A Sudden Burst of Motivation


Here he is from another angle: DSC_0631

Yes, this is Chester being his normal, bad self, chewing on the elastic band that I use for exercising.  He always has to test things out by biting them first, which can get rather annoying and destructive, but let’s be honest, I could never really be mad at him 😉  I mean, I took a picture of him biting it rather than shooing him away…

It has been a very busy past week for me.  This weekend, I had the chance to visit with my sister, my nephew, and my niece.  We live 4 hours apart and decided to meet half way for lunch and then a visit to the children’s museum.  Spending time with those two precious babies makes me realize how precious some kids can be, not all, but some.  I love my niece and nephew so much, something I’ve never said about kids ever before in my life 😉

For the past week, I’ve been working out at home.  I absolutely hate going to the gym for many reasons, a few of them being germs, dirt, smells, other people, and other people looking at me.  I’d much rather work out at home.  I remembered I had the original Power90 DVD that I “borrowed” from my mom forever ago. I don’t think she misses it.  I started off working out with that and then when I decided that the workout clothes and music from the beginning of the millennium were getting to be too much, K got the new P90X3 for me to try.  We’ve actually been doing it together. It is by far the hardest workout I’ve ever done, but not knowing what to expect from day to day kind of keeps it exciting.  I actually like working out and am noticing a difference in my physique, psyche, and overall health.  I knew exercise could do that, but I guess I was just doing it in a way that made me feel bad.  Now I quite enjoy it.  I also bought a pedometer to wear all day at work to measure and increase how much I move about.  Pretty fun 🙂

I have also made the decision, and this is a big one, to go back to school.  I have been stuck in a rut (hate the phrase, but it works) for the past few years, ever since I graduated from my undergrad program.  I didn’t get into the graduate program that I wanted and I felt like a total loser.  I have never failed at anything academically before and that one really hurt.  I gave up for the better part of two years and now that I’m going on a third, I’ve decided I better make some changes while I’m still young.  I want to pursue my Ph.D. and I’ve found a program that works great for me.  I’ve already been in contact with the department and people who I would like to write recommendation letters for me.  I just ordered the GRE study guide and will take that again in the summer.

I have no idea where this sudden motivation has come from.  I’ve had such a long period of no motivation that this is weird and new for me.  I think working out regularly, eating healthier, and the warmer weather are making me a happier person all around.  I feel good for once!

Anyway, that’s all I have to share for now. Thanks so much for reading.



44 thoughts on “A Sudden Burst of Motivation

  1. I just started my graduate program this year, and I know you won’t regret it! It’s hard, of course, but nothing beats the feeling of accomplishing something that takes so much time and effort. Good luck on the GRE….. Not the most fun test ever. I just about cried when I found out there was a standardized test to get into grad school

  2. I love all your motivation! I’m thinking Chester gets some credit 🙂 I’m like you–first I reprimand my dogs for chewing on my dumbbells, then I roll the bells across the floor so they can have even MORE fun, lol! True love, us n’ our pets 🙂

  3. It’s wonderful you feel the motivation. Go for that PhD! 🙂

    There are no gyms because I live in a very rural area. I’ve always worked out from home when I did. Now I’m working out for physical therapy reasons, but it’s nice to see my stomach tightening.

    I know a coach who does P90X. He’s even on one of their infomercials. It really works. Best of luck to you! 🙂

  4. Man I was just looking for that DVD….gigantic not. I always thought you would go back to school you just needed to recover from a stressful 4 years, wish you tons of luck and I know you will do great. Pace yourself so you can keep up with stress and balance your life. Proud of my beautiful girl.

  5. That was a great share Megan.
    And I am sure it will motivate others as well.
    I say thumbs up. hold your chin up and keep smiling.
    If this is what you want than get it. Only you could stand in your way. You got this. I am sure.
    After all you are Super Megan.:D

  6. Awww, your Chester looks exactly like my Bailey who is just as naughty but she is my little princess and therefore gets away with anything. She also calms me down when I’m having panic attacks which is the best therapy you could ask for. It looks like Chester is good for that too.
    Have Chester chew on your pen while you go through your GRE study guide, and remember you are never a failure, the pure and simple fact that you care and continue to try means that you are going to succeed. The only time you fail is when you completely give up. You words inspired me to start working out again, I’m already in school and have to take the GRE soon myself, but I always push off the gym.

  7. I have been busy, but thinking about you, your husband and Chester! While I go to the library, I tend to post something by typing what I wrote at home the night before, then I read the comments and try so hard to get to all the likes on my posts! You are a true and faithful friend, Megan! Thank you very much! I enjoyed my visits today and will try harder not to fall behind! Smiles, Robin (I liked the cheery pics of Chester and the Spring blossoms on the other post, too!)

    1. So good to hear from you again! I like to write out my posts too before typing them to get away from the screen every now and again. Everyone has a different pace and a busy life, no worries about falling behind 🙂

  8. It’s amusing to me how many bloggers have cats. I mean, what’s wrong with you guys?!


    …okay, I have a cat too.

    I have a theory. More of a “modified saying,” actually. And I don’t really “have it,” because I’m just thinking of it now.

    “99% of bloggers have cats, and the other 1% are goddamn liars with cats.”

    Hmmm. Needs work.

    So yeah, I’ve got a cat – his name is Steve.

    I would never presume to go to someone else’s blog and post a link to my own. I think that would be rude. But if someone WERE to visit my page and “Search” for “Steve,” they would find an amusing story about the time I had him neutered, and then kept his testicles in a jar. They’re actually beside me right now, floating in alcohol. Poor little guy.

    Or maybe you’d care to hear about the time he drew me? Yep. “Steve the Cat Can Draw!” I called that one.

    Whoa, I’m REALLY glad I visited! I just reminded myself of just how AWESOME I am! 🙂

    Naw, but seriously, I’ve read a good portion of your blog already, and I’m totally following you because I want to know more about both your cat Chester and OCD. I think we all have mild versions of it to some extent, but…if you’ve identified as a sufferer, I think there’s a lot for me to learn here.



    1. Yeah, I’m pretty much obsessed with my cat, but he deserves it being abandoned and left to a shelter 🙂 If it weren’t for cats, who’d be my friends? 😉
      I like your saying, no modification needed. I always say if someone claims they are not a “cat person,” then I’m not sure they’ve ever really owned a cat.
      I’m glad you stopped by. I definitely can’t say I write as well as you or express myself as well, but I try 🙂 You are pretty awesome.
      Also, keeping a cat’s testicles in a jar near your bed, I just have no words for this. I did laugh though.

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