Adorable And Annoying In A Single Furry Package

DSC_0791I read somewhere recently that cats are simultaneously annoying and adorable.  This is the absolute truth.  You all know that Chester is my sweet little kitty, my muse, and my cuddle bud.  This will be another post about how much he means to me.  The picture above is of him after I put his sweater on him the other day and he decided to run under the shoe rack.  🙂

Here’s another one:


I adopted him almost 2 years ago and can’t believe he’s almost that old!  I remember when he was just a little tiny baby when we first brought him home.  The vet told us that Chester might start sneezing when we brought him home because most kittens from the shelter get upper respiratory infections soon after being adopted.  Of course, a few days later our little tiny baby was sneezing so much.  We took him back, he got a lysine supplement, and he was better in a few days.

Now he’s a big, adult cat and I think that’s still pretty cute.  I love being able to hold an adult cat because they’re a lot less fragile than a kitten.

I have nothing against dogs. I’ve had many of them in my childhood.  Cats, are just a completely different animal.  Cats and dogs are both intelligent, but in different ways.  Chester, like many cats, is really, really clever and an excellent problem solver.

In the mornings, like today, when he’s hungry and wants me to get up, he does things that he knows annoy me when I’m trying to sleep.  He will bite the cords on my lamp or alarm clock, pull Kleenex’s out of the box, or go to window and scratch it, all instant ways of getting me up.  He never does these things when I’m awake.  Even when he’s doing this, I think it’s annoying, yet precious.  The fact that he jumps on the counter is both a thing that he knows he’s not supposed to do because he never does it when I’m looking, but I know he does.  He steals my hair ties from my bathroom drawer and puts them in his food and water bowl.  He’s so bad, but so cute at the same time.

He’s our little comedian and he makes even the most stressful days end on a good note.

And here’s a final awesomely cute picture 🙂 DSC_0792

I’m cuddling him now and am glad for that little funny yet mischievous fur baby.

Thanks for reading 🙂



67 thoughts on “Adorable And Annoying In A Single Furry Package

  1. Ohh he is adorable. Our cat Kira will bite the remote control if its in our hand because she knows that we will not be giving her our undivided attention. At nine years old we just taught her the lay down command. Its crazy she listens and lays down. Of course she gets a treat when complying. I love the sweater!

    1. thank you! he is an eccentric little guy and he’s just too fun to have around. Chester knows how to play dead and to sit, he needs to learn lie down. K was determined to teach him tricks 🙂 it’s so funny how they are so treat driven!

  2. My Mum can’t sleep in on her days off, at the time the alarm would go off her cat goes in to wake her up. Usually by stroking her hair or getting up on her pillow.
    Then again the cat also does this when the alarm goes off, it’s time for mummy to get up and feed her, lol.

  3. I agree with your writing about cats.Most of my cats have been annoying and precious at the same time. I like to think of it as a “cute annoying” or a “funny annoying”. I think cats are so cute, too, and have loved them since I was little. Even when there were times I didn’t have a cat, I always enjoyed petting neighbors cats, too. I have a 14 year old cat now and he too is “funny annoying” and “precious”. Take care. Sincerely, Connie

  4. He is such a character! I love your Chester posts! I think he is a little unusual for cats though, having had 8, and only a couple of them were in his league of curiosity. Is he used to the sweater now?

  5. I have had horses, dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, and cats as part of my animal family. Right now, it’s two cats,as different as north and south but equally intriguing. As they say, dogs have owners, cats have servants. I love their independence, their affectionate ways, and their talent to amuse.

  6. I have 3 cats that are identical to Chester, one is the Mama and the other 2 are her babies that I rescued while Mama was pregnant. I find it funny that out of my 13 cats (I live on a farm and I rescue animals. Don’t judge me. Haha) anyway, those 3 are the only ones who do bad things to get attention of some sort, be it food, to go outside, or simply to get lovins. They also take hair ties and leave them in the water bowl, only to fish them out later to play with. One of the boys steals all my stuffed animals and drags them around with him. Part dog perhaps? I also believe they are Egyptian Mau, maybe it’s their traits because none of my other breeds have done that over the years. Wow. That was long, sorry!

    TLDR: my cats are just like Chester, in looks and personality. He’s adorable!

    1. That’s funny you say that because I’m pretty sure Chester has Mau blood. His markings and characteristics match the breed to a T. He doesn’t look like the typical brown tabby. He’s much more exotic looking. His eyes are the gooseberry green that is found among Mau’s. I’ve been told he’s very eccentric for a cat 🙂 I’d like to agree with that statement.

  7. My cat Mary Jane also steals my hair ties. i caught her red pawed in my room stealing one. I also have to keep the TP in a cabinet instead of the roller because she will tear it to sheds. She does all the tissue boxes around at night unless i push all the tissue back in the box other wise her and the tissues are at war and the tissues have not won a battle yet lol

  8. I must admit to prefering dogs, however I like cats also and would own one accept for two things: I worry about how my guide dog, Trigger and the feline would get on (I have visions of Trigger chasing the cat round my flat and, secondly I worry about a cat scratching my furniture. I would never allow a dog on my bed but I like the idea of a cat sleeping on my bed, rather homely and they have such lovely soft coats to stroke.

    1. I won’t lie, cats do scratch furniture. I have several cat posts for Chester and he uses them when he wants and uses the couch when he wants. However, he scratches the couch to get attention. They are super cuddly in bed 🙂

  9. My kitty Smoky was 5 years old when he adopted me as his mom, he only has 3 legs and a partial tail, and he’s almost too well behaved, worrying sometimes! Oh and on your recommendation I bought him ‘Da Bird’, he goes nuts for it!! 🙂

    1. Smoky sounds like a cutie 🙂 Good for you for adopting him. I know, Da Bird is awesome! I have to put it on a high bookshelf because he jumps up and gets it. He’ll sit below the bookshelf and meow with big eyes at me. He is in love with it 🙂

  10. We need pets. They can make mental illness less stressful, or they can make it subside somewhat. They’re just awesome. I couldn’t live without a pet. I had a breakdown about 6.5 years ago, and since then, I’ve not been without a pet (Axolotyl, Guinea Pigs, and now a big lump of a cat named Roy!). They’re the best xx

  11. Having recently rescued a kitten, I can totally relate to your story. It’s those sad eyes that stare at you after they have been caught doing something bad then as soon as they realise they have won that battle, they walk about with their noses in the air and a look of one upmanship.

  12. Our Guenhwyvar pounds on cabinet doors making them thump to get us up. Shasta (our fat one) sits on your chest and runs a single claw ever so gently across our skin. It’s impossible to be mad at them though, they’re so creative and bizarre!

  13. And will you be using that sweater the next time to take with you 😉
    I am not gonna fight had me some cats ha ha Totally dog person me. But do get what you saying.
    He is fun, he makes great pictures and is a funny man.

    1. he is such a funny cat 🙂 the other night, I woke up and saw that he was sleeping between K and I, on his back, propped on a pillow, and the comforter tucked under his arms. Then I looked at K and he was doing the same thing! Chester is constantly entertaining us 🙂

  14. He’s adorable! He must be very patient to let you put a sweater on him. Mine would try to escape, and if I got it on them, they’d probably keel over and pretend I’d killed them. They have no idea how cute this is…

    1. 🙂 He is adorable in clothing, but hates wearing anything. I still put things on him though. When he has the sweater on, he gets really stiff and then falls over like a log. It’s the funniest thing. He takes hats off faster than I put them on 😀

  15. Aw such a cutie. My first pet was a cat called shadow, he was a big fat puffball and a complete scaredy cat! I remember once he caught (and i use this term lightly) a little field mouse, but he didn’t hurt it not even a scratch – but he lay down with it in between his paws licking it and eventually let it run off :’) he wouldn’t of hurt a fly! What about yours? He ever bring you anything ? 🙂

    1. Chester is very sweet too, and sounds kind of like Shadow in his temperament. Then again, he’s never had the opportunity to catch any prey . He is quite good at killing the occasional camel cricket though 😀 it’s so gross because I’ll find dismembered cricket legs all about the house when I’m cleaning.

      1. Aw i bet he’s a cutie! I have a lizard, it’s no fun watching him eat his crickets in his cage so i bet it’s 10 times worse finding part of them around the house ;P

  16. As I sit at my computer, My adult cat is lying on a pillow in my lap. My legs are so skinny that he demands a pillow so he can nap comfortably! And I oblige him, naturally. Cats express adoring love, while keeping their total independence.

  17. I have never raised pets! During my youth I wanted to raise them, but simultaneously I knew I would be a really bad and negligent petowner because I couldn’t even take care of myself. I really admire cats and think dogs are overrated. My father and younger sister gasp in shock when I say that, aha.

    1. when I was younger, I was so ambitious and wanting to have all kinds of pets. I would have been ill-equipped to take care of them myself that’s for sure. Funny how life changes and now I can do what I want 🙂

  18. A good friend of mine has a female cat that she adopted from another friend. She’s got the attitude that her name implies: Isis. And I’ve heard stories of things she’ll do to annoy her mommy when she’s hungry, etc. Aodrable and annoying, indeed.

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