I Am Now Sexy While Cooking


I think every woman deserves to treat herself every now and then.  Men too, of course, but I’m a woman, so I speak for myself 🙂  My absolute favorite site is Etsy.com.  I have an Etsy store, but I love to shop around and am always impressed by the incredible talent of people around the world.  This post is going to be a little different than what I usually post, but I felt it important nonetheless.  

Living in Bloomington, a lovely little college town, for the past few years has taught me how to appreciate handmade goods and local products.  I can definitely admit that in the past I didn’t care about where I bought this or that as long as it was cheap.  My time in college among all of these artists, artisans, and overall talented people has definitely changed my outlook on the things I purchase.  I feel good supported “the little guy” and appreciate when I’m able to do so.

Recently I found the loveliest Etsy store called “The Apron Shop.”  The designer and shop coordinator, who goes by “Apron Babe”, combines her love of cooking and yoga to create the most gorgeous aprons and yoga accessories from beautiful and unique fabrics.  She lives and designs her store items in New York, NY and gets her supplies from local sources.  I had a hard time picking between the yoga mat straps made from a vintage kimono and the aprons made of linen and Liberty of London prints.  I’ve never owned an apron before and I rarely use my yoga mat outside of my home, so I went with the apron!  I chose the apron made in my favorite color, purple.

Here’s a picture of it still folded so nicely:


I laid it out on my chair so that you could see it better.


I just love the colors and the fabric is so delicate and elegant.  It’s obvious to me that this is a well-made, high quality product and I’m so proud to give it a home with me 🙂  I also like the little label because it adds a professional, yet handcrafted touch.  I took a close-up so you could see it better:


This apron is so feminine and I never thought an apron could be so elegant.  Overall, I’m very happy with my decision.

Of course, Chester had to investigate it!


This is just a friendly reminder to support small businesses and talented artists whenever you can 🙂

Oh yeah, if you want to see the Apron Babe’s work firsthand and purchase her awesome products, here’s all her different links:

TheApronShop website: TheApronShop.com

TheApronShop Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/theapronshop

The ApronShop on Tumblr: http://theapronshop.tumblr.com

TheApronShop on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/carmenchenwu/the-apron-shop/

Please enjoy!
Thanks for reading 🙂



31 thoughts on “I Am Now Sexy While Cooking

  1. I loved it and purple is my favorite colour too, beautiful colour 🙂 I will check those links out and I’m so agree with you that it’s so important to support them 🙂 It seemed like chester loved it too 😀

    1. It is so pretty 🙂 I do love purple too and always have. I think it’s my color 🙂 Chester does love it, but he loves the packaging more 😉 Definitely check out the links!

  2. Ha ha so K is in for a treat with you in nothing but the apron h aha. Oka okay a little naughty for the post.

    have a wonderful day and time cooking sure looks very nice.
    keep on smiling

      1. Megan, want to know a secret? That makes us guys love you girls even more. Michelle looks her cutest is workout shorts that are too big for her, Baggie hoodie and a baseball cap. :).

      1. I think I may have meant ‘sexy’. I’m just not having a good night, at all.

        Let me try again.

        I’m not sexy whilst cooking. I’m usually on fire. Far too busy to worry about being sexy.

        Ah, forget it…

  3. I love how cats are so inquisitive. Very much like myself. I think you should have taken a photo while wearing it! Maybe one of those cliche styled photos where you are holding a pan in one hand and a spatula in the other while pulling a “Guess who’s cooking tonight? :D” face haha. That would have been spectacular. I’m finally catching up on your entries btw. Been super busy as always.

    1. Well I think that’s a great idea 😀 I have to convince K to take a picture. He usually just snaps is and then gives the camera back to me and it usually turns out horrible 😉 I loathe pics of myself, but it would be neat to pose with it on.
      I hope you’re doing well! I’m sure you’ve been so busy with your job and the hectic schedule. Hope all is well with you and your dummie roommate.

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