Pretty Little Roses

DSC_0093Crocheting has helped me to deal with some of the anxiety that I experience.  It’s a hobby that doesn’t require total attention and is repetitive, which helps me to get into a relaxing rhythm.  I usually crochet on the couch and in the evening and my favorite shows, either the Office or Family Guy playing on Netflix in the background.  I think everyone needs a hobby like this.  I haven’t had one before, but I think crochet fits my personality and habits nicely.  As someone with OCD, I don’t much like change and I thrive on routine, so in this regard, I think crochet works for me 🙂

I have been crocheting for a few months now.  I would by no means call myself an expert, but I’ve gotten quite good at it.  I have started to crochet a number of different things in hopes of soon opening a small store on Etsy.  I’m not looking to make tons of money, I just want to share my love of crochet with others.  What do you all think?

The little roses above are my latest project.  I learned how to make them just this weekend and they so cute 🙂  I love how they really do look like roses.  They’re so small and delicate.

I’m actually working on a set of magic potholders now.  Those too are fun to make.

Well, hope you are having a good week!
Thanks for reading 🙂





82 thoughts on “Pretty Little Roses

  1. Don’t mean to put a downer on your idea, I just want to give you a heads up. Alot of the people in the crochet groups I follow on Facebook also sell on Esty. Just thought I’d give you a heads up that competition will be strong.
    Alot of people are making head warmers which are selling well at stalls and so forth. You could attach the roses to them.

    1. No you’re not at all 🙂 The one thing I’ve always heard about Etsy is to not view other stores as competition and I’m going to try to not do that, even though I probably will 😉 I mostly just want an excuse to crochet more things and buy more yarn!

  2. Crocheting is very relaxing. I enjoyed making afghans. My stitches are so tight however that I would use twice the yarn as called for! I made a baby sweater once and the poor baby couldn’t move its arms in it! I’m pretty sure that sweater went in the trash bin when I left their house!

  3. They’re so cute!

    I do the same thing with my knitting – I watch Netflix and just knit. It’s all muscle memory until I drop a stitch and then I can’t pay any attention to anything else until I fix it.

    All in all, it’s relaxing until it’s stressful. Ah life.

  4. They look amazing!!! I can never manage to make flowers that fit what I envision them to be, but these are delightful 🙂
    I’m all for you starting an Etsy store!! As long as you ship to Aus 😉
    Keep up the great work!! Xx

  5. I don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t make promises about Etsy purchases, but I will absolutely favorite your store and add your products on my wish list! 😉

  6. Awesome! I couldn’t agree more! I started crotcheting a couple of years ago. I put down and never picked it back up again. I’ve been thinking about it lately and maybe you just gave me the push I needed! So thank you and keep up the good work! The roses look great!

  7. Gorgeous! I crochet too! I’m not fantastic at it, but I find it really soothing while I’m watching TV. Last year I made some crochet roses and turned them into a kind of choker style necklace which looked really good. A couple of days ago I started a huge project – which is different for me! I’m making a stripy beach blanket from a pattern I found on Ravelry. I think it will look great when I’m done – should only take me a year or so :p

    1. I envy you! I’d love to make a blanket someday, but my patience for big projects is not great. I get bored easily, which is why I stick with small projects. The rose choker sounds like a great idea!

    1. Since I really never have much going on in the evenings, I was thinking this would be something fun to keep me occupied. Crocheted custom orders are definitely a must and that will be most fun I think.

      BTW, I will be finishing up Verity’s cat toys this weekend. If you could, just send me the address you want me to send them to 🙂

      1. Anything crafty is fun and will keep you occupied/busy. I have my own crafting history and will eventually go back to painting at some point. I miss it, it was my calm, serene time where i could create beautiful things.

        I will e-mail you the address. I cannot thank you enough. 🙂

  8. Do you think crocheting or knitting is easier for a beginner. I think I’d benefit from having something to do if I’m sitting– or I won’t sit – I can’t relax. I have tried both many years ago ( self teaching) and they were both hard. I love what you do! 😀

    1. Well, I can’t speak for knitting because I’ve unfortunately never tried it! One day hopefully 🙂 However, from my experience with crochet, it’s rather easy to do. I recommend getting a book with the basic stitches and watching a lot of youtube how-to videos. That’s what I did 🙂

      1. WordPress started a new forum for issues like ours, and more of course. The site is called a canvas of the mind, try to look it up its a directory of bloggers stories you may find interesting.

  9. Enjoyed reading your post, Megan. I also find crochet to be so therapeutic. I can almost always crochet no matter how crazy my world is. I, too, have an etsy shop, but have not been able to give it the attention it deserves. It’s easy to set up, but make sales takes a bit of dedication and work. Go for it!

  10. Your roses turned out really good! 🙂 Crocheting is a wonderful thing to do. I’ve been crocheting for four years, and opened up an Etsy shop last month.

    If you’re interested in opening up an Etsy shop, click on the link below to join and you’ll get 40 free listings (which is totally awesome–a friend invited me to join and I got 40 free listings as well). Best wishes on your present and future crochet projects! 🙂

  11. I’m so glad you found my new blog do I could find you!
    I used to love crochet and have a rug I was hoping to finish for my nephew’s birthday. I had completely forgotten about it in my current ‘blip’ but now that you’ve reminded me I’m going to have a go at getting it finished. Thank you!
    It used to be almost a moving meditation for me once I got on a roll so I’m hoping to get back to that.

  12. I’m so glad you found my new blog so I could find yours!
    I used to love crochet and have a rug I was hoping to finish for my nephew’s birthday. I had completely forgotten about it in my current ‘blip’ but now that you’ve reminded me I’m going to have a go at getting it finished. Thank you!
    It used to be almost a moving meditation for me once I got on a roll so I’m hoping to get back to that.

  13. I love these, I love craft and I do cross stitch mainly! I’d love one or two for blazers for work!! Let me know when you open up a stall on etsy (or even eBay???) and ill sure have a few! (So I think theses me cute wedding favours either has brooches or as glass labels (mums is pink, mine is red!) ill definitely put an order in! All the best and keep going! Xx

    1. Thank you! They really could be that versatile. Just think of them as real roses 🙂 I like the idea of putting them onto pins and using them as broaches! Very clever 🙂 I’m hoping to put things up this coming week. I will certainly post about it when I do. Thanks so much.

  14. I love this! I love craft but mine is cross stitch! Let me know when you get a stall up on etsy, I’d sure like a few as brooches for blazers for work!! Also I think these would be lovely as wedding favours as glass labels (mums glass is the red ross and mine is the yellow one etc…) be sure to let us know when your stall is up….ill definitely be getting a couple for my blazers! All the best! Xx

  15. I colour it, I find my brain is able to switch off “thinking” and I find myself “dealing” with little niggles and worries. I love the “roses” they are super cute

  16. Those are cute! You could sell them as is or attach them to all sorts of things that you could also make and sell.
    I also love using Netflix to have some easy to watch and listen to background noise while working or knitting. I’ve been watching a lot of The Office lately!

  17. I tried to crochet just before Christmas. It was a disaster. My ability to read directions for things with directional steps such as knots and crocheting etc is horrible so I just ended up getting too frustrated. I will bring my beginner’s kit with me when I next visit my mother in law. Maybe she can sort me out.

    1. No worries! It took me forever to learn the patterns. I still haven’t gotten the hang of the symbolic patterns yet, but those are ridiculously hard to follow. It just takes time and practice. I definitely don’t have patience, so it’s amazing that I can make anything 🙂

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