Chester Wears A Scarf



Tonight I made a Chester-sized scarf for my little buddy.  I never thought that he would wear it.  I got my camera ready in case I had to take some quick shots.  That’s actually not what happened 🙂 He kept wearing it.  An hour later, he was still wearing it.  It was like he didn’t even notice it was there!  This is the best he’s ever done with wearing clothes.  The only reason he stopped wearing it is because I took it off.  He was drinking water and was getting it wet, so I took it off of him.

I got lots of pictures of his cuteness.  Here they are:








Is he not just the biggest ham?  He’s hilarious.  I couldn’t handle the cuteness all alone, so I had to share it.

Consider this an early Christmas gift, for me at least 😀

Good night everyone!


89 thoughts on “Chester Wears A Scarf

      1. I think he’s great at not tearing things off of him, because most cats are intolerant of anything on their physical body. Even the most well mannered cat will vocalize their displeasure. He’s so cute, he always reminds me of my “first born”, as I like to call her. LOL.

  1. Hi Megan! Thanks for re-visiting my blog. I was reading your holiday & Chester posts. It is a-ok to get obsessed with your cat. Who wouldn’t with such an adorable little ham! 🙂

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