A Collection of Me



Here is my cat collection in all its whiskery glory.  It’s not huge, but I’ve just started out and I think it’s quite big enough for my small apartment 😀  I wanted to dust the shelves so I took them all down, the big one came later, and took a picture of them altogether.  I just love them all and each piece is unique.

This is probably my favorite piece though:


I promised myself I wouldn’t add a picture of Chester in this post, but he was meowing by the window because he wanted me to open the blinds. I had my camera in hand, so voila 😉

I also have a teapot collection that I haven’t shown in awhile.



The cat teapots serve a dual purpose 😉  Here are my favorite pieces in this collection:



This is an antique teapot, cup, and saucer that I got from my grandma last year.  I love these because they are bone china, so they’re very thin and delicate.



I got this one from my grandmother also. It’s not antique, but it’s a VERY nice teapot.  I love the colors.

I was just thinking today about how funny collections are.  What makes us want to collect random objects and why did I choose to collect the things that I do?  I know the answer: I just do.  I love cat figurines and teapots and the occasional cat teapot.  They are just fun to look for and have around. I love the thrill of the hunt, which is why I go to antique stores quite often.  To me, everything has a story and means something to me.  Plus, they just make my house so much cuter and that much more unique.

Another answer is, I love to surround myself by pretty and cute things.  It has taken some time for me to get my living space looking the way I want it to.  It’s not cheap to furnish a place, to furnish it well, and to make it pretty.  Slowly over time, I’ve gathered things that I love and made my house a home.

My collections are an expression of myself.  I express my love of cats and china through the things I collect.  I’ve always been a bit “different.” I think having OCD has contributed to this a bit, but I’ve always had interests that none of my friends growing up did.  I knew that I always wanted to travel the world and visit different countries and meet people from various places.  Coming from a rural community, this was actually kind of different.  I watched the History channel like it was going out of style when I was in middle school and high school.  I loved Pokemon as a kid, but never let my “friends” know about it.  My brother and I played Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and TONS of Playstation when we were growing up.  Again, I never let my friends know about this.  I always felt that I was hiding who I am and was never the kid I wanted to be.  I put on a facade most of my life.  Now that I’m out on my own and in a stable relationship, keeping up appearances, so to speak, isn’t my priority at all anymore.  I mean, I go to work almost as if I just got out of bed (my workplace is very casual, thank goodness).  I put my hair in a ponytail and go.  If you think this is ok and maybe cute, you are wrong. My ponytail is never straight and I usually have frizzy tendrils sticking every which way.  Not cute.  Very not cute and honestly, kind of ugly.

At this point in my life, I just could care less about what other people think.  Of course, I try to look nice when K and I go out and on the weekends 😉  I CAN look “pretty” or “cute” if I want to.  That’s subjective though.  When I was in high school I’ll never forget when a jerk called me ugly and my “friend” just laughed and said, “that’s mean.” I went home and cried until I couldn’t see or breathe.  It’s also taken me forever to get over my low self-esteem. I think being on anti-depressants has helped with that somewhat.

I want everyone to read this and know that I was a VERY shy child with major self-esteem issues. I can’t remember how many times I’d come home from a stupid school dance and cry my eyes out because the boy I liked didn’t want to dance with me. I wasn’t “cool” or “pretty” enough.  I didn’t get over my shyness and low self-esteem until I was in my twenties.  I mean, just today I stopped at the post office and an idiot in a BMW stopped right in the middle of the drive way and so I had to go up on the curb slightly to get around him.  When we crossed paths outside, I yelled “Oh, yeah, great place to park! Dick!”  No one messes with Megan anymore.

Holy crap this post is getting long. I’m fueled by chocolate and a diet Coke (my kryptonite).  Calm down Megan.

The message of this rather long post is, love yourself, be yourself, and don’t give a crap what other people think about you, which I know is easier said than done.  Give it a go and see how it works out for you.



What sorts of things do you collect?


27 thoughts on “A Collection of Me

  1. Megan I think your collections are adorable. I collect miniature perfume bottles, there is just something about anything miniature that I am drawn to and think is cute. Being a girly girl I was drawn to the sweet little perfume bottles. I should take a pic sometime of them but it is quite out of control, I have a whole cabinet of them!! You are so right about not caring what people think. I believe we all start out in school caring way too much and it wreaks havoc with our self esteem. No one is immune, although some people do seem to let it roll off their backs more than others…unfortunately I was not one of those people. I forever remember my mother telling me I was too sensitive and still have that mentioned now and then about me but that is now ok with me as I wouldn’t want to be insensitive. I am really beginning to like who I am even though it has taken a long time. One good thing I can tell you, which you are already finding out for yourself, is that the older you get, the less you care what others think or judge you for. Having said that, I have to tell you what I think of you: you’re amazing!!! 🙂 xo

    1. Miniature perfume bottles sound really cute 🙂 I’m not sure I’ve seen them before, but they sound lovely. My grandma used to collect those old Avon perfume bottles. I remember how bad that perfume smelled because they were so old, but they were neat to see. Thank you so much for all your kindness and continued support. You’re amazing too Patti 🙂

  2. Chester is so incredibly adorable, and photogenic as always.
    And your collections are so cute! 😀
    Because I knew you’d appreciate it, I felt the compelled to look up how to say that’s really cute in Korean. 😉 “정말 귀여운” Jungmal Guiyah(m)un (It seems apparently the m sound may be dropped or barely said in this word?)

    Teapots are also a thing I enjoy having a collection of, though I like somewhat more modern ones more than antiques, most of the ones I have are mini-teapots. :3

    I agree that is a very important message. It can be very hard to do, but building self-esteem is very important for long term mental wellness. People could start with self acceptance too if they’re too far down the spiral to come anywhere near loving themselves, but starting is important. 🙂
    (It’s what I did. I found that just accepting myself made me much healthier and even when I wasn’t able to build my self-esteem up, I could at least stop myself from relentlessly tearing it down.)

    1. Thank you 🙂 He is really photogenic and I swear at times that he poses for pictures. Good job with the Korean! There is actually no “m” in the second word, so yes it’s dropped off. At my house, we just always say giyawah, which means the same thing, but is a more colloquial way of saying it. Mini teapots are also cute 🙂 I found one at an antique mall, but I was convinced out of getting it.

      1. He might well. Some cats are pretty darned smart, perhaps he’s learned that you want him to stay still for a photo? XD

        Oh cool, I didn’t know that. 😀
        Is it written differently in Hangul? Or would you just say it differently but keep the characters the same as “귀여운” if you were to write it?

        Aww, well that’s okay, having a small teapot collection is better for space. But there will likely be others if you still find you want a miniteapot. hehehe :3

  3. I collect coffee cups. What started out as a simple purchase of a unique cup while on a trip, has now become something that has overtaken our house! I’ve had to put some in boxes and away simply because I get tired of always washing them due to the dust they seem to attract like a magnet!
    Love the teapots! So dainty!!

  4. School kids can be evil, he is probably a fat hog living at home with mom. You definitely have the right attitude, never let them step on you. Smaller people gave it hard but people forget dynamite comes in small packages. I didn’t get to be this strong by accident, I was picked on a lot in school until one day I had enough and punched an upper classman right in the face with all her friends watching, that was a turning point in my life, I was a freshmen, they were juniors….I was never bothered after that. I vowed to never be a victim, but be me.

  5. I have a small collection of cat statues as well. Not due to any conscious decision, but because I collect things that I find pretty or interesting, and cats are most definitely both of those. I think I have the cousin to that little wooden cat peering over the front of your table. I found him at a stall in the market in Cambridge about ten years ago.

  6. I love your teapots as well, bone china and regular. I’m also glad that you’re not letting people put you down. You deserve to be happy no matter what anyone else says.

  7. I love your teapot collection! I personally collect houseplants, in that I am constantly buying new ones to replace the ones I kill. 😀 Actually, I collect violets and orchids. Most are doing well.

  8. Chester is a beautiful cat, and I loved looking at the photos of your collections. I also like to collect certain things but, due to growing clutter, I’ve had to cut back. Like you, I feel they are an expression of who I am and it’s certainly a fun way to express oneself. Oh, and I had to laugh about the chocolate and diet Coke comment because I too like that combination. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this post. Take care!

  9. Your collections are cool! 😀 My own collection includes a hodgepodge of miniature toys. I also have a weird affinity for random round stuff (yo-yo’s, stress balls).

  10. When I saw the first photograph of your kitty collection, I laughed out loud. Last week I bought the big, longhaired white cat in your photo! Mine has blue eyes, and while my four real cats don’t give it the time of day in its place of honour by the fireplace, my Maltese dog was totally freaked out for days, so much so that we had to hide the new figurine cat a few times. Too funny that you and I have the same porcelain kitties!

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