A Serious Conversation With My Cat

Turkey Chester
Turkey Chester

I got home today and sat down with Chester to talk about the day.  Of course he never responds, but sometimes I make a high pitched voice and pretend that he does.  Here’s sort of how our conversation went today:

(Me picking up Chester for our right-after-work cuddle)

Me: So, how was your day boo boo?

Chester: Well, I inhaled, I mean ate my food, and then drank a little from the bathtub faucet, which I know you don’t like mommy, but I did it anyway. Then I went potty and kicked litter everywhere in the process.  After that I sat on my perch like a frozen turkey for about 3 hours.  Then I slept all afternoon, so I guess you can say it was pretty busy.  You?

Me: I was working all day to support your lazy butt.

Chester: Cuddle session over. Let me down now. (Proceeds to bunny kick).

As brief as our little cuddle sessions are, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  Sometimes we nap:



I need my kitty cuddles at the end of the day, especially a day when you realize who your true friends are.

For the past year or so, I’ve been trying to get my high school “friends” to go to a local winery here where I live.  They always had some excuse not to.  Well, I looked at eff-book today, a seemingly necessary evil, and saw that they went together, by themselves and with their boyfriends without telling me. They posted pictures with a caption that said something like “it’s good to have some best friend time.”  I might not have cared so much if they lived close by and it was just something they did on a whim.  No, they actually live 2 hours away in my hometown and drove all the way up here for this couples’  weekend that they had planned for weeks.  Needless to say, I was hurt.  When I confronted said friend about this, she got very defensive.  This isn’t the first time these friends have cancelled on me.  Maybe it’s about the 50th….

Anyway, I give up trying to be friends with women.  Not all women, mind you, just the ones that I know I really don’t have anything in common with.  My coworkers are awesome and they don’t count.  My mother and sister and a few friends who really get me don’t count either.  I just know when I meet someone whether or not we’re compatible.  I know many of you could be good friends with me, face-to-face I mean.  It’s like I’ve been friends with these people since elementary school, so I think that we’re still friends, but in reality, we no longer have all that much in common.  As I’ve become an adult, I know my place in the world a little bit better.  I know my interests and hobbies and my personality a little bit better too.  I went to a very liberal college and most of my personal views reflect that.  My high school friends are not this way.  I’ve tried to keep this friendship alive for years now and so have they, but let’s just be honest, we’re really too different.

Honestly, I make friends with guys easier.

Anyway, so that’s what made today kind of weird.  On another note, I’m going to see my mommy this weekend with K.  We’re both excited to go 🙂  It’s been a long winter and we’ve hardly left the house! I am so looking forward to Spring.

Thanks for reading,


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53 thoughts on “A Serious Conversation With My Cat

  1. This is cute. I wish I could write so effortlessly as you do. I thank you for reading my post today…I posted before finishing it so it was a unhinged in places….but thanks for checking it out. (I miss my cat.)

    1. I write exactly what comes to mind. Usually my days are pretty boring, so I write about the one highlight 😉 I empathize with you! I can’t imagine a life without my cat 😦

      1. Addycat sits in the ‘loaf position all the time, unless she’s sleeping. Then she either sprawls out on her back with her little paws up in the air or she curls up in a tight little ball, covering her face with her tail =^..^=

      2. Sometimes Chester will fall asleep in that ball, but the deeper in sleep he gets the more sprawled out he gets. Sometimes he even snores. Very precious.

  2. Oh Megan, don’t give up on women as true friends, I felt that way myself for so long. I guess it gets easier as you get older, jealousies and yeah jealousies LOL are the main problem. I for one think you are totally awesome and I love reading what you have to say about your life. It affects me and makes me feel better that there are people like you out there. Anyone who has snubbed you is a fool, pity for them and what they have missed out on. You go girl!!! xo

    1. That is too kind of you Patti. You’re such an encouragement to me. I know I have a true female friend in you, so I haven’t totally given up! 🙂 I’m happy to have met you.

  3. Here is an actual conversation I had with Louise.
    Me: Louise, honey, I’m glad you love your mama, but please don’t sit/stand/lie on my throat.
    Louise: Meow (translation: But I’m the Queen of Everything.)

    Me: Honeycat, it’s lovely floof, but please don’t eat it. It looks much better outside you than inside.
    Louise: Meow (translation: But I’m Her Royal Floofiness.)

    Me: Louise, darling, you have cat food breath.
    Louise: Meow (translation: Yeah, well, you have human food breath. What’s your point?)

  4. I have had a lot of friend-experiences like that, too. I don’t make girlfriends well, either. It’s really a bummer because I think it’s pretty important to have friends who understand things that guys don’t. Keep putting yourself out there though – I’ve managed to find a few that are worth keeping and I bet you can too!

    I’d definitely be friends with you – even if you do talk to your cat 🙂

    1. Very true. There are things men can never understand about women. I’ve had some good girl friends, but we’ve lost touch. Hopefully as an adult I can start to drift toward people who I actually connect with. I think we’d certainly be good friends 🙂

  5. I am enjoying your conversation with Chester, the very busy cat. As for the ‘friends’….I try to be forgiving of such things, but, sometimes, one has to wonder at people’s thoughtlessness or general weirdness.

  6. mr. chester had better give you a little more appreciation than that. my son’s cat, ninja, usually has a morning chat with me. no, really, he talks… well, he meows, but he knows when to speak and we actually do verbally speak with each other. one of the most endearing times i have had with a cat… our other 2, pickle and nuisance, can’t be bothered… and mittens, the girl i had for 15 years, well, she had nothing to add either.
    regarding the “friends”… go on with life. make new friends when the time is right. don’t let them get you down. girls can be downright nasty, even when they’re older.

    1. Chester does that in the mornings as well! He’s very vocal. I get in the shower and as soon as I get out he’s sitting right there meowing. He doesn’t meow any other time but this and when I say, “Why? What’s up?” Then he meows again. It’s so great to have that kind of relationship with an animal 🙂

  7. For what it’s worth, I had a very similar experience with an old friend from high school.. and make friends more easily with guys too. It’s why I value the handful of women that I *am* close friends with so highly – they’re better than gold 😉

  8. There’s a lot of emotions in this but there’s also a lot of growth.
    As painful as it can be we do outgrow friends. I have a difficult time
    making them. I’ve stopped trying. I am beginning to enjoy my alone
    time and am beginning to be my own best friend. I know that it isn’t
    healthy and will ahve to venture into the friend world for healthy reasons
    but sometimes we need to tkae a moment and cuddle – I with my Sateen
    who looks a lot like Chester.
    Blessings … xo

    1. I too enjoy being alone and doing things that I love to do by myself, such as writing, reading, or watching a good movie. I’ve always been this way. I guess I just need to find the right type of friends 🙂

  9. My goodness, no wonder you don’t have many female friends. These people sound like total a-holes! Sounds like you outgrew them a long time ago and they are all too aware of it. Good female friends are not like this, you’ve just got to find females worth your time! 🙂 And Chester sounds all too sweet. It’s nice to have gorgeous little furballs filled with love in our lives, isn’t it?

    1. Very good way of putting it, I grew out of them. It’s like we hold onto friends just because they’ve been there forever, but people definitely change as they mature. Oh yeah, Chester says thank you!

  10. I completely get you on the ‘friends’ thing. Years ago I had the great opportunity to buy my own home at 19. My parents were moving hundreds of miles away and had agreed to help me find somewhere to live. We knew it made more financial sense for me to own rather than rent so after searching for a while I found a great house but in a town where the only person I knew was my boyfriend and his family. Needless to say he turned out to be a total dbag and I soon ended up feeling pretty lonely and miserable. I didn’t live that far away from my hometown but I didn’t drive and buses back there were few and far between. I had hoped that my friends would enjoy being able to hang out in my place, no parents, no problems etc. But often they would go out to the cinema or clubbing without asking if I wanted to come and I felt pretty miserable.
    I also have a very good friend who usually turns me down when I suggest things to do, it’s tough because it makes you wonder why they dont want to spend time with you, but sometimes maybe it’s for the best.
    I was never much good with being friends with other women, always had more friends that were boys through school, I couldn’t put up with all the bitchiness of the girls, the constant falling in and out of little clicques. These days I have two good girl friends. I don’t see them often, but when I do I enjoy being with them. It’s because we aren’t competing against each other, we’re on the same level and its relaxed.
    If people want to be dbags to you, cut them off. If they really like you, they will make the effort. It’s not a reflection on you (unless of course you are a dbag too which I sincerely doubt) it is a reflection on them. Yeah, sure as women when we meet men we tend to lose touch with our friends a bit, but even so….
    And Chester is super cute!

  11. He he you made me smile Megan with your talk. Thank you.
    you have a wonderful weekend. and please keep on smiling even when the iggy comes along. You can do this. You are Super Megan with her side kick-me-not Chester

  12. I think that’s the downside of so much social networking lately. People act all surprised and/or defensive when you call them out on something that they did, but didn’t want you to know about.

    I do much the same with my cat, except I stopped voicing her back at me because it annoyed her and I like having toes unscratched at night. *grins*

  13. As we age, our priorities in life change, our relationships change, our beliefs change and our friends change. We begin to see others in a different light and realize that we no longer have anything in common to keep the bond. Here is a quote I love and live by: “You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around”. We are looking forward to tomorrow, fun times.

  14. We may not converse using words as humans do but believe me we are very capable of conversing with them. I can tell from this post that you get it and that you and Chester have great conversations just like I do with my folks. Sadly humans don’t really have to engage with one another to “converse”. On the other paw, conversing with felines requires truly engaging one with the other. I know I’ve said this before but bears repeating, Chester sure is handsome! Sizi

  15. That is a very pretty cat 😀
    I can relate to what you said about being hurt by the way your friends treated you- it’s a crappy feeling that I know fairly well at this stage. But feck it- if they don’t want to make the time for you- they’re not worth it. Friends like that are like “autumn leaves, found everywhere. But real friends are like diamonds- previous and rare”. And the good people *are* out there 🙂

    1. thank you so much 🙂 He is a really pretty cat, but I’m bias. You’re right, those people aren’t worth my time. I’ve started to hang out with other people, friends from Portland, and we meld so much better. 🙂

      1. I know it’s a late reply, but I haven’t logged in in ages! Ah that’s great to hear- Good for you 🙂 It makes such a difference having a solid group of friends 🙂

  16. I got two cats after my divorce, figured it would be a wonderful way to have some companionship when coming home to an empty house. My cats hate me. Both of them. You give me hope that someday they won’t. Oh, and if Chester ever DOES talk back, please send me the list of meds you are on because I’d like to give them a go. Have fun this weekend 🙂

  17. It sucks when you find out that your friends are not really friends.

    That’s alright though, because it leaves time for spending time with people that actually care about you.

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