Where Has Megan Gone?

Well, nowhere!  I’ve been here all along.  You probably didn’t even notice that I wasn’t around 🙂

I’ve just been taking a break from posting the past few days.  I feel like I’ve been a bit neglectful of my little blog and hate to disappoint 😀

A couple of weekends ago, before the snow hit, I went to Joann’s to pick up more yarn (I had an awesome coupon)!  I purchased all the yarn I could possibly need to finish my holiday gifts.  I also was able to find the matching yarn to K’s scarf that I had to stop because I ran out of yarn for.  I have been working to finish his scarf like it’s nobody’s business and it’s still not quite finished!

Here it is:



Maybe you can’t tell it from the picture, but this thing is a monster 🙂  K wanted it a certain width and length and I’m working hard to make that happen before he leaves for Korea in about a week.

Crocheting for me so far has been a hobby that I have been able to stick with for a few reasons:

  1. It’s highly rewarding.  I caught on quickly and am able to make just about anything if I have the right instructions.  I love that kind of satisfaction from a project.  It hasn’t been easy for me to find something like this and I’m glad I have 🙂  I’m actually making things that I would wear outside!
  2. It’s incredibly repetitive.  There’s not a ton of thinking involved.  Of course there is some, but there’s not too much to overwhelm my OCD self.  I can focus somewhat on this, while still watching TV.  It helps me to keep enough focus and still be able to relax.  Usually when I settle down for the night on the couch and catch up on my latest show, I have to pause the show or get up and leave for whatever reason pops into my head.  I have to constantly be busy.  Crocheting keeps that part of my mind occupied, while still allowing me to “relax” at the end of the day.
  3. I’m really good at it.  I am impressed by how well my crochet looks and I think it’s because I make certain to keep my stitches tight and to follow instructions exactly.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have an Etsy store 🙂
  4. Chester loves yarn and he can’t really get injured by pawing my crochet hook 🙂  He has tried to paw the sewing machine while it’s in use….not cool man.

If you have trouble focusing one on thing at a time or anxiety and OCD keep your mind constantly thinking about what needs to be cleaned, or what needs to be picked up, or what you need to do RIGHT NOW, I suggest taking up something like crochet.

Chester has since done some upcycling and made a cat cave out of the gift bag I got from my boss:

DSC_0043That’s all that’s new in our little corner of the world 🙂

How is everyone?

Thanks for reading 😀




30 thoughts on “Where Has Megan Gone?

  1. I love the colour of K’s scarf.
    I know what you mean about it being relaxing, It’s like a form of meditation. Instead of counting breaths you count stitches.
    Don’t forget to look up Crochet groups on Facebook, You can post photos of your work just to show off and if you need help there is alot of help there.

  2. I love the piccies and craft updates. Your previous infinity scarf inspired me to look up some freebie patterns and I’ve been making one while watching telly in the evenings 🙂 Less goes wrong with my crochet than with my knitting lol. It’s quite therapeutic. I also had a bash at a mug cozy but I think my gauge was wrong.

  3. I noticed you were gone…
    I love to crochet as well. I have been crocheting since my teens. I used to make and sell all kinds of dolls. It helps distract my mind from the immense pain I am in. I also like to count so it’s easy for me to keep up with where I am at in a pattern. Currently I am making fingerless gloves for my sons fiancé. They will match the hat I already made her. What I want to do next is make a fish game for my grandson. I just found the pattern on allfreecrochet too. There are so any things you can do with crochet. I do so many different crafts depending on the level of pain I am in and I used to have an etsy shop, so do that one day too! Your crochet looks excellent!

  4. It’s awesome that you found something like this to help you relax. I loved using my knitting board, but it was very hard on my hands and fingers and left me feeling like I had arthritis–which I don’t. It was also hard on my shoulders and back, but I’m predisposed to that because of my physical issues. I had to give it up.
    Every now and then I pick it up for a couple of days but then have to stop. I never could get regular knitting or crocheting, so I bow to your superior capabilities! 🙂

  5. I have tried to learn how to crochet but I stink at it. However I have learned how to knit! It helps with my anxiety. I get fidgety and my brain gets jittery, knitting helps SO much. Plus it feels really good to finish a project. Maybe I will try to learn crochet again….or not since it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall 😉

  6. I love Chester!!! I always look forward to seeing pics of him in your posts!
    I used to know how to crochet when I was a teenager. I don’t think my hands could handle (haha) it anymore. =^..^=

  7. Your crocheting is indeed beautiful! I’m certainly no expert, since I don’t crochet myself – But I love scarfs and wool, and I can appreciate a tightly woven warm scarf when I see one. 🙂

    Funny, I did knitting for a little bit (when I was a kid) but I never tried crocheting, I always thought it would be more labor intensive. Sounds like it’s not, so maybe I’ll have to check it out. I have that urge to keep my hands busy too, at least when trying to relax, especially if I listen to a podcast or watch a show. I usually end up drawing, but while that works for podcasts, sometimes if you’re watching a show it can mean you’re only getting half of what’s going on because your eyes are elsewhere.

    Good luck finishing the monster scarf!

  8. It is so nice to see you smiling and upbeat abut something. It is all good.
    And we did miss you lovely blog posts the smiles and pictures of Chester who in return makes us smile to.
    But never would we make you write a post. If you feel like a break who are we to argue.
    keep smiling

  9. I’m glad that the crotchet hook is sager than the sewing machine! I’ve sewn myself before and I’d hate to have this happen to a cat. It’s a lot harder to explain to them why they need to hold still when in pain.

  10. That scarf looks great! I love needlework for relaxation. I knit, crochet, and embroider. The repetition of it is almost like a physical version of repeating a mantra. I’ve almost finished my first sweater, and am simultaneously working on my second sweater, an embroidered apron for a friend, and a knitted tea cozy! Please keep sharing your projects. I love seeing things people have made! 🙂

  11. I love crochet for the same reasons. It really is therapeutic and calming. Right now I’m working on a baby shower gift. I also knit a little bit, but I really only do scarves. Anything more complicated to knit intimidates me.

  12. Good for you for getting this far with the scarf 🙂 I once began to knit a scarf as part of a workshop in a camp and I wanted to finish it at home, but ran out of yarn. I somehow never found the time to buy more, as I would have had to go to a specific store, and by the time I decided now was really the time to continue, I had forgotten how the knitting technique works. I asked my mom, but the way she showed me was a bit different from what I had learned, sooo… that was it. Haha I usually pull through with what I begin, this scarf experience was obviously an exception 😉

    As always, Chester is adorable. He seems to have grown creative in making use of whatever he can find for his pleasure 😀

  13. We missed you! You’ve probably noticed that my posts have been fewer and farther between – my folks have been super busy and haven’t allowed me as much time for my posting. But I want you to know that I have been following yours – how can I resist when pictures of Chester keep showing up (sigh!). He’s a cutie! Nice work on the scarf. Sizi

  14. Glad to see you are back. And, your crocheting is looking awesome. The scarf for K is looking really good and I’m sure he’ll love it. Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas and i hope you and your family have the best Christmas ever. I hope you’ve been feeling well, lately. Sometimes we just need to step back and take a break, especially if you’re not feeling well or are busy with other things, as this is a very busy time of year. Chester is looking cuter than ever. I can clearly see you love that cat like I love my dog Molly, but Molly is funny and hates to have her picture taken. The minute she sees the camera she runs off and hides under my bed. then I figured maybe she wouldn’t notice if I were to use my cell phone to take her picture, nope she’s no dumby, off she ran under the bed. Most of the pictures I have of her, she is sleeping or someone is holding her on their lap. Take care, Megan. I’ll see you around.:)
    Wild Thang aka Tammy:)

  15. You can certainly be excused for taking a few personal days during the holiday season, especially for making gifts. I made banana bread for everyone one year and it took all my spare time that year!

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