Chester Goes Outside, New Etsy Items, and A Moment of Gross Panic

DSC_0133Yesterday was so beautiful and warm!  It was one of those days where you just have to spend some time outside, or you’d be stupid not to.  We have all been stuck inside all winter and it’s certainly taking a toll on our physical and mental health.  I decided to get some Vitamin D by taking Chester outside for a “walk.”  I put this in quotation marks because if you have ever tried to take a cat for a walk, you’ll know that it’s less of a walk and more of a stand.  He doesn’t like to go outside and I’m thankful for that.  He’s not one of those cats that tries to bolt every time the door opens.

I put his little leash and harness on and took him outside.  He is not really a leash cat.  He usually flops on his side and straightens his legs.  This time, he was a bit more curious.  He actually walked about a total of 10 feet and up our stairs outside.

DSC_0147I took about 100 pictures of him.


DSC_0144When we finally went back inside, he went straight for his bed 🙂  I guess he was tuckered out from his “adventure.”


I’m trying to look at the beauty of this weekend because it was a weird day for one reason: Won threw up.  My nightmare.  He does this on occasion and it is absolutely terrifying for someone with emetephobia and OCD.  He just said he was going to and went to the bathroom and did.  He drank wine with a muscle relaxer that he’s been taking for a recent lumbar spine sprain/strain.  This time was weird though.  I just turned up the TV show I was watching really loud and while my heart was pounding and I was feeling panicked, I actually did fine.  He only did it once and then took a nap.  He’s such a dummy for not following the huge warning on the prescription label.  Just dumb.

Anyway, this weekend, I’ve also been busy with crochet.  I have been working on a cat cave for Chester.  It’s taking me a lot of time and yarn, but I think he’ll love it 🙂  It should be finished within a few days and I’ll post about it then, of course with Chester inside.

I’ve also added more items to my Etsy store!  I added my homemade deodorant, can cozies, and a laptop sleeve that’s made to fit your own laptop.  I am so proud of myself.  I know that sounds weird and braggy, but I don’t mean it that way.  I’ve never felt I was ever good at any crafts or hobbies, but I’ve honestly really gotten the hang of crochet and have created some beautiful things, only some of which have made it to my store.  If you haven’t checked out my store yet, do so.  Here’s the link: PeonyCrochet.  Remember to use the coupon code PEONY2014 for 15% off your order!

Well, that’s the gist of my weekend.  Thanks for reading 🙂


50 thoughts on “Chester Goes Outside, New Etsy Items, and A Moment of Gross Panic

  1. I have a silly question…I was looking at your esty shop and the handmade deodorant caught my eye. How do you apply it?? Lol. You have some really nice crochet items in your shop! It’s such a fun hobby!

  2. My cat Chris is one of those that tries to bolt out the door. I tried putting him on a leash but he was too smart for me and always managed to wiggle out of the harness. I may have been putting it on wrong but I couldn’t figure out how else to do it. I just gave up on that idea and now he goes out without a leash, usually when he slips past me but sometimes I let him out. He usually stays close. I watch him for five or ten minutes and then bring him in. It starts to get complicated when I have to watch two cats at once. Now I have three cats and I need to be more careful about letting Chris out because the other two get jealous.

      1. I would think about getting another cat if you work all day and your cat is home alone. If you decide to do that, someone at the shelter should be able to help you find just the right cat.

      2. I thought about that and he likes other cats, but he has feline herpes, so every time he gets stressed he gets sick. He could also spread it to other cats. I’m not sure I could handle worry about two sick babies 😦

  3. Chester is so funny on his ‘walk’. Do you take Vit D supplements? We do because, although there is lots of sunshine here, we can’t stay out in it very long as the UV rays are too strong for much of the year. Your Etsy store is looking lovely.

  4. That is so awesome! Ironically enough, my cats are afraid of outside. Take them near the door and they’ll scratch my eyes out. Okay, it’ official … you have a cool cat 🙂

  5. I like how you make this blog about a lot of things and just put a little bit of attention to the panic moment. It shows that even though it is a big deal for you, it didn’t overrule your whole weekend. Remember what you say, even though you did feel panicky, you did fine! You really did fine 🙂

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Let me tell you though, those panicky moments seem pretty big in the moment, but later on it doesn’t seem such a big deal, after I’ve had time to think about what’s happening and forget. I know you struggle with many of my same anxieties and I empathize with you.

      1. Yes I know how it feels! Sometimes I almost think ‘why did I have to make such a big deal about it’, but in the moment I can only think of the horror. It’s such an annoying phobia 🙂

      2. It is so annoying. I find I have to talk myself down a lot and really analyze the situation. Like, what is really the worst that could happen? It’s the anticipation of what will happen that gets me.

  6. You keep on going. And that one time you held your self strong.Super Megan.
    Next challenge having the sound down a little. Pretty sure you do fine.
    As fora cat that loves to go outside, we had one but he always returned. And in the neighbour hood there are people who really do walk their cats.
    keep on smiling and work hard. Thumbs up.

  7. Those are great photos! He’s quite handsome. I hope he was only smelling that plant, though. From the photo, it looks like yew, which is poisonous. (I shouldn’t assume you don’t know that, I know, but I didn’t and I studied horticulture. So there!)

  8. OMG! I crack up whenever I see cats on leashes! This made my day a whole lot brighter! I’d love to try it on my two kittehs, but I think they’d probably look at me like I was trying to kill them. Props girl! Nothing like walking a cat in public. The only thing that could make it better would be adding a martini to the mix!

    1. haha! I’m glad it made you smile 🙂 He usually does this thing where he flops on his side instead of actually walking on the leash, but I was so surprised that he walked this time. They just have to get used to it.

  9. I tried to put a leash and harness on my cat, once…he did the flopping to one side and when he tried to walked, he walked like he forgot what his legs were used for. I never tried it again. It still blows my mind how Chester and my cat are practically twins. But mine is a lot more skinny than last year. His eating is sporadic and he has the kidney disease but I have him on the prescription diet but sometimes he still refuses to eat. 😦

  10. I’ve only ever had two cats in the history of my whole family that would suffer a leash. One of them was only for a year and a half and lived with my second eldest sister in an apartment before refusing to wear a leash thereafter and the other is my eldest sister’s current cat, also an apartment cat. He hates to be left behind when her family goes out and so sometimes demands the leash so that he can come too.

  11. It’s crazy how awkward cats look on leashes. Dogs seem to be right at home on them! Though I don’t think that’s 100% natural. Our puppy didn’t understand his leash until he saw another dog walking on one.

    1. Chester does ok with a leash, but he is certainly awkward 🙂 Sometimes he’ll look fine, then he gets this glazed look in his eye, shortly thereafter he’ll flop on the ground and stiffen his legs. It’s the weirdest thing 🙂

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