Send Me Your Suggestions!


So, this is the best picture of Chester ever.  He was “hunting” his feather toy and this is him mid-hunt.  I have never seen him get so excited about a toy as he does with Da Bird. He does that ear thing and looks like Puss-N-Buss from Shrek so much when he’s playing with it.  

Here’s another one that I took in the same sequence: DSC_0767

He’s so darn cute.  I hope he brightens your weekend a bit.  I know he does mine.

Where did this weekend go?  I can’t believe it’s almost already over and I have to go back to work tomorrow.  The sun goes down so early now and rises so late.  I am in constant darkness because I wake up early and get home late.  This time of year makes me so sad.  I’m doing my best to look at the upside of it all, the beauty in the leaves, and the warmth of sitting under a blanket while reading or crocheting, but it’s hard to get past the ugliness of an Indiana fall.  I go outside very little and today was no exception.  I went out to do laundry and that’s it.

My busy streak is almost over.  Tomorrow evening K will finish up the things he needs to for work and school and my assistant services won’t be needed for hopefully awhile.  I can get back to normal writing on my blog.

I am taking this opportunity now to ask you all for things you’d like me to discuss in my blog.  I’d love suggestions for future posts!  I was thinking about doing a vlog, but am not sure on what.  I would so love to hear your ideas! Just use the contact form below.

Thank you so much in advance.  I look forward to hearing what everyone suggests 🙂

Again, thanks for reading.  Have a great west of the weekend!



23 thoughts on “Send Me Your Suggestions!

  1. Dear Megan
    What I love about your blog posts is that they are so positive an upbeat and often make me chuckle. Unlike soooo many where people just moan!!
    I love your cat too (I have 2 black ones)
    Just keep writing your thoughts and people will enjoy:)
    Stay bright (even though it’s bit gloomy out there! Same here in London!)

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 That’s very kind and encouraging of you and I appreciate it. I definitely whine and complain more to my boyfriend and mom than I do in my blog, only because I know you all don’t wanna hear that 😀 i don’t either to be honest. thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind words 🙂

  2. Not the best pic…no I do not agree. My cat freaks me out when she does this…but it is definitely a part of what they do, and yes, we love them even then!!

  3. So just in case. and maybe inspire other to say the same haha A vlog about you and crochet. A vlog with you and chester. or blogs about things that inspire you and no not just chester. I am pretty sure you got an idea. Talk about something confronting and go out and do it blog? Or just a small little dust particle that is lying there in the middle of a star picture. Be inspired with all around you.
    keep smiling
    And like the ears pointing back so cool.

    1. I think those are great ideas 🙂 You’re always so helpful and kind. I would love to do a vlog, but am not too keen on hearing my voice on camera or having people see just how awkward I really am 🙂

      1. Well you cannot hide your voice but you can have chaster playing while you talk. One step at a time right or make it an challenge. the confronting, go out and do it blog.
        And glad I am able to help.keep smiling And you are not awkward.

  4. Oh My gosh, your kitty is TOO cute with his ears all flattened back. Kitty (my cat) is in love with anything on a stick. He will chase it for hours and hours if you shake it at him.

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