Momma Cowl And Baby Cowl

20131205_195348I left work a few minutes early because it started to sleet, which is not fun to drive in when weaving through busy traffic.

As soon as I got home, I worked on the cowl scarf that I am making for the employee Christmas party tomorrow.  The funny aspect, or cute at least, is that I made a miniature one for the wine bottle or vodka, haven’t got it yet, to match the larger one.  I thought it was cute anyway 🙂  We’ll see!

Now I am sitting cozily on my couch, writing this.  The temperature has dropped drastically from nearly 60 degrees F to below 30 degrees tonight.  According to the weather channel, a rather terrible snow storm is coming our way.  This may mean that the Christmas party will be canceled because of the weather.  It’s located at a country club, which is conveniently located in the country 😉  The roads there aren’t managed by the city, so it is not likely that they will be cleared.  We’re supposed to get somewhere around 5 to 8 inches.  I’m not looking forward to this!

I don’t like change.  I have plans for tomorrow and they are to go to work, leave, go home and get ready, and then head to the Christmas party.  I’m fretting about how this is going to go.

The windows are foggy in my apartment, so I just stepped outside so that I could see what is going on with the weather.  My apartment is in the woods, so it’s easy to see how much the weather is coming down.  Right now, there is quite a good layer of snow on the ground 🙂

I just hope we don’t lose power because that happens often when we have snowstorms.  We’ll see!

I’m just going to go grab Chester now because he is basically a living, breathing heating pad 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Momma Cowl And Baby Cowl

  1. Thanks again Megan for describing everything so well that I feel I am there, we are getting some hail now (Ohio) and I have one very old cat “Dennis aka Orange Boy” who is fluffy and beautiful and one very young cat “Jinksy Cat aka Craig” who is fluffy and grey with the most beautiful green eyes…he came to us last year via our ripped apart garbage and is now a very happy in door cat 🙂 He is now a little doughnut on the bed fast asleep while Dennis is out on the couch keeping watch on the weather 🙂

  2. I find change difficult too. With everything that is changing in my body because of Parkinson’s I need something solid to hold on to in the middle of the shifting sands I am standing on. I think it is a fear of not having control; which is understandably born out of a feeling of increasingly being separated from my body. You crave what you perceive you don’t have – but that craving is just a perception and perceptions can change

  3. Try to stay cool. And most of all keep breathing. Slow steady breaths. 🙂
    You going to do this, remember that. keep smiling and like he idea of the bottle warmer lol
    he he i am a heating pad to just to big to carry around. ha ha enjoy the snow.

  4. When this first popped up in my reader, I thought you had made matching cowls for yourself and Chester, which would be ADORABLE. But, it’s still really adorable and cute (and clever). 🙂 Best wishes and I hope the storm isn’t too bad!

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