A Rather Lengthy Snowstorm

Chester preparing for an "adventure"
Chester preparing for an “adventure”

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland, for lack of a better term.  Well, if you’ve ever driven in snow, it’s certainly no wonderland.  It’s nerve wracking, terrifying, and not just because of the snow, but mostly because of the other idiot drivers.  I had multiple instances of road rage today.  Also, pedestrians apparently think that because it’s snowing that it’s a good idea to just cross the street in the middle of traffic.  It is not.  Cars can’t stop quickly in the snow, so I don’t understand your logic ped-people.

Anyway, long story short, it just keeps snowing and snowing and won’t stop until tonight at around midnight.  It has been accumulating all day, so my boss let us go home early to get home and not be stressed out about getting home and then going to the party.

When I got home, safely, I parked my car and then while I was walking to my apartment, I was inspired by just how beautiful it was outside.  Even though snow is not really friends with modern man, it is still one of the most beautiful things brought to us by nature.  The road sludge is not beautiful, but the pristine snow that was around my apartment was just stunning.  I went inside, got my camera and then took some pictures for you all 🙂 Enjoy!









Then, I took Chester outside to experience snow for the first time.  Last year around this time, he had a kitty cold and wasn’t able to go outside to see the snow.  He hated it, but he was still precious and I had to take some pictures.









He was thankful to be inside and cuddle with his mommy in the warm house 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!



35 thoughts on “A Rather Lengthy Snowstorm

  1. This kind of weather brings out the insanity of some drivers. Be careful tonight.

    I LOVE how the snow looks when it’s untouched. I can always tell if a cat has been here due to the unique paw prints on my patio,. So cute. 🙂 However, there’s no way I’m taking my baby out when it snows. I don’t care to be dragged down the block. LOL.

  2. Lovely pictures! A good reminder of the beauty of nature. I love the white-ness of snow, it makes everything look so pure and, well, close to perfect (I don’t have a better word). Like an enchanted world, a fairy tale landscape. Before the snow turns gray and dirty and begins to melt, that is 😉 But there’s no use in thinking about that while it’s so beautiful. Also, the picture of the paw prints is just precious!

  3. Aw, Chester’s so cute! Love his little sweater 🙂 I don’t like snow either and we get lots sometimes. Last winter we had too much for my liking. Of course ANY snow that accumulates is too much for me.

  4. I love his sweater! What heavy looking snow, glad you made it ok. I love watching cats in the snow, shaking off their little paws when they get wet and cold.

  5. Great looking snowflake pattern coat for Chester, I’m sure it was appreciated while outside. Thankyou for the beautiful snow photos, i’m yet to experience this wonder personally. Stay warm Megan.

  6. Thanks for the pictures, Megan. The winter snow is always beyond beauty, and your kitty is a cutie. Here is my gift to you.
    Midnight Snow

    It fell in softness
    Quietly bold
    Covering darkness
    In folds of cold
    Like white pillows
    It billowed high
    Concealing secrets
    Of a midnight sky
    Such fragile beauty
    This gift of night
    Cold synonymy
    Of ancient light.
    (Marie Hunter Atwood – 2009)

  7. Occasionally I have arguments with people in cars but as a predestrian. Usually I do an exaggerated gangsta shrug at them, or middle fingers. I had a great shouting match with an ex military type once

  8. You’re such a good mommy. I used to do that with you kids, not the leash part but I would have liked to, but take you guys outside until you were good and cold, then you would ask to go in and really didn’t ask to go back out.

  9. Dreamy don’t you agree. and what a tiger in that snow. pretty pictures. in the end it was al worth it. the road rage the difficulties.. Because you got home to dreamy landscape and had some great moments with Chester. keep smiling.

  10. Oh wow, that’s so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing – it doesn’t snow like that here in Aus. It’s actually Summer at the moment, but even in Winter it only really snows in a few mountainous places here and I’ve never been to any of them. These photos look amazing though! And Chester looks adorable 🙂

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