Finding A New Home

DSC_0059This past week, K and I have been in search of a new place to call home.  Don’t get me wrong, our place now is fine and the view outside is nice.  Just look at the picture above 🙂 I think for anyone, this is a stressful life event and never an easy choice.  We are fed up with paying a high rent for a just “ok” apartment.  We found a few options, booked some viewings, and met with landlords to discuss what each place requires, offers, etc.

We went to three locations, two of which were privately owned and one which is run by a larger company.  The first option was totally disgusting, but that’s the current tenant’s fault.  I still have no idea how someone can live like that.  Gross!  The second place, which is where we went on Saturday, is SO nice and almost $100 less than what we’re paying now.  We both fell in love with it, but decided to hold off on applying until we saw the final place on Monday.  The one we saw today was also really awesome and so cheap!  It didn’t have everything we were looking for though, which is why we decided on the one we saw Saturday.  We put in our application this afternoon and are excitedly waiting.

Now, of course there are more than just 3 options in this city.  There is an extraordinary amount of rental properties here actually because it’s a popular college town. We just had to find some that worked with our budget and needs.  I hope we found the one.

I just hate the idea of worrying about where we’re going to live next year.  That kind of anxiety is something no one needs.  I took off work early so that we could figure this out and it made for a lot less stress for both of us.

I’ll update you all on what happens 🙂









54 thoughts on “Finding A New Home

  1. That is a very beautiful view. Good luck in finding your new home. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the one you are awaiting an answer. Have a nice night. Give Chester a hug from Wild Thang:)

      1. Yes, you did, but that’s ok. I just went and looked at the picture of Chester the jerk. LOL He is just so handsome and innocent looking. He could never be a jerk cat. LOL 🙂
        Hope you’re having a good day, Megan.
        Wild Thang:)

  2. if you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for a living? i have anxiety, and i’m freaking out about finding a job. i don’t know what i can handle.

    1. No not at all 🙂 I work in a private office for a medical billing company. It’s a small company, so not many employees in the small space. It’s a perfect environment for me because I have difficulty dealing with lots of people.

      1. That sounds great! It’s hard to find a job right now. I might be a little picky though with all my anxieties :/

  3. Ooh cool so you been house hunting 😀 he he fingers crossed. And no need to worry about next year Super Megan. let us fist wait for this option. fingers crossed. Go make a home for the 3 of yoiu

      1. You are welcome! I hope you have time to read it before you move. I so remember moving and feeling way overwhelmed. I am sure you have much better organizational skills than I do.

  4. Moving is such a hassle, but it’s good that you have a few options! Your blog came up in the suggestions thingo so I’m just saying Hi 🙂 I don’t know anyone with OCD so I think your blog will also be an eye opener for me, if you can excuse me phrasing it like that, you aren’t a zoo animal for me to watch haha 🙂

  5. I know what it is. Stressful is not even the word. I got to move last year, and it must have been my worst time. I got a lot of problems finding suitable places, and even more getting accepted because of past financial problems (not that it should matter as long as you’ve always paid your rent on time, but unfortunately it does). Even though the apartment I got right now must be one of the worst I even lived in, it’s just good enough that really won’t go into these troubles again just now. I’ll think about it again next year, but for now I stay right here.

    Hope it goes well for you, Megan!!

    1. poor Tom! I’m so sorry your move was stressful and that you had some issues with your apartment. How are you doing? Are your kitties doing well with the move? Chester has feline herpes, so when he gets stressed he usually gets sick and sneezy. I’m worried the move will stress him 😦

      1. You’ve read it before, but maybe you want to read it again, and in particular the post at Cats & Co which it links to. Pretty good tips there, really. Make sure to adjust to Chester’s personality; obviously difficult if you never had to move him before. Don’t wait at the last minute to plan out, you need to have a plan A and plan B a week before, and be very careful with him.

        I assume there is still some time left, so no urge, but take care of Chester 🙂

  6. I’m moving too! I actually just packed I a bunch of clothes and my books and stuff. It’s so stressful worrying about dragging all my crap to a new city lol and it took us a while to find a good apartment we looked at a bunch that were too small and finally found a decent sized one that wouldn’t cramp us. Hope you get the one you want!

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