End Of The World As We Know It?

DSC_0060No it’s not 🙂  I just say that every time people talk about a huge storm of some sort “coming our way.”  According to just about every weather station and online source that I can find, southern Indiana is going to get very, very cold over the next couple of days.  Starting tomorrow, the temperatures are going to plummet below zero degrees F, like -14 degrees F!  With the windchill we’re looking at -25!  On top of that, no pun intended, we’re supposed to get tons of snow, like over a foot of snow.

Last year we had a blizzard and again I was here alone and K was in Korea and I was totally unprepared.  My car got stuck in a snow drift for nearly 2 hours before I managed to get it out.  This year, I’ve learned my lesson.  I bought a snow shovel, deicer, cleared off both cars completely from the last snow, backed into parking spaces, and put my windshield wipers up.  I even did all the chores that I need to do outside today because it was kind of warm and stocked up on cat food, litter, and a carton of almond milk.  This kind of snow is nothing fun at all.  Just the thought of getting stuck or in a wreck gives me anxiety and, therefore, I plan until I feel that nothing can go wrong.  Hopefully I’ve taken a good amount of precautions and I think I have.

Yesterday, I even prepared to be stuck inside my house for a few days by heading over to Joanne’s and taking advantage of their new year sale!  I picked up 3 skeins of yarn and a smaller hook that will work better for amigurumi.  Now, I think I might have a problem:

DSC_0056I have a lot of yarn.  There’s actually a few that I forgot to put on this “pyramid.”  It’s the best hobby I’ve had ever.  I generally have problems with sticking with a hobby.  The good thing is it’s an inexpensive hobby, so I’m not worried about a big loss if I get bored.  I made the little hearts today that you see in the first picture.  Chester stole one when I wasn’t looking and then I just let him have it because he’s precious:



I also got a pretty funny picture of him when he does this open-mouth thing.  He does it after he smells something and then he opens his mouth I think to get a better smell.  He did this while playing with the heart:



None of this was really the highlight of my day.  Having OCD for me means that I can’t stop a task until I deem it finished.  When I came home from the store today, I saw Chester’s “friend” Simon, walking around my community.  I ran inside to get some treats to lure him and then put him in a carrier and bring him to the shelter.  Because it’s going to be severely cold over the next few days, I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to be out in that weather.  Poor baby.  He used to have a collar and I got the number off of it awhile ago, but the person never returned my call.  Now his collar is gone and he’s been outside so long.  I feel so bad for him.  I couldn’t stand to think something could happen to him that I could’ve prevented.

Our shelter is a no-kill shelter and so many pets gets adopted from there.  I really want to see Simon get adopted by a nice family and be in a nice, warm place.  Well, I got a big box from my apartment, poked holes in it, and put a sheet inside, I put on plastic gloves, and brought some treats to go get him.  I saw him minutes before, but couldn’t find him anywhere!  I have no idea where he went.  I looked and looked and looked around the entire community.  I even drove around a couple of times.  I still don’t know where he could’ve gone.  He eluded me this time, but I’ll be back on the hunt tomorrow.  I put a little food out for him just in case he is hungry.

Well, that’s my day!  Thanks for reading and stay warm and safe if you’re in the line of this cold front!




66 thoughts on “End Of The World As We Know It?

  1. Thats so sweet what you did for Simon.
    Maybe a blanket inside and on top of the box and leave it out over night. You might be able to catch him while he sleeps? Even if you can’t catch him, he’ll have a warm place to sleep.

  2. You have such a kind heart (get it–haha)! Not many people would go out hunting the cat to save it from the weather. I’m sure he will be fine tho.

    1. Thanks for asking 🙂 I think for me medication has taken me a long way in controlling some of the anxiety I have that’s associated with OCD. I still struggle quite a bit in controlling my compulsions and obsessive thoughts, and therapy helped some, but I’ve since stopped going. I should get back to it 🙂

  3. Wow it seems like it will be really cold, here in Norway it’s so much more wam weather than I’m used to this time of year, last year this time of year it was snow and cold, now it’s the middle of the night and +6 C. I’m glad you got the cat inside, cute cat 🙂

    1. It was so cold! We were not allowed to drive per the government. It was a weird time. Now it’s nearly 50! That’s IN weather for you 🙂 I always imagined Norway to be cold, but quite beautiful 🙂

  4. Oh you’re so lovely. Our sweetpea Penny is a rescue dog from a no kill shelter too. Thank heavens. Stay warm and safe in this terrible weather.

  5. You got a good heart. Even made some soft ones. would look nice on a pillow cover you need to crochet.
    Looks like I am giving you idea to work. He he hope you can give Simon a good place to stay.
    Do the best you can with the storm. It is big but the world is not going to end as you said yourself. all we can do is stay calm and get through it.
    keep smiling and I am sure you be doing great.

    1. I think a pillow cover sounds like a great idea 🙂 I have pillows on the couch that Chester made ugly as a clawing kitten, but he does n’t do that anymore. Perhaps I should cover them 🙂

  6. I hope you have better luck catching Simon tomorrow! Poor thing.. Very considerate of you though to have tried in the first place, I commend your efforts 🙂
    And I can’t wait to see all your future projects with that beautiful yarn!! You’ve picked it up so well, I’m very impressed 😀
    Stay safe, and keep up the photos of your projects – love them!

    1. Thank you dear 🙂 I haven’t seen him since and I hope he’s safe. I’m sure h’ell turn up sometime. I’m kind of surprised how well I’ve picked up crochet 🙂 My sister keeps insisting that I start an Etsy store. We’ll see.

  7. So warmhearted and kind you are Megan! We also love cats. My daughter with OCD just adores cats. We had two beautiful grey cats but sadly both of them died at the age of 2. They were our beloved familymembers. They gave us som much love and their death was to hard to take in. It took me and my daughter some years to heal. Now we want a new familymember but my youngest daughter is allergic to cats and dogs. 😦
    Here in Sweden we have a very warm winter, it´s like autumn. I am happy because I am not very fond of snow and ice. But next thursday it will be colder so we can expect some snow in the near future. But of course it is beautiful when the snow is white 🙂 .
    Hope you will have a nice day! Cute heart you made! ❤

    1. Thank you Anna for your comments 🙂 I’m very sorry for your loss 😦 Losing a pet is just like losing a member of the family. A piece of me will die when little Chester passes away. I hope Sweden is continuing to be warm! We’ve warmed up a bit here. Best to you and your daughter,

  8. Here comes my prior-military-always-prepared side: go to walmart and spend $2 on an emergency blanket to keep in your vehicle. That way if you DO get stuck again, you can wrap yourself up in that blanket to keep warm. It doesn’t look warm. It looks like tin foil. BUT, it could save your life.

    For the cat, put old towels and blankets in a box against the side of the house. Maybe some handwarmers to add some warmth. Hope you find him before the cold hits. 😦

    1. I have always wanted to get one of those blankets, so thanks for making me think of it again 🙂 I need an emergency kit in the car for just those times. Not sure why I don’t 🙂

  9. One can never have enough yarn. I think I have said this before, but knitting has been one of my best hobbies. It is rhythmic, and it is an excuse to accept my need to count everything. Hope you find Simon!

  10. Hey Megan! wow your knit hearts are sweet 🙂 but Chester is even sweeter! I wish Char (my new, first-ever kitty!) could meet him, she’s so mild tempered and I bet they would have a ball. Hope you’re off the road and keeping warm 🙂 also – please keep us updated on Simon? What a sad story, and all too common. Hope he finds his forever home soon.

    1. Congrats on the new kitty! They are such joys (and sometimes pains) to have around. He brings us a lot of happiness. The hearts are so cute and so easy to make! Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Simon since then 😦 I’ve been keeping my eyes out for the little guy, but nothing as of yet.

  11. Megan,

    Is it possible to leave out a little bit of food near your place to try and lure Chester’s friend back? We’ve had two ‘friends’ of our cats that would wander around our neighborhood and take shelter in our old detached garage during cold or bad weather.

    I started leaving out food in a bowl to keep them associating the garage as a safe and comfortable place when the weather turned. It took a little time of doing this, but over time I managed to get each (they were separate occasions) into carriers and to our shelter. I found out recently that one had thankfully been adopted. I also second Miss Lizzy’s suggestion of putting out a blanket in a box that they might use to sleep in, giving you a chance to get them safely. I hope it works and it’s an admirable goal!

    Also, one of our cats has that same habit of doing the open mouth thing you caught Chester doing in that photo. Ours sticks his tongue out too when he does it. We joke that it’s his ‘I smelled something bad’ face!

    1. Thanks for the food suggestion! I left a little pile of food outside, but no bites yet 🙂 I’m hoping he’s ok. I’ve been keeping my eye out for him, but nothing yet.

      BTW, I searched the web about that open-mouth thing. Apparently, it’s called the flehmen reaction and cats do it to smell through their mouths. It’s common among big cats as well. You should youtube flehmen reaction 😉 Some hilarious vids out there.

  12. Maybe someone else found Simon and brought him to the shelter…?
    The picture of Chester doing his open mouth thing is so cute! It makes him look kind of thoughtful and wise xD

    1. I hope so 😦 I can’t stand to think he’s freezing outside. I love when Chester does the open mouth thing 😉 I’ve since learned it’s called the flehmen reaction and that a lot of big cats do it 🙂

  13. Well, the cold is over and I am hoping you and Chester and his buddy are okay. I thought about you a bit during the cold. You being the only other Hoosier I really know in the blogging world right now means we are friends automatically. I have really thought about coming to see you, but that will have to wait until good weather. We can talk about it sometime if you are interested. Anyway, have a great day!

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