A Productive Day And I Didn’t Even Leave The House

We're All Finished!
We’re All Finished!

I can’t believe it, but today I woke up at 11 am!  This is NOT a good thing for me.  I like to wake early and make something of my day early on.  Normally, this would really bother me, but today I wasn’t really bothered by it, shocked, but not bothered.  It was stormy all day long and days like that make it difficult for me to wake up.  Since I finished all of my Christmas shopping last night, I was actually ready to just take it easy in my house today.  

I decided to wrap all the presents today. It took way longer than I thought, but it’s finished!  It’s such a relief to know that that’s all done.  I still have two things I want to crochet and I’ve had enough time this evening to start working on it.  If there’s a youtube video, I can make anything crochet-wise 🙂  

Here’s a picture of it all finished:


You might be asking yourself (probably not), what I was doing with the rest of my hours today.  Well, I’ve been watching Dexter.  Kind of got an obsession with it right now.  It’s weird how that show makes you root in a way for him.  Very weird, but I guess that’s the point of the show.

It’s also weird how I didn’t realize it was raining super hard.  I knew it was raining all day, but I was going to go to the mailbox, but saw a waterfall pouring off my porch roof.  Weird how I didn’t even hear that!

Anyway, after writing this, I look forward to getting back to the show! hahaha, potentially with a beer 😀

Also, this is my little boy right now:


Enjoy your Saturday friends!



43 thoughts on “A Productive Day And I Didn’t Even Leave The House

      1. He does have really shiny fur. I never notice it because my house is so dark, but the photos bring it out. I feed him the Purina One smart blend indoor advantage 🙂 He really likes it.

      2. I’ve had Addycat on Iams hairball and weight control because she is chubby 🙂 it works very well for hairballs, she never gets them and she is constantly grooming. Her fur is shiny too, but her skin is dry because of the weather and because our heat is running a lot.

  1. Wow Megan!
    I am actually surprised when you said you didn’t hear the rain falling from the porch roof. I know that comes with when you are actually loving something else like that TV show that takes your mind off of everything else. That’s totally cool! I love this post & trying to read them from most recent to not recent at all.

    1. Hi Rodney 🙂
      I was surprised too! It was an actual torrential downpour and we had flooding. It is nice to have something that can your mind off the every day, that’s for sure. 🙂 Thanks for reading this post!

  2. Looks like you and yours are going to have a Merry Christmas! I love the happy gift bags!! And, of course, your fabulous feline family member is enjoying all of your great projects. Great fun!
    Sending best wishes for the New Year! Love, Nana

  3. Chester is always wanting his pic taken. Speaking of storm, the utility pole outside the kitchen window finally gave and fell toward the house but stopped about 2inches from hitting, now it is propped up with some kind of rigged poles. I’m sure they will put up a new pole but I have to wonder if they noticed all the bird feeder hangers screwed to it, lol. Guess I better not do that to their new one.

      1. Il never forget that and I’ve been careful ever since. Luckily the squirrels ate all the food so I stopped feeding the birds so they won’t miss the feeders being gone.

      1. I got into it by deciding I was going to find out what the fuss was all about. I ended up watching every season in its entirety and having to wait six months for it to start back up. I don’t usually do that with a show once it’s been on for years, but occasionally it happens.

  4. Feels great to have that behind you, doesn’t it? We got hooked on Dexter as well. We also asked ourselves how weird it was that we were hooked on a show about a serial killer, killing serial killers. We looked forward to it, after every episode. Lots of binge Dexter viewing days for us. 🙂

  5. I see you had a most delighted weekend though it was not good to get up late you made it work without panic.
    Wishing you wonderful holidays with lots of laughs.
    Keep smiling. and I would love to be Chester on grey days like this to just curl up and sleep.

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