The Rotting And Abandoned

Infinity scarf I'm making for my work Christmas party on Friday
Infinity scarf I’m making for my work Christmas party on Friday

Today when I got to work, I checked the weather and found that we are going to have a snowstorm beginning Thursday until Friday.  I dread these times, but am glad that K will still be here to help me if I get stuck. I had a terrible incident last year when I got stuck in a snowdrift and had to dig my car out for nearly 2 hours. It was horrible.

I also saw on the weather channel website a slideshow of abandoned, rotting buildings in Detroit, MI.  It was like a car crash, I didn’t want to look, but felt compelled. I just couldn’t look away.  I felt very, very sad and then anxious.  I was anxious for at least two hours after looking at those pictures.  I can’t explain this feeling.  For a long time I have gotten anxious and nauseated when I am near rotting buildings or even see them.  I have no idea why, but perhaps it has something to do with a past life.  I really can’t find any clinical explanation for my anxiety related to rotting buildings.  I think this is just one of my quirks.

Well, in an attempt to express my feelings about what I’d seen, I turned to my coworker who is from Detroit and said, “I just saw a slideshow of abandoned buildings in Detroit and I felt really sad.”  It was sad to me because I love and appreciate our country’s short, yet fiery history and to see beautiful architecture in ruins made me very sad.  The antique objects left in the buildings broke my heart.

If you know anyone from Detroit, do not mention this.  Apparently it is a touchy subject.  She wasn’t necessarily angry, but she was defensive, and proceeded to tell me about the beautiful, well-managed buildings that exist in Detroit that no one ever takes pictures of and how the blight doesn’t affect every part of the city.  I really like this coworker and consider her my friend.  We get along well and she is one of the voices of reason here.  I felt bad after that, like I’d done something wrong.

Now I am home, working like a madwoman, no pun intended, on a cowl scarf that I will give away with a bottle of wine for the White Elephant gift exchange on Friday.  It’s turning out beautifully, as you can see in the picture above.  I love the burgundy color. I just hope I can finish it in time.

Well, that’s my adventures for today.  I hope to be getting back to comments shortly.  Life is just a little busy right now.  Thanks for hanging in there friends!



34 thoughts on “The Rotting And Abandoned

  1. The scarf is a lovely color and whoever gets it will be so lucky to have such a great handmade gift! (I did this a couple of years ago with a knitting board and everyone loved their scarves!)
    I was watching something on TV with my husband–it was a “live” event on food network with a bunch of the hosts–and it was so scattered and everyone was talking fast and over each other, I made him change the channel. It was making me so anxious to watch even though it was just talking about food! I think we are just sensitive people and things affect us more strongly. 🙂

  2. Awesome scarf! I share your sadness about old abandoned buildings. My hubby (also named K) and I really enjoy looking at architectural relics and we dream of buying an old abandoned building in our neighborhood and transforming it into our own business headquarters someday. I know that Detroit used to be a bustling vibrant city and although parts of it may still reflect its heritage, most of it is dilapidated and in some ruins. I don’t think you did anything wrong at all, but I can understand why your coworker might be getting defensive and even nostalgic about the old Detroit. My K has some experience with Detroit from his previous marriage and he states that people from Detroit are indeed quite touchy on the subject and that although you were not at all wrong, it is a lesson learned: do not bring this kind of thing up with anyone else from Detroit because they are not necessarily rational on the subject and you risk unintentionally offending them.

    1. Thank you! I had fun making it 🙂 it would be so fun to buy an old home and restore it. I’ve always loved old homes and I grew up in one. They really have such charm. You and K should do it 🙂

  3. I can understand when seeing something and feeling anxious for hours after. I can’t say that looking at buildings like you did has been a trigger for me but I have seen other things that have been like that. I really think it’s an OCD thing, lol. Things get stuck in our head and it’s terrible! I don’t think you did anything wrong with talking about this to your friend, I’m sure that there’s a lot more on her part that is bothering her than just that. Detroit has a lot of sadness, not just with its buildings but with its people, economy, etc. I’m sure your concern was appreciated even if it didn’t seem that way! Btw, when things slow down you need to make a video and teach me how to croquet! I wanna learn and you do such beautiful things, I wanna do it too! I need a hobby! I need something! All in good time though!

  4. I hope that it doesn’t snow too hard for you. We’re supposed to get snow as well tonight or tomorrow but on the West Coast we don’t really get snow. We get a fine dusting of wet white stuff after which everyone in Victoria forgets how to drive. Then it melts, turns to ice and goes away.

    I think that looking at places where there have been people and industry and homes and families that are now just empty shells shows how fragile our exterior lives can be. Hope the anxiety goes away,,,

  5. MEGAN—I feel the same about toy departments half-empty in shambles after Christmas. Our family when I was much younger (!) would go from Binghamton, NY, down to Scranton, PA, for the after-Christmas sales. I felt so sad then! And nice scarf! Just tried to wear one my high school “sweetheart” had made me back then….TOO SHORT!!! Altho it made an excellent prop for THE DIARY OF ANN FRANK, which we put on, one year (I was the fater, Mr. Frank).

  6. interesting, I just watched the documentary “Burn” in which firefighters take on the arson fires of those same abandoned buildings in Detroit. It’s heartbreaking and frustrating. Also, I really like your White Elephant gift!

  7. The scarf looks lovely! I wish I had that talent. I am from just outside of Detroit and it used to be a beautiful city and it has gone so downhill that it is very sad. Have a great day Meg 😉

  8. Winter is coming yeah, love the season. And I managed to get caught once and drove for 8 hours before got home on a 30 minute drive.
    keep smiling keep warm.
    doing great on your crocheting.

  9. Yeah. We had more accidents over here because we expected snow as well, just not this much snow. My cat keeps staring out the window at the blinding white. She will probably go blind if she doesn’t stop.

    I do love the burgundy color of the scarf as well!

  10. I saw an article about Detroit a couple days ago and it was heartbreaking to see what once was versus what is now. Stories like that don’t cause me anxiety, but instead I find them to be fascinating. Learning the gradual steps that got a city into that predicament is interesting and can help to reduce the chances of it happening again elsewhere. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure not to mention that to any Detroit folk. Oh by the way – I love the snow in your background. Yesterday I thought something was wrong with my PC. Finally, I realized it was just your blog. 🙂 It’s very cool.

  11. Megan! I didn’t know how to tell u this but to do it here but I just saw a commercial for a Chia pet grass thing for cats! Made me think of your Chester and you! Lol. Perhaps it could be a Christmas present for Chester!!! 😉

  12. I hope you’re feeling better from your sadness and from feeling bad about your co-worker’s defensiveness. Regarding your co-worker, you didn’t do anything wrong by expressing your feelings. It sounds like (and this is the sort of thing I always do) you took it personally when perhaps it was not meant that way. On reflection, it sounds like she took your remarks personally, like you were putting down Detroit and by extension her. Or maybe I’m reading too much into the whole situation and indulging in tabletop psychology. Anyways, your project sounds like it will make a great gift. I must learn how to crochet other things than afghans.

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