Boot Cuffs and Little Paws



This is my latest project.  I’m working on making a pair of boot cuffs for my Etsy store, Peony Crochet.  I just love making ribbing in crochet.  The texture is very nice and it adds an elegant touch to my work.  If anyone has suggestions for things they’d like me to make, please comment to let me know 🙂

Today, when I was cleaning up the dishes from dinner, K and I heard a terribly sad little meow out of nowhere.  I looked over at the doorway between my bedroom and the living room and saw him standing on his back legs, his front claw stuck in a small hole in the wood of the doorway.  I rushed over and took his little claw out with some effort.  He was trying to wriggle away the entire time.  Poor baby, I think he was traumatized.



There’s something about my little Chester’s paws that make my heart melt.  I know I’ve said this a number of times before, but getting a cat, for me, was one of the best choices to help ease some of my anxiety.  He never makes me angry, sometimes frustrated, but I always feel love towards him.  There’s something about being able to hold a warm, breathing, living creature close for a cuddle and to have it cuddle back (most of the time), that makes all my worries diminish for a short time at least.  I love the sound of his purring and his trilling, which he does all the time!  He literally trills every time he jumps off of anything.  It’s so funny 🙂  He’s such a cute little boy.  K and I are so in love with him.

I know I have an obsession with cats and I think it’s ok for everyone to have one thing that they are deeply passionate about.  K’s is cars and technology and mine just happens to be cats 🙂  I love anything with a cat on it, cat-shaped, and basically cat-related.  Whenever I see a cat picture online, doesn’t matter which cat, I instantly make a silly “awe” face.  I just love cats!  There’s so much to love about them.  They’re such clever and beautiful animals, yet at the same time they are so darn precious and adorable that you just wanna cuddle them.

Well, enough about my cat obsession 🙂

Thanks for reading!


41 thoughts on “Boot Cuffs and Little Paws

  1. My life changed the day I got my black and white cat. My counsellor suggested it as I live alone. Like she said, when I get home there is another heartbeat in the house. He drives me mad sometimes but he is the best thing in my life. And I agree with you about paws….just the best 🙂

  2. It’s a relief that his paw was okay. My sister’s cat was always getting into fights and coming home with hurt paws. He was the biggest cuddler if he liked you, though and also one of the few cats that got along with the dog and the rabbit.

    1. It’s funny that you mention that! I work with a woman who volunteers at our local shelter and she said they could always use blankets and toys. This is definitely a project I want to do now 🙂

  3. Sometimes when I’m sitting on the floor my west highland terrier comes wandering over to see what’s happening. She will often sit with me and let me pat her, and play with her, and can make me feel so much better.

    Also, how relaxing is crochet?!

    1. that’s so cute! Animals can be so comforting. I’ve always found that to be true, which is why I’ve always been drawn to them. I love to crochet and yes, it’s very relaxing 🙂

  4. Aww poor Chester, that has happened with my cat Craig only he had one of his claws stuck in a blanket and was trying to drag the big blanket with him LOL Needless to say we noticed this pretty quickly and rescued him too 🙂 BTW I did see on pintrest a little cup of tea with a tiny teabag attached, not sure if it was knitted or crocheted but I am pretty sure crocheted, it was shown hanging on a branch as in maybe a Christmas tree decoration for tea lovers. Anyways, just loved the look of this miniature tea cup and thought it would look great in your store.

    1. Poor little Craig! I hate to see Chester in pain. It breaks my heart, so I know how sad that little guy must’ve looked to you. I actually made a teacup! It was going to be a pincushion and although it turned out fine, I didn’t stuff it with anything heavy, so it falls over 😀 I should give it another go and put it in my shop. I do love tea!

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