The Snail Is Still Alive


I recently heard somewhere that snail mail is dead, this being said by a young teen.  I happen to know that it in fact is not dead and is quite alive and well, in my life at least.  The closure of post offices around the country may make people think otherwise, but I use the post office quite regularly.  I went there today for the second time in the last week.  I shipped out an Etsy order for a little doggie hat that I made for a fellow blogger, William Kelly .  You’ll have to see the hat once it arrives at his house.  I don’t want to spoil it for him by sharing the picture on here before he gets it in the mail 🙂  I also mailed out a package to my friend Amanda in New Zealand, aka Gallivanta.  She’s the one who sent me the kitty figurine a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to send her something in return.  I won’t spoil what it is 🙂

It’s fun sending things internationally.  It reminds me of when I had a Japanese pen pal in 7th grade.  We wrote back and forth a few times, but then I never heard from her again.  I would like another one again, if for not other reason than for me to buy some pretty stationary 🙂

I get things in the mail all the time, but I have a love/hate relationship with mail.  I love to get things in the mail, especially packages, not bills or junk mail so much.  My mom sends me stuff occasionally and that’s always fun because it’s usually a surprise.  I hate mail because I find it really dirty and I know that once I touch it, I’ll just have the compulsion to wash my hands.  Sometimes for this reason my mail will pile up until I can’t ignore it any longer, but that’s a story for another day.  It’s funny because I am in charge of the post at work.  How did I get that task?  I really can’t stand the texture of paper sliding against paper or just paper in general.  Well, life throws us challenges I suppose.

The picture above is of a necklace I received in the mail a few days ago.  It’s a pretty little necklace that I got from “The Animal Rescue Site.”  It has become my new favorite site.  I made a small donation and got this free and I only had to pay shipping and handling.  Having a pet and caring for one really brings back the feeling of how much I love animals and always have, especially as a kid.  I was so excited to get that little necklace in the mail.  Just a few days ago I finally got a purple phone charger cord in the mail.  Chester sneakily chewed on my charger and so I finally broke down and got a new one because the old one was just a hazard, to me and to that jerk cat.  In case you haven’t met him, here’s Chester the occasional jerk cat:

Chester and Salem
Chester and Salem

Well, the long and the short of it is “kids, mail still really exists.”  I think it should make more of a comeback 🙂

Thanks for reading.



69 thoughts on “The Snail Is Still Alive

    1. When I was a teen, writing letters was my passion. I had over 20 penpals and really enjoyed getting to know all those different people. I lived in a mall town and was an outcast, so it also played the role of offering a social outlet, I guess. I wish I still had some… Now I have the best intentions of getting back into snail mail (letter & card writing), but keep procrastinating. Love the Animal Rescue Site, too. Cheers!

  1. Same here. I like getting packages in the mail, and cards from loved ones and friends. Mostly everything else is junk or bills. Those I could definitely do without. LOL. I also like the occasional FedEx or UPS surprise, though UPS treats mental health employees horribly and fires them whenever possible, so if you can, choose USPS or FexEx for your shipping needs.

    1. Ugh, I didn’t know that about UPS 😦 I rarely use them and doubt I will now. I always us USPS for most things I ship, mostly because the PO is right next to my house 🙂 How’s Verity liking the toys? Hope you’re well

      1. I didn’t know that about UPS until about a year or so ago, it was a real eye opener, to say the least. Ever since then, I’ve been letting people know. I will NOT keep quiet about it.

        I ship with the post office too, printing labels at home is easy and the post office I go to is tiny, so there’s rarely a wait. Plus, my mail carrier picks up right from my mail box, which helps whenever I have a lot of items to ship, or even just a few things. It helps whenever I don’t have time to run to the post office, which is often.

        Verity is loving her toys. The light green fish is a constant companion, and I gave her the dark green square a few days ago to try and get her to behave. It took her a few days, at first she didn’t know what to do with it, but now she has incorporated it into her daily fetch games. She brings me all her toys, I throw them, and she brings them all back. She’s so proud of herself. LOL.

        I’m ok. Some unpleasant things have been going on, which is why you haven’t heard from me. I’ll tell you when I know more in a few days.

        In the meantime, stay warm. Give Chester a kiss for me. TTYS hon and Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  2. chester is beautiful! thanks for sharing. i use to live in kenya, and would write up to 15 letters a week. can’t say they said much, but i missed my friends so much. now i find the internet so instant, much better than a phone… but you can’t get real gifts without the snails… i just “happened” upon your blog. think i’m gonna like it!

    1. What a great experience it must’ve been for you. I don’t blame you for writing so many letters per week. It must be difficult not seeing family or friends or not have access to a phone or internet.

      1. well, at the time i didn’t consider it “great”. it was over 30 years ago, and it took me 25 years to get over it. at the time there was no internet, and phoning wasn’t really an option either. thanks for your reply. looking forward to reading your blog.

  3. A long time ago I wrote the start of a poem called facing my goliath. We all have them, one or some in our lives that we need to be overcome. You are bright and often funny and I enjoy what you share!

      1. Hi Megan, so nice to hear from you. I struggle with some things and I am a grandma. I have just started a new blog. It may not be your cup of tea but my hope is to offer encouragement and inspiration. I love that you go with your creativity.. And yes Chester is so cute, but you would like our Riley too. Thank you! Spring will show up eventually… (:

  4. I think the internet has helped snail mail massively because it’s easier to find friends and pen pals. I met my lovely pen pal online and we’ve been writing letters to each other for about six years. 🙂 I love writing letters because I love buying stickers and stationery. 😀

  5. I think snail mail should make a proper comeback too. It’s certainly not dead but it does need a boost. I love receiving and sending mail, and beautiful writing paper. I am really looking forward to receiving post from you. 😀

  6. Japanese stationary is indeed very pretty. ^_^ That said, I usually only get advertisements and bills in my mailbox, but I get very excited if it’s something else. Usually a card from my mom, but that’s still something I can stick on my wall for some cheer, which I’d be unlikely to do with an email.

    1. I have looked for some online, but I don’t know any reputable sites, so am leery. I’d love Japanese or Korean stationery. Do you have any suggestions? I can imagine that getting mail for you would be really comforting 🙂

      1. I’ve never looked online, since I have access to it in person. ^.^ If you really want some and would trust me with your address and stuff, I could take a look sometime for styles you like!

      2. Of course, I wasn’t thinking 🙂 I always tell K to bring back some from Korea but he always “forgets” 😉 I definitely trust you with my address, but I couldn’t ask that of you. You’re so kind to ask 😀

  7. I wholeheartedly agree. Snail mail is not dead. It is still a timeless rendition of connectivity and I for one would love a distant pen pal. I live in Sydney Australia right now but I am currently on holiday in America. Southern Illinois until the 22nd and then off to Houston for two and a half weeks or so. I’ve been loving the snow and the cold weather. Much nice than the Australian heat! If you’re ever interested in having a pen pal again, I definitely put my hand up for that position =]. Thank you for the good read.

    1. How’s Southern IL this time of year? I imagine quite cold! You’re not too far from me then. I’m in Southern IN actually. I can see how it might be some relief from too much heat though. Having a pen pal would be fun! Let me know if you’re interested 😀

      1. It’s lovely down here in that the ice and snow has been such a relief! I love coming here and experiencing the fun and frivolity. I am most certainly interested in pen pal’ing :D. If you have skype, I could talk further with you there? my screen name on there is varg_narseth.

      2. That’s too funny that you like the ice and snow. I guess I’m so used to it that I don’t see the beauty as much anymore. Do you have friends or family in southern IL?
        Absolutely! I added you on Skype, but honestly, I rarely use it. You could send me an email or I you and we can exchange addresses 🙂

  8. No, it’s not a charity, but 100% of advertising royalties go to, an independent charity. 100% of donations go to charity and 50% of retail purchases go to the charity.

      1. I know what you mean because I have a dog just like that, only she hates cameras and runs when she sees one. LOL So, you’ll just have to trust and believe me when I tell you how darn cute she is. My “little jerk dog” LOL has been getting into the trash lately and dragging it all over the kitchen, dining room and living room. The vet put her on some new special dog food for bladder stones because she got bladder stones which was making her pee all over the house because the poor little thing had to go every 5 seconds and I knew that’s what it was because my mom has the same kind of dog, but her’s is a male and when he got bladder stones that’s exactly what he did, too. She first had to eat a different dog food in hopes of getting rid of the bladder stones and prevent surgery, thank God it worked. Now she has to stay on this other dog food forever in order to hopefully prevent the bladder stones from coming back. She’s only allowed 1/3 C twice a day and she thinks she’s starving and just helps herself to the trash. I still love her more than anything, jerk dog or not and she is quite cute if I do say so myself. You should see her in her pretty dresses and shirts. LOL she absolutely loves them and growls if you try to take them off. She also has a coat. Now, she will let me take her coat off because she will get too hot in the house with her coat and dress or shirt on. My sons 20 and 18 always take her dresses and shirts off when they have friends over because they say it’s embarrassing. LOL I hope Chester is being a good boy today.:)

      2. Your little dog sounds precious! I know pets can be incredibly odd and eccentric at times, but I think they only do the things they do out of boredom. Chester is constantly doing something weird, such as dragging plastic grocery bags all over the house or stealing my hair ties and putting them into his food bowl. Your little dog is probably just bored, so she’s getting in the trash. I’m really glad that the food worked for her. Surgery is expensive and stressful 😦 That’s really cute about the coat 🙂 Chester will only wear the scarf I made him without complaint.

      3. Well, last night I had typed a pretty lengthy response and it did that disappearing act on me, just before I hit send. Really hacked me off and then I was done for the night.
        Yes, my Molly is very precious and I love her like a person. She has the cutest personality. I did talk to the vet today and told him that she just thinks she’s starving and if there were any kind of treats that she could have and he said no treats, but I could increase her food to 1/2 C twice a day. Not too much more, but she was getting 1/3 C twice a day. She seemed pretty content when I gave her that 1/2 C this morning. Little piggy!
        I sure hope Chester is behaving himself today and that the 2 of you are having a great day.:)
        I had a much better response last night.:)

      4. I think there was something wrong with the WP server last night because I was having a lot of trouble with it too. Chester is such a con-artist when it comes to getting food. He just sits by his bowl and looks at you with eyes that melt your heart, even if his bowl has some food in it! Cats are funny in that way 🙂

      5. There seems to be a lot of problems with it lately. It surely could not be me. LOL
        I know, these animals of ours that are just so darn cute, you just can’t really even get mad at them no matter what they do. They know how cute they are, so they know how to work it in order to get what they want. I sure hope you and
        Chester had a great day. All 4 of my kids are allergic to cats, so I’ve never been able to have any. We had 2 for a very short time when I was really little and I was afraid of them because my 2 older brothers gently threw them on me and I got all scratched up. I was like 4. I guess that’s what brothers are for, huh?:)

  9. Hi Megan,

    Thanks so much for reading my blog! I’m kind of new at it, so your comment was much appreciated. Chester is a cute little devil! I’m a cat person, too. Kramer is my little guy, and he enjoys chewing on flip flops if I leave them out, so I have many a pair with multiple punctures in them from his teeth. I didn’t know what was happening to them at first, until I caught him in the act one day. Well, I enjoyed your post, and will check back later. I really liked the kitty figurine from your friend in New Zealand, and I will probably “borrow” those 50 questions you posted below – I like those! Take care and God bless, Shea

  10. I have had American friends, we use to send off packages to one another, it was so fun. In the UK we don’t have the kind of sweets (candy) you guys have over there. I loved the laffy-taffy – was good for when I had low-blood-sugar!

  11. I believe snail mail is dead, too, when it comes to letters. It will never die if we speak of parcels, these are things that we can’t get otherwise.
    I’ve not received a bill in the mail for a decade now. I can’t believe some people are still getting their bills in the mail. I receive all of them in emails. I pay my bills through the Internet, so why should a tree be wasted for that? Emails are germ-free too 🙂
    Actually, some companies now charge a fee if you still want a printed copy of your bills. I hope our governments will soon get in the 21st century, neither provincial or federal government will send me anything through email, they don’t even want to know what my address is. They still send everything through snail mail, and 90% of it is absolutely unnecessary. I prepare and send my taxes on the Internet, and they send me a letter a few days letter to tell me they got it. Really? The company I paid for theses taxes actually told me a minute after I sent it. Beside that, all I really get is spam. Lot of useless paper to advertise stuff I won’t buy. That and some letters for former tenants from several years ago.
    I can understand those that still like actual letters for penpals or such. I’ve not had a real penpal since the mid-90s though. I was exchanging letters from people all around the world back then. Some of my last penpals were found through the Internet.
    Post Canada (the postal service administered by government) is considering stopping home delivery of mail. I would agree, really. Maybe our governments would considering moving into the present!

    1. Hello Tom! Sorry for not approving your comment earlier. Bills in the mail are quite unnecessary. I don’t receive anything but student loan papers in the mail anymore. The USPS has closed down quite a few locations, but I can’t imagine that they will get rid of it completely for awhile yet. Anyway, it’s good to hear from you again! 🙂

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