Amigurumi Success and Chester In A Space Bag

Totoro from the front :D
Totoro from the front 😀

After working on this little baby blue Totoro for 3 days, I finally finished it!  I’m actually pretty happy with the results.  It looks pretty darn cute and it’s the first time I’ve ever made Amigurumi and it looked like it was supposed to.  FYI: I got the pattern from from user LucyRavenscar.  Here is a link to her site!It’s not easy getting the proportions right.  The key is the safety eyes.  They make all the difference in making the face look like a face.  Now, I want to make the large Totoro in gray.  The one thing that’s bothering me about it now is the white part on the top that’s a bit of excess.  I should’ve put that on the bottom. That one thing is quite obvious to me. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Here’s a picture of it from the side, which I especially like because of the belly! :


I think it would look better in the gray, but I didn’t have enough at the time 😦

I’m kind of amazed with myself for sticking with a hobby for this long.  I guess maybe I’ve just found the thing I like most and am actually pretty good at.  It feels good to be sticking with something.  My crochet stash has yet to join the ranks of abandoned hobbies. Yay!

Anyway, it was pretty fun to make and I look forward to making and sharing more of my future Amigurumi projects 🙂

When I was cleaning out from under the bed recently, I found that Chester had clawed holes all over my large Space Bag, so obviously it was no longer holding air and was just taking up a massive amount of space.  I took it out and removed all the clothes, took them to the hamper, and came back to find Chester exploring the inside of the bag.  I suppose that’s what he wanted all along.  Of course, I snapped a few pictures because he was just too darn cute not to.


Don’t worry, he could definitely breathe because of the massive holes all over the thing.  He has such a goofy personality 🙂

Well, thanks for reading everyone!



34 thoughts on “Amigurumi Success and Chester In A Space Bag

  1. This post was wonderful! I love that Totoro that you made! Did you use a particular pattern for it? I am learning how to knit, would it be possible to knit this instead of croquet? Chester looks like such a fun cat! Thanks for the lovely pictures and such a wonderful post!

    1. Thank you! I did use a pattern that I got from, which is an awesome site full of free and cute patterns. The designer’s name is LucyRavenscar and her site is I don’t think she knits, but if you go to ravelry and search totoro and check knit patterns, then you can find some totoro patterns 😀 Hope this helps!

  2. Ack! I’m sorry! I put my comment in the question section. My page hadn’t loaded and I didn’t see the comments.

    That is all sorts of cute! I have a hard time with crochet, but I’d love to do some Amigurumi! Glad you’re still enjoying the hobby!

  3. I love your crafting! It’s great! 🙂 Chester actually makes me laugh out loud!! What is it with cats and bags??? I will never get it! Silly moggies! ❤

    1. Thank you! Crochet is my favorite thing to do, and I know because I’ve tried just about every other craft 🙂 He is such a comedian and he’s so fun to have around the house 🙂

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