“When did you discover that you were a cat person?”

Yes! I got his tongue :)
Yes! I got his tongue 🙂

I asked all of you to send your questions my way.  I love to answer questions and even more so when they come from you guys.  A regular blogging friend MarthaOStout asked a question yesterday that I thought was really fun and I wanted to share the answer with everyone.  She asked, “When did you discover that you were a cat person?”  

This is actually a really good question.  Those who have read my blog know that I LOVE cats.  I admit to having a bit of an obsession with them.  I love cats and anything cat-related and it gets to the point sometimes that I annoy people in regular conversation because I inevitably steer the discussion to something about cats.  You all probably know my cat Chester:



Some might think that he’s just a normal cat, but he’s my little baby.  He truly has a personality and he’s constantly entertaining K and I.  My friend Jeff used to say that Chester was so eccentric and it’s true 🙂  He gives us a good laugh everyday and he’s such a sweetheart.

Anyway, back to the question.  Chester is the first cat I owned on my own.  I had two other cats prior to him.  When I was younger, we had a cat named Hootie.  I really loved Hootie and his markings.  He was a cute, brown tabby with white feet that made it look like he was wearing socks.  One day he just disappeared and never came back.  Hootie was a good kitty.  I didn’t have my second cat until years later.  My second cat’s name was Oscar.  Actually, Oscar still lives with my sister:



Oscar came from my dad’s farm.  Oscar’s mother gave birth to a litter of kittens and my brother picked him out and brought him home to my mom’s house.  He was our first inside cat.  I loved his coloring, especially when he was a kitten.  He was a pink kitten!  Oscar was the cat that made me realize that I loved cats and was truly a cat person.  He is such a sweet cat and so pretty and soft.  It was with him that I realized just how darn intelligent cats are!  He was far more intelligent than any dog I ever had.  I remember he would stand on his hind legs and try to turn the handle on doors in an attempt to open them.

Before Oscar and after Hootie, we had several dogs and only one of those dogs ever left an impression on me.  Her name was Angel and she passed away last year.  She must’ve been 16 years old.  She was a very loyal, good dog.  Other than Angel, we had a sheltie, a chow, and a Scottish terrier.  I really didn’t like any of those last 3 dogs.  Angel is literally the only exception.

After I went off to college and my sister took Oscar to her home, I was cat-less.  For years I wanted a cat of my own.  K and I always thought that he’d be too allergic and it wouldn’t work.  We decided that we could take allergy pills and give the cat baths.  With that decision, we went to the shelter and found Chester.  He was one of two kittens there at the time.  The other kitten was his brother.  At the time, Chester’s name was Jeff and his brother was Terry.  When I held Chester and played with him in the meeting room, I knew that his name would be Chester and that I wanted him in my life.  That was nearly two years ago.  He has amazed us with his comedic antics and incredibly intelligence ever since.  I’m happy to report that allergies are not a problem 🙂

Well, that was a long story, but that’s how I came to know that I’m a true cat person.  I have nothing against dogs and I do think dogs are cute, but there’s just something about cats that melts my heart.

Thanks for reading!



77 thoughts on ““When did you discover that you were a cat person?”

  1. I have 3 cats currently. Up until January of last year, we had 4. I knew I was a cat person when I was about 6. Hubby said (in the past), “you probably should have married a cat.” I find much comfort in them.

    Here’s a facebook link to a photo I think you will enjoy.

  2. For years I was allergic to cats until a friend, leaving town, gave me his female Siamese,Alice, to adopt.I lived on a ranch at the time, and she was outdoors all day. In the evening,when I came home from work, I would feed her. She ate ONLY fresh liver even though she had been hunting all day eating God knows what. In the evening,she would go to bed with my young daughter. After she fell asleep, Alice would come to me in the living room where I was reading and curl up on my chest until I went to bed. Then, she would crawl under the covers and sleep at the bottom of the bed. I was never allergic to her. From then on, I had cats.

    1. I think Siamese cats are a very beautiful breed as I’m sure your Alice was. It seems like she had quite the personality! That’s what I love about cats. They can be quite eccentric 🙂

  3. I discovered I was a cat person when my then-girlfriend suggested we get a cat and one spoke to me (well, meowed at me). That was when I realized, only he would do, and he and I have been best buds ever since. 🙂

  4. I learned I was a cat person as a young child. I’ve never met a cat I didn’t get along with. A mutual affection, I suppose.

    Once at a friends house, their little dog took offense to my presence. He repeatedly bit my lower leg, tore my trousers, and continued to attack when I sat down on the sofa. “Rolley,” their big orange tabby, and I were friends. He was lounging on the coffee table watching the dog assault me with great interest. When the dog got within his reach, he unleashed a rapid-fire combination of paw-strikes sending the hostile little canine into a panicked retreat (we didn’t see the dog again for the rest of the day). Rolley raised his head with a calm sort of pride and looked at me with an agreeable nod. I raised my glass to him and said, “Thank you Rolley!” Everyone laughed out loud.

    1. That is a great story! Sometimes dogs really annoy me. I had a similar experience to yours when I was in middle school. My friend’s dog peed on my pajama bottoms! I’m positive it did it on purpose. Anyway, the cat was so cuddly to me when it usually hid in the utility room.

  5. I discovered I was a cat person when we rescued my cat Dennis about 16 or so years ago. He has his own quirky personality and now as he is older and slower he mainly likes to cuddle and eat 🙂 But every now and then he goes crazy, zooming around the house and batting at things that I cannot see. But my favorite thing is the way he will push his little head into mine and he always smells so good. I can’t imagine a house without a loved cat in it!

    1. Dennis sounds like a darn cutie 🙂 Your lucky to have had him in your life this long. I hope Chester is with us for many years more. Cats can bring so much love and comfort to a home 🙂

  6. When I was little I had a cat named tom, because my mom said he was a tomcat, in her eyes that meant he would be trouble. Tom was the ruler of the neighborhood and he had an attitude, loved that cat. He lived to be very old. Oscar looks just like my tom did and I can still see oscar doing the Halloween cat, and the Chester started doing that and it’s just the cutest thing to have seen. Cats are more intelligent and people tend to sway one way or the other but I prefer cats.

  7. I guess having a Korean partner you already know about the cat cafes here in Seoul? If not, let me tell you – they are wonderful. Some places are bars with cats that roam around and fall asleep on tables and cushions and such. Others are like full-on cat nurseries with prowlling shelves attached around the walls, catwalks running along near the ceiling, and as many toys and cat-hammocks as any cat could ever want. If you like to have coffee with your friends and pet cats, Seoul’s incredible cat cafes are the place to go!

    1. I do know about the cat cafes, but funny enough, not from him! When he goes back to Korea he just stays inside and never goes anywhere because he doesn’t like being near so many people. That being said, I’ve read about them many times. I would go to Korea just to visit one! 😉

  8. I completely understand being a cat person! I’ve loved cats my whole life and I’m currently a cat mom to 4 amazing kitties 😉 9 year old Squidge (Adopted), 8 year old Morgan (Morgana le Fey), 8 year old Pippin (Peregrin Took) and the baby, my one and only, 2 year old Lestat (Lestat de Lioncourt). After my human children, my cat children are my life and I’m not content to sleep at night without all 4 close by 🙂

    1. One day I hope to have more cats, but probably not for some time. I worry about how Chester will adapt, plus he has feline herpes so he gets sick every time he gets stressed, which stresses me out! It sounds like you have a lot of love in your household 🙂

  9. That orange tabby is pretty and I’ve never found them to be but that one is. I’m an old fashioned tabby. Nothing beats them. The sturdiest cats every. Mine has not had one sick day in her 13 years. Not one. Chester is awesome! And great photos of him.

    1. He is kind of orange, but he’s actually a weird kind of color. He’s almost a tan/white/orange, mostly tan. In some lights he looks to have an ashy rose color. He’s really a pretty cat. I too love tabbies 🙂 I’ve always heard that they have unique personalities, but who knows. I’ve only had tabbies, but they’ve all been incredibly intelligent and clever 🙂

  10. I first became a cat person when I was too young to know, growing up always with cats.
    Our first that I can remember was called Thumper, I believe after a character in a Disney animation. He had similar markings to Chester – who is, by the way, a VERY handsome cat!
    Thumper lived to a good age but disappeared one day, we never found out where.

    1. Thumper of course! The bunny from Bambie 🙂 I love the brown tabby markings because they most resemble the African wild cat, so I feel it makes him look exotic. Chester says thank you! 😉

  11. I think you picked the perfect name for Chester. I was brought up with a family that hated cats. My mother was afraid of them. But after I had a breakdown and started really having some mental problems, my daughter’s boyfriend brought her two kittens. I called one kitty “Page” and he did a miracle in me. Unfortunately they both ended up having feline Leukemia and only lived about a year and a half but right away, we knew we wanted another one. Me and my daughter said a prayer that an angel would send us another cat. One day, a beautiful cat appeared on our door step. She was beautiful. She wasn’t very friendly though but she was pregnant. She had kittens in my closet and one was so big that I had to help her. He ended up being the sweetest most perfect cat in the world. The mommy ended up disappearing after we took the other kittens to a shelter. But we kept the big ol boy that I had helped bring into the world. He lived for 10 years and died of a bowel obstruction. But it was true that an Angel did bring us another cat. Now I still have another fluffy cat that has his own little story. He’s getting close to 10 years old and I worry. Sorry I went on about this but I thought you might think it was sweet as well xx

    1. I always worried about Chester getting seriously ill. He has feline herpes, but it only manifests if he’s super stressed. That’s why I’m kind of worried about moving. He’s only known the current place we live. I’m sorry about your babies that passed away, but happy that you have another kitty in your life today. They can bring so much love and comfort to the home 🙂

  12. I must have been a cat person from birth. I actually like all animals, dogs too, but there is something about cats that really strikes me. I was not allowed to have pets as a child, so I would do research, write books, draw pictures, take photographs, etc. of and about cats.

  13. They just don’t require the effort of dogs and they can be just as affectionate. Also they can read your thoughts and are planning to take over the world. It’s gonna happen people.

      1. Cats are murderous little psychopaths with cute faces. Cute on the outside, but generally depleting natures variety and that just because, humans favour them above all other animals.

      2. Yeah, that is their great evolutional advantage: Cute’n’cuddly 😀 Don’t get me wrong, I love those little bastards.
        Fun fact about cats: There exist island in where cats are not indigenous on which cats are blamed for the extinction of 25% of the mammals and bird races. They hunt like crazy and since we feed them, they do it just for fun.
        Best tip for animal lovers? Keep your cat indoors 🙂

      3. I totally agree with that! For on thing, it’s not safe for the cat. It could totally get hit by a car or eaten by a coyote. Also, they do kill for fun because it’s in their nature.

  14. When I met my husband, I did not know that he was a cat man. I was dog woman. Well cats would come out of the woodwork when he was around. So funny! We (he) made friends with a homeless black cat. He named her Hey You. I admit I was not fond of her..I thought she had fleas. Anyway marrying him has led me to an adventure and lessons that I have learned from cats. They have taught me a lot about myself and over the years I have mellowed and they have touched my heart. I was not sure if you had seen this pic or not.. http://inotherwordsandpictures.com/2014/02/19/life-of-riley/

      1. Hi Megan, yes, same kitty! Our first experience with a Tabby and she is a delightful cat. Now our calico is a bully towards her and not delightful.. ):

  15. I wish I could be a cat or dog person. I love them both but because of my BPD, I’m so afraid of the possibility of hurting them, I can’t have pets anymore and this is admittedly due to both the risk and real experience in being at least verbally abusive to past pets. It’s wrong and I can’t risk the chance but I would so much love to have a kitty or puppy. Sigh.

  16. I’ve had cats for a long time now. Only 2 indoor cats currently and 8 outdoor cats, all fixed. We had more but there are less now due to attrition (which is always very sad). Unfortunately, people always seem to abandon or dump their cats and, lately, I’ve seen some new ones around. They may or may not have homes as they all look well-fed but there are several people who feed cats in our neighborhood so no one goes hungry. I’m just hoping there are no kittens born this spring as we’ve had to go through that before.

    1. My stepmother houses many outdoor cats and takes in kittens during the spring. She has a cat barn actually 🙂 You’re doing a good thing for those babies. I wish I could do more, but Chester is the only kitty I’ll have for awhile.

  17. I’ve always been more of a dog person, but we (hubby and I ) are getting older, my thought…..was to turn to cats, we have had them before, but many years ago. We adopted Max (original name was Mack) he loves me to pieces, but I really wouldn’t mind?…….if he would stop,bringing in “live” rats as gifts for me…..ewwwwwwwwwwww 😉

  18. This keeps getting more and more bizarre – I’m sure you know that *I* have a gray kitty named Chester as well (he’s a Maine Coon). My dog, who passed away just last year, was also named Angel! I can’t get over it!

    1. That is rather uncanny 🙂 It would even weirder if your Angel was a blonde chow mix. I do miss her. She was such a sweet and beautiful dog. BTW, I love Main Coons. They are such beautiful cats!

  19. We had a cat when I was a very young child living on the farm. But I didn’t really learn that I was a cat person until someone gave me a Siamese cat when I was 29 years old. I have had many cats since then and have three right now. I really love all animals but cats and dogs are my favorites. Hugs

  20. Love it. I think Oscar and Chester are fantastic cat names. I imagine having my own Chester someday, but I imagine him as a huge orange tabby. 🙂 For me, cats are a life-long love affair – my second word was “kitty.” I tell time in my life by the cats who were alive at our house at the time. We live in the country on an acreage, so some cats came to us and sometimes we found them. My best friend, Tickles, passed away in October and I feel her absence/presence every day. My little girl, Tortie, does her best to keep me entertained and enjoying life without Tickles though. Thank goodness for felines, right?

    1. There’s something about the name Chester that makes people giggle 🙂 It is a funny name and he was such a funny cat that I knew right then that it would be his name. I’m sorry that you lost your baby, Tickles. Losing a pet is just like losing a member of the family because that’s what they are.

  21. Growing up I always wanted dogs, when my mom and dad split I took the opportunity to have a dog at one house then a cat at the other. Then I got 2 of each. So I had 4 pets… the cats though. I don’t know I just hated them. They weren’t loveable, playful, or fun in any way. When I grew up and got my own apartment I felt lonely not having a pet. I really wanted a dog but I knew cats were easier to care for. So I got a cat, and omg thank god she was nothing like the other two. She’s playful and snuggly and makes cute noises and does silly stupid things. I guess I’m officially a cat person now too.

    1. That was a good idea to have the pets at different homes. I had dogs at both homes until we convinced my mom to get a cat too. I’m glad that you’ve had a good experience with a cat. I think it’s all about who raises them and how they are treated 🙂

  22. My parents got me a cat when I was in grade 2 because my first pet (a goldfish, haha) had died and I was devastated. As silly as it sounds, I have grown up with my cat Maisey. I am about to graduate college and I can’t imagine life without a cat. Earning a cat’s trust is one of the best feelings in the world.
    I love your blog and seeing all your pictures!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 You two must be quite close 🙂 I’ve only had Chester for 2 years and I’m absolutely in love with the little guy. Cats can be wonderful life companions.

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