The Stupidest Radio Ad Ever

Lok at this cutie :)
Lok at this cutie 🙂

I absolutely despise the radio personalities that work for my local radio station.  There’s this one guy who works in the morning who is especially annoying.  Because of our location, it’s one of the only radio stations I can pick up.  As you might already know, I don’t really listen to music because I like it.  I only listen to this radio station in the car in the mornings on my way to work to keep myself awake by filling the air with noise.

Anyway, back to my point.  This particular radio personality is extremely annoying.  He tries to make jokes, but they’re so terribly unfunny that I swear I can hear crickets chirping in the silence.  This same guy made an ad promoting the radio station that I heard just yesterday and was so annoyed that I wanted to punch him.  It said something along the lines of, “Listen to our morning show with so and so and you’ll feel so good you’ll throw away your antidepressants.”  Great ad….NOT.  As if someone with depression can just “be happy” at will.  As if someone with a mental illness, like depression, is simply “unhappy.”  Let me assure you, if that were true, it certainly would not happen just by listening to this idiot’s radio show.

He doesn’t pipe in all the time, which is why I stick with this station.  Huh, anyway, I just had to vent!

Also, I just wanted to repost this info in case you missed it:

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Well, thank you for reading and for visiting my store 🙂



44 thoughts on “The Stupidest Radio Ad Ever

  1. That’s a HORRIBLE commercial. You should send an email to the radio station’s manager or advertising director telling them as much. If no one says anything to them, they’ll continue to run the ad and perpetrate their stupidity to their audience!

  2. It’s unreal how many stupid comments are made in regard to depression and mental illness, be it on the radio, TV, or directly from people. I’m astounded at the stupidity people come up with one a daily basis. UHH!

    1. It is unreal. Most of the time, it’s said in such a natural context, which makes the person, in my mind, look even more ignorant. This is definitely an example of how people often don’t think before they speak.

      1. It IS ignorance. People say it so flippantly, as if it’s some kind of new catch-phrase for the masses. “The weather is bipolar”. No, it’s not, you moron. Things like that really bother me. I don’t think people realize exactly how many people in this world struggle with one form of mental illness or another. I don’t take it lightly and I believe in speaking up and speaking out about it.

  3. There are some terrible people on radio at times! You make a very good point about his promo though, in fact I would lodge a complaint about it as it belittles a serious medical condition and is obviously quite upsetting to some people? Well, that’s just what I would do anyway. Hope you feel calmer after your rant. And thanks for reminding about your etsy store, I have a present plan in mind!

    1. I’m seriously going to send a letter to the radio station about this. It’s really inappropriate and insensitive to people suffering from mental illness. I do feel calmer, thanks so much. Also, if you see something you like in my store, but not the right color, I can make anything of any color really. I also do custom orders, so if you don’t see something you like listed, then let me know 🙂

  4. I so agree with you! The radio “personalities” are either so full of themselves or not politically correct!Love your blog and thanks for following

    The War

  5. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your posts, Megan! I know this is a serious post about a serious issue, but you have still made me laugh out loud just thinking about how cross idiotic radio and TV “personalities” can make me, too. I go into a hopping rage whenever I hear one guy who presents an afternoon talkshow in the UK. He doesn’t even have to say anything annoying any more, the sound of his voice makes me shout at the radio!

    1. I always try to keep things lighthearted because that’s how I live my life 🙂 I literally write as I speak, so you can probably hear my voice in my writing. I’m so glad you enjoy my posts. It is a joy for me to be able to share my life stories, but it’s so humbling to know that anyone even reads 🙂

  6. Ha I’m wondering if I tuned into him or his twin, on my long drive recently, really quite unpleasant to his audience – an attempt to be dry but came over the air as pure derision! This guy was moaning about middle lane drivers and other minor gripes – I had to change channels, am quite incensed that his trivial niggles ever reached my hippocampus! Off to have a look at your crafts now…:-)

  7. I hate it when people trivialize mental illness. It isn’t cute. It isn’t funny. Just stop it. I would be annoyed too. Actually, I stopped listening to radio stations with DJs because I was sick of being shocked and offended everyday. Now I use Slacker radio and program my own listening preferences which is perfect when I just want instrumental or something mellow. 🙂

    1. I hate it too and it’s certainly hurtful. It’s amazing how much the term “crazy” or “idiot” gets thrown around so easily in common language. I should use slacker more.

  8. If you are really annoyed and need to do more about it, here are a few things you can do:
    1. Write a formal letter of complaint to the station — by law, they have to save these things so that the FCC can review them. In severe cases, the FCC can revoke a license or punish them with a fine.
    2. Don’t write and tell them that you won’t listen to the station anymore. They don’t care very much about losing a listener unless it will cost them money, so it would be better if you wrote and said you were boycotting all the sponsors of the show.
    3. Write to the sponsors and complain about them sponsoring a show. Tell them that you will stop buying their products. This will get you noticed. This is more likely to get attention than anything else.
    4. Spread the word — keep blogging about it.

    I hope this helps.

  9. I recommend a sharply worded letter to the station, a threat to quit listening and boycott their advertisers, and a switch to audiobooks (available at your public library. We shouldn’t have to put up with this thoughtless nonsense.

  10. For all of the people who say that our society is too politically correct, it still seems to be acceptable to casually joke about mental illness. And then when people snap and do something violent everyone scratches their heads about why that individual didn’t seek help. Why would they? We’ve made mental health issues the butt of our jokes!

  11. Very ignorant. Imagine if they said, ‘listen to our morning show and you’ll feel so good you won’t need your insulin.’ There is such a ridiculous (now I’m getting upset) notion that depression is a choice. That someone can just wake up one morning and be happy. Believe me you, if I had a choice in the matter I sure wouldn’t pick depression.

  12. It’s great to see your creative projects. They are really lovely! I love natural and organic skincare products too. It’s really nice to treat our bodies with products that we know are good and supportive for our health.

    1. Certainly 🙂 I am always looking for ways to go natural and organic where I can. I’m also a huge fan of essential oils and have been using them for a few years now. Have you checked out the deodorant I make and sell for my store? I actually sold my first jar of it today. Hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I do 🙂

  13. Warm kissable kitty! A weird thing coming from a Mousie, eh? Lmao! I’d love to call the station and tell your DJ that I would be ready to throw away my anti-depressants for sure, right after I finished shoving that microphone up his a@@!

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