Where Did This Holiday Go?



Hello everyone! I’m back from my holiday 🙂  I had two days off of work and two days this weekend. It was a nice break and I’m not ready to go back to work, but it has to be done.

I took the picture of Chester just before leaving to go to my mom’s house.  He knew we were leaving and was getting pretty clingy.  This was him near me when I was drying my hair.  🙂  K tried to convince me that we should bring him, but even I had to say no to that.

I always forget how different it is back in my hometown.  Life is a lot slower and calmer for that matter.  There’s just not that many people around because the population is few and during the holidays when everyone leaves, it’s even less populated.  I brought my camera and intended to take more pictures, but lugging that thing around is more hassle than it’s worth. Here’s the only two pictures I took on the trip.

a picture of our lake through the trees
my dad’s house

I decided to spend Thanksgiving dinner with my mom’s family at my mom’s house, but ended up going to my dad’s later on to visit.  The day turned out fine and my anxiety was not bad at all.  My mom read my post just before the holiday and made sure that I was the first one in line to get food 🙂  She has OCD too, so she knows how these things work.  I’m very grateful for that. It wouldn’t be easy living life without someone just a phone call away, or text, who knows exactly how life can be.

K and I ate way too much and got far too tired because turkey will do that to you.  We stayed maybe 3 hours before heading back the nearly 2 hour drive to our home.  We had a good time, but I’m sad how quick it all went.  We’ve spent the last few days relaxing and Christmas shopping.  No, I did not partake in the Black Friday chaos.  Never, ever will I do that again, not after working retail on that horrible day.  People turn into animals.

I actually bought quite a number of things and am almost finished.  I’ve decided to make a number of gifts by crocheting them.  I made two scarves, one for my brother and one for his girlfriend, and a “magic potholder,” the idea for which I got from my mom who made one.  I made this for my stepmother and will make more for her a little later.  I bought more yarn today for all the projects I’ll be doing.  I will also be making an iPad sleeve for my dad and a pin cushion for my stepbrother 🙂

Here’s the magic potholder if you’re curious:

20131201_153039Not sure why it’s magic, but it was fun to make. It’s not perfect because it’s my first one, but I’m looking forward to making more.  Plus, I got to try out new techniques 🙂

Well, I think that’s enough for today.  Back to crocheting!

Thanks for reading 🙂



35 thoughts on “Where Did This Holiday Go?

  1. I loved having you and k home for thanksgiving I love you both. Isn’t the potholder fun and easy to make and it’s pretty forgiving if u mess up. I expanded my first chain to 36 it makes it a little larger, I tend to make mine tight, that’s just me, probably something to do with OCD, can’t seem to loosen up my grip and have loose stitches. Have fun and enjoy your week.

  2. Lovely photos and that looks like a great potholder. Turkey is supposedly one of those foods that has a sedative effect because of the tryptophan in it …supposedly….

  3. I was barely conscious during Thanksgiving dinner with ice packs on my head I must’ve looked like a cripple! Glad you gobbled down some Turkey though and nice crocheting a hobby is an amazing thing to have!

  4. Chester, no doubt loves an opportunity to ‘help’ with the yarn? I used to crochet a lot…especially when I was confined to bedrest when I was pregnant with my kids 24 yrs ago.

    1. Funny that you say that. I went to Joanne’s and bought yarn because I had a coupon for 60% off one reg. priced item. I bought 4 spools. When I got home, I put the tied bag on my bed for no more than a few minutes, walked into the kitchen, turned back and saw that chester had opened the bag and was running off with one of the spools between his legs….it was hilarious to say the least 🙂

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