My First Etsy Sale!

2014-02-06 21.54.54


I have been neglecting my blog for the past couple of days because I got my first Etsy sale!  It was a custom order, so it took me some time and concentration to finish it.  The customer ordered 2 magic potholders in the blue and green color I have above.  It took me 4 hours to make both of them. I forgot to take a picture of them before I put them in the envelope.  I just went to the USPS kiosk and mailed it 🙂  What a sense of accomplishment!

It’s so nice to feel that I have learned a skill, felt decent enough to open a shop online, and then finally making my first official sale.  As some of you might know, I have difficulty sticking with hobbies and get bored very easily with them.  I’ve heard that ADD is often co-morbid with OCD, so maybe that’s it.  Anyway, I’m proud of myself for sticking with a hobby for more than a few weeks 🙂

Now I have to go take care of this blister on my thumb from the crochet hook 🙂

Thanks for reading!


44 thoughts on “My First Etsy Sale!

  1. So proud of you, congrats!! I’ve discovered knitting, and it’s such a comfort to me when my anxiety really starts to build up.
    I’m just so thrilled for you! Take care of that thumb, and I wish you many more sales! =D

  2. Blisters even wow you been busy. Super Megan on a roll
    And do not worry enjoy what you are doing. Whether it is Blogging or Crochetting do it with a smile and I am sure we be smiling back 😀

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