I Wore A Mask Today



So, this was me today.  I didn’t take this picture and I didn’t ask for it to be taken, but here it is.  I actually laugh when I see it.  It reminds me that the people I work with are good people and care about one another.  My coworker took this picture of me wearing the mask that K brought back from Korea for me.  They think I’m funny and it definitely looks funny 😉  I am glad that they were accepting of it and they were all saying that they didn’t blame me for wearing it, since the flu has been going around the office.

For once, it was good to actually be able to laugh about this situation.  I know this mask looks really dorky and I admit I used to make fun of people I saw wearing it, but it gave me quite a bit of relief from the anxiety today.  It wasn’t terribly comfortable and I felt self-conscious wearing it at times, but it was better today than Friday, when I was really struggling with my anxiety.

I was just happy when this day was over.  I am not looking forward to work tomorrow, but I’m not dreading it as much as I might have.



81 thoughts on “I Wore A Mask Today

  1. Nice pic! 🙂

    This is a tiny bit off topic, but I’ve always wanted to learn Korean. But my school doesn’t have a Korean language class (imagine that) so I settled for taking Spanish instead.

  2. Man I can totally relate to this anxiety. I’ve been so paranoid about getting the flu because when I get it, I’m sick for MONTHS rather than weeks! I even attend an anxiety group at the hospital so you can imagine how careful I am being there! I almost just gave up and asked for a mask today because I’ve been keeping a scarf on all the time and looking like a total weirdo!

  3. I think it looks great. It suits your organized office space very well, too

    By the way, when one of my sons went to Japan to work on a co-op placement at a dental equipment engineering office, they asked him to wear a mask on the plane and then for the first two weeks that he worked there. He noticed that lots of people wear masks in Japan. It’s becoming more common here in Vancouver, too.

    You can get more at most medical supply stores and some pharmacies.

  4. You do what you have to do honey to get through those wretched moments. You got into work which I amsure your employer was very happy about…. I don’t work right now as I can’t even get out of the blasted house BUT I have started my own little bit of exposure therapy and managed 3 small jaunts last week. We do what we can, and we try harder than many could even begin to imagine, so a big pat on the back to you Megan. Fight the good fight 😉 Samantha x

    1. Thank you so much Samantha 🙂 I have thought about exposure therapy, but haven’t been brave enough to try it. Maybe one day soon. I wish you luck with feeling better dear 🙂

  5. I’ve wondered….why doesn’t some enterprising manufacturer put a smiley face on these? If one really feels bad, one could wear it upside-down? Beautiful, intelligent, expressive, loving, speaks Korean….what more could K ask for? A meticulous car cleaner?—you are! Understanding his need to travel thousands of miles to visit family—you are! Able to recognize that your coworkers and fellow bloggers love you—-YOU ARE!!!! 🙂

  6. Ironically I started sniffing as I started reading your post. I might have told you this before but every time I watch Glee and see Will’s wife I think about you. 🙂 When I went to Hawaii in 2012 so many people were wearing the masks on the plane and in Hawaii.

  7. If I could get my hands on a mask I would so wear one at work. We are currently in VERY close quarters as we wait to move and people are petri dishes in our office. I feel ya and glad the mask helped a little.

    1. Oh goodness! I’m sorry that you have to work so closely with your coworkers 😦 That would be so stressful to me. You can get surgical masks at most pharmacies I believe or on amazon.

  8. I’m really glad that you wore the mask, because it’s important to you and your wellness, and I’m even happier that people responded well. It’s not only useful, it’s actually cute!

    1. Aw thank you! 🙂 I’m glad that most people just thought it was cute rather than strange. I think masks are becoming a little more mainstream. Plus, the fact that my bf brought it back from Korea gives me an excuse to wear it 😉

    1. I can imagine 😦 I hate to say it but I don’t like to be around kids for that reason. I love my niece and nephew more than anything, but they’re literally the only 2 children I enjoy being around. In this regard, you’re a much stronger person than me 🙂

  9. Megan, you had many many wonderful comments about you wearing the mask, and accepting of the anxiety that brought you to that point for that day. I have some serious respiratory issues, and really should wear a mask to protect myself, but I find them so restricting for breathing that I would rather catch something than not be able to breath. So you are to be congradulated. Also thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post about my dream. Hopefully you will find other reasons to visit as well. Take care, be safe. Bill

    1. I’ll be honest, Bill, it was difficult to breathe in! Not to mention, those things have a weird smell and then having to breathe in my vapor all day got pretty annoying. Then again, it wasn’t all that bad because it made me less anxious 🙂 Thanks for sharing that part of yourself with me Bill.

  10. Never feel bad about having to protect yourself!

    It looks like an “I Can Breathe” mask…

    I have to wear a mask (cotton and activated carbon in cotton pouches- I don’t tolerate synthetics) whenever I go out, and can’t go out very often (even into my yard) because of the toxic chemicals being pumped out of dryer vents everywhere people use conventional (and toxic) laundry products.

    One of my online friends from Australia just posted about her mask wearing experiences yesterday – check it out: http://the-labyrinth.com/2014/01/30/what-its-like-to-wear-a-mask-part-ii-9-2-years-later/

    There are some good comments there too.

    I also wrote about masks on my blog in a post called “Need Protection”.
    I’d put in the link, but then this comment would probably end up marked as spam…

    Thanks for writing about your experiences!

    1. Thanks so much for sending me that link. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in my mask-wearing 🙂 I have thought of getting a cotton Vogmask because I’ve heard they’re quite good. Do you recommend any type of cotton mask in particular?

  11. Hey Megan – I found your blog after you “liked” one of my posts. I was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder in 1999 and my hubby has social phobia. Our 14 y/o daughter was diagnosed with OCD a few years ago. So, you probably already know this, but you’re NOT alone in your struggles. I’m glad you’ve found productive outlets for your extra energy (that’s what I call anxiety now :). (hugs)

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