Another Incredible Milestone: Thank You My Followers



I love this older picture of Chester.  I found it while looking through iPhoto today.  It’s of him throwing his mouse toy mid-air.  Since that time, all of his mice have been batted far beneath the refrigerator.  He’s such a funny cat.  I actually submitted another picture of him to icanhazcheezburger. You can see it and give him a “thumbs up” through this link.  Just hit the “thumbs up” beneath his picture 🙂 

Sometime over the weekend, my blog got 10,000 followers.  I am in awe at this.  Just a little over a year later from the time I started this little blog, I reached this incredible milestone.  Thank you everyone who follows my blog and takes the time to read my posts.  I appreciate more than I can express.  I wish I could get to know all of the 10,000+ people who thought my blog was interesting enough to follow, but I think that would be a nearly impossible feat.  I’m just glad to know that you all stop in and I feel especially thankful when I see a lovely comment from you.

I feel bad about not being around so often this past week.  I’ve been taking a break from blogging simply because I’ve been too lazy to write anything.  My creativity level is not so high right now.  I’m very sorry for that.  I think just moving around in a cold apartment is really undesirable right now.  Typing on a cold Mac in a cold room is no fun.  Please understand that I am still here and thinking about you all daily.

Well, I am going to stop whining for now!  I just really don’t like cold weather, which you will unfortunately be hearing more about later on.


I am going to make it my goal to write something a bit more inspiring tomorrow. If not tomorrow then on or right after Thanksgiving 🙂 I will have some nice pictures I hope to share of back home.

I’m sorry for the blog neglect and for not getting back to comments right away 😦 I will get back to you, just give me some time 🙂

Thanks for following and reading friends.





51 thoughts on “Another Incredible Milestone: Thank You My Followers

  1. Wow what a milestone indeed! Congratulations! Oh, and no need to apologise for not blogging – as a newbie follower (and blogger) I see that these things come in fits and starts. It’s better to be silent, than talk rubbish (not that you do, but you know what I mean) Loving the pic of Chester and the mouse!

    1. Thank you! That means a lot to have you say that. Sometimes I worry about things that I shouldn’t, like not blogging. I love that picture of Chester and his mouse. he’s so funny 🙂

  2. Things that help creativity? Freewriting without direction then analyzing. Remembering your dreams and thinking about them. Thinking about meaningful events during the day and using them for inspiration. Listening to music (remember you dont like to i think.) Other than that just reading random junk like you have add and seeing what thoughts you have about each topic. Connecting the dots between what you get from all of that via the synthesation process to construct a coherent train of thought. But logic, just like creativity is something that must be neglected lest you descend into the delusional depths of the insanity of Van Gogh when he cut off his ear.

  3. Congratulations on having so many followers. You have an interesting, humorous and kindhearted writing style. I enjoy hearing about your love for your cat, Chester, as I love my cat lots, too. Cute photo of him with his dad looking for the keys he tossed under the fridge, too. On OCD, I feel you can be so helpful to many people who have that and to those of us who don’t, too, because of how inspiring you are. Take care and Happy Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Connie Webb

  4. What a great number, wow! I guess that means you reach out to a lot of people with your story, and they support you back. (I got excited about 100 followers for myself recently, people want to read my poetry!) Well done.

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