moisture than is normal for non-garden apartments. I should talk to them. Just gotta remember to do it 🙂

  3. Seeing Chester in motion made me realize how much he’s one handsome son-of-a-mama-cat. :)) It’s great to know he’s not one of those hostile cats that only add to the stresses of everyday life. 🙂

    1. He is such a handsome little guy 🙂 Trust me, I think he knows it. He’ll sit by his food bowl, widen his eyes and just stare at me. Too precious. He’s a very sweet boy 🙂

  4. That was SO tame for two male cats that are hard-wired to defend and fight for their territory. Female cats are kind of vicious. LOL. In all seriousness, my cat tried to attack a baby bunny through a glass door, and she puffed up twice her size in defense of her home. You never heard her be nasty until another cat or animal showed up, but the next thing you’d hear was vicious growling, hissing, spitting, the whole nine yards.

    Even Venus growls like a mini beast at the mailman and pretty much anyone he does not like or trust. He’s a bit more like a dog than a cat in this sense. Chester was way too calm. That’s damn near unheard of. I’m stunned that neither of them made a peep.

    1. Chester is a remarkably calm and sweet cat. The only time I’ve seen him a little aggressive is when he exposed too much to catnip. Other than that, I have never seen him hiss or growl and he’s never scratched or bit in anger. He takes baths even and doesn’t make a peep 😉 He lets anyone hold him and is so loving to other cats, even though they growl at him haha 🙂 I guess that’s why I think he’s so special. I’ve never seen a cat that is so calm and sweet. 🙂

      1. Do you know anything about his life before you adopted him? Sometimes that explains their temperament, but in general, it’s just plain not normal for him to stand there pacing and not really react. My guess is that they’re both neutered and that takes some of the issue away.

        My cats never hissed, growled, scratched, or bit anyone (The oldest occasionally would smack me, but she wasn’t doing it in a violent manner, she saw me as her playmate. She’d act like she was teething on me at times, even when she was fully grown, but she really just saw my hands as something to play with, she was a very sweet little girl.). Claws are a matter of course with cats, sometimes you pick them up and they get scared by someone, etc., and you end up with a scratch, or they accidentally catch you with a claw, but it’s not out of malice. If the older one didn’t like my nail polish, she’d smack me. Cats only see specific color scales, so those were the colors I would wear a lot. If I wore something different, she’d look at them like they were aliens, and it was always cute and funny. The benefit was that she liked them because they were great to rub her face on, they totally eliminate whisker itch. I think my cats benefited from my regular manicures and nail care more than I do sometimes. LOL.

        We all think our cats are special, kind of the same way people think their children are special. It’s a cat person thing. I don’t think all cats or all children are special, but I do find a lot of uniqueness in certain cats and certain babies right away. It’s all in the individual.

      2. I have no idea about his life before I got him. He was a tiny kitten and he had a brother. I wish I could have adopted them both together, but his brother was adopted right before we arrived at the shelter. Doesn’t matter now though, I have the best little kitty I could’ve asked for 🙂

  5. When I read the title I thought the visitor was the fashion police 😉

    It’d be interesting if one was late to work because one was filming one’s cat. I’m not sure if that would be a good enough excuse…

      1. Oh damn, it doesn’t work then.

        You were dressing him up the other day and I left a comment saying ‘that poor cat’. It was a follow up and – oh, never mind. It doesn’t work when you have to explain it…

  6. Didn’t you tell me Chester is a chick? If not….then why is he meeting a guy on the sly? Hmmmm…better check and see if Chester the Molester has fleas…just saying

  7. I love you line at the end. It’s like Simon was trying to figure out a way up and in and decided, the hell with it. By the way, what does a Southern Indiana accent sound like? Maybe because it’s subtle, or you didn’t talk enough, but didn’t sound odd to me at all. People can usually tell where I’m from more because (I think) or what I say than how. Local slang, including calling soda “pop.” 😛

    1. 😉 It’s like simon just gave up and walked away. I guess he got tired of hitting his head. my accent is not so obvious on that video. Maybe not to most Americans either. I have been told that it’s nasally though, from those who aren’t from Southern IN.

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