A Bit of OCD Relief

Tulips by the Sample Gates
Tulips by the Sample Gates, taken last spring

I can’t believe spring is finally here.  After the winter we’ve had here in Indiana, I’m all too happy to see a bit of pollen covering the black paint of my car. I know in a few weeks I’ll hate it because pollen here gets so thick that you can see a layer of yellow dust on everything (probably while we all sound nasally here).  For now, I appreciate it.  

I’m getting that itch to spend a lot of time outside and this time of year is perfect for that.  I’ve done nothing but sit inside all winter long, beneath the ugly glow of white fluorescent lights without access to a single window.  For the last couple of days, I’ve felt terribly nauseated toward the end of the workday. I suppose the lights are getting to me.  It’s happening now and I actually put lavender oil on a tissue and taped it to my face, so I can still type.  If anything, my coworkers will have a good laugh and my headache/nausea will go away.  

Spring, for me anyway, provides the long-awaited relief from OCD.  I worry a lot less about catching a virus during the warmer months of the year when illness rates are a lot lower.  I find myself washing my hands less often after using the restroom.  I’m not going to lie, it’s down to like 3 times versus 5 at my roughest patch.  I seriously count down the days on my calendar until spring arrives.  See:


The dark, gloomy, bone-cold winter days in Indiana really bring the psyche and body to an all time low.  I think a lot of us here have vitamin D deficiency right now.  

Today is absolutely beautiful and just what I need.  I need to go outside this evening and just enjoy the air and the warmth, perhaps take Chester on a walk, but he seems to be getting a bit braver about going outside.  I don’t much like that.  Anyway, I am very content right now and just had to share that.  Yay for spring!  

After this awful winter, how do you all feel?  I’d love to know!




22 thoughts on “A Bit of OCD Relief

  1. I’m with you!! Yay spring! Today I actually saw buds on the trees! Wow!! I’m in the northern third of Indiana, and this winter has been brutal–in more ways than one. FYI..the more Chester goes outside the more he will want to and, if he is like my cat, one day he will run over you to get out and gone. Don’t want to give you more to worry about, just speaking from experience. 🙂 enjoy the warm day while you can. I hear cold is returning next week. Blah!

      1. I was hoping that you didn’t get offended at my warning. I just know how my Orville is. And, he’s really, really fast and sneaky when he thinks he can get out (which he usually does). Then I am sick with worry over him until he comes in. I hope I didn’t offend you.

  2. I think this is why the water park is my favorite spot. I feel refreshed, younger, more energetic… Can’t wait. This somehow feels like the longest winter of my life. (real winter and soulish winter!)

  3. Enjoy your day out in the sun. Keep smiling.
    The best is yet to come

    And did not mind the winter I am even bummed I did not get any snow.
    Smiling as the everything springs back to life

  4. Hi,

    I just found your blog whilst having a mooch around. I am also a fellow sufferer of OCD, I’m not sure if I have noticed any alleviation during spring but this behaviour has only gradually been coming on over the past few years and hit it’s peek over last christmas so perhaps I will notice a difference 🙂 I look forward to reading more about your experiences with OCD.


    1. It’s so good to meet you Kirsty! I can totally relate to what you said. My OCD habits tend to peak during the winter months and certainly wane during the warm months. I appreciate the occasional reprieve from them because it can be quite exhausting, which I’m sure you know. Again, glad to meet you and hope to hear more from you!

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