I Bet You’re Wondering What This Is


So, yeah, I bet you’re wondering what the heck that thing is that I’m holding.  I still can’t even believe it myself.  That, my friends, is Chester’s microchip.  If you don’t know what a microchip is, and I’m assuming you probably do, then let me tell you.  It’s the tiny electronic chip that the vet puts into your pet’s scruff (skin on back of neck) to identify your buddy if he or she gets lost.

Well, yesterday, K picked up Chester to take one of their cuddly naps together and he yelled to me, “Honey, come here!  What the heck is this?”  He was laying down in the bed with Chester in the crook of his arm and he was pointing to a spot on Chester’s shoulder.  He didn’t want to move Chester, so I came to them and looked at the thing K was referring to.  I pushed back his fur and he whimpered.  It was pitiful.  I saw what looked to be a scab, but it was very hard and protruding rather far from his skin.

I told K to get up and look at it with me, so he did.  He said, “I think something’s sticking out of there.”  He pushed on the bump and out popped Chester’s microchip!!!  That poor baby.  I put a little blanket over his eyes so that he was calm while we looked at the wound.  The microchip apparently burst through the skin on his kitty shoulder and left a rather huge, bloody hole in his delicate skin.  He was bleeding quite a lot after we removed the chip, which had a massive scab and hair stuck to it.  Apparently it had been stuck like that for some time.  I flushed the wound with rubbing alcohol diluted with purified water.  He didn’t even cry or anything.  It must have been quite a relief to the poor baby to get it out of there.

Tomorrow I will call his vet to see what we are supposed to do now.  I guess he will have to get a new one implanted.  If it’s not one thing it’s another with this little cat.  It stresses the crap out of me when he’s hurt or sick!  I’m sure he’ll be fine, though.  We’ve been checking on his wound regularly and it seems to be healing well.  It’s best to not leave these things to chance, though!

Thanks for listening to my weird experience 🙂




80 thoughts on “I Bet You’re Wondering What This Is

    1. I have to call them today and I’m hoping that it is somewhat normal. I will have to get back to you on that! Because it happened to K and I, it’s probably just a freak accident 😉

  1. Wow! That’s crazy! I don’t know why, but I always pictured the microchip being the size of a grain of rice ( too many movies maybe) That looks far from “micro” to me. Glad you guys noticed it and Chester is ok!!

  2. Megan, I love animals. That chip wasn’t supposed to just pop out like that. Find the Vet who installed it and get it back in and that should be FREE OF CHARGE since obviously they did it wrong in the first place….. I’d be so angry at that Vet!! maybe even thinking nasty words … poor baby. next time, think about just warm water and maybe hydrogen peroxide instead of alcohol which usually hurts n burns. That spot must have been hurting a long time or your cat would have been violent….

    WHEN YOUR FURBABY HEALS MORE, PLEASE HUG FOR ME, OK? maybe slap that Vet … or scream at them, ok? I’d be happy with a good old fashioned screaming but for GOD’s sake, do something except be placent about this.

    Sweet kitty you have … and I’m not normally a cat person, just an animal lover!

    1. Thank you so much for your concern! It’s definitely not normal. The vet even said so 😦 That was frightening to hear, but he said as long as it was looking like it was healing and he is acting normal then there’s no need to worry. I will, however, be visiting the shelter to have someone re-implant it with my supervision! What a terrible experience for that little kitty 😦 I’ll definitely give him a hug for you 🙂

  3. It sounds like you and K stayed very calm and dealt with the situation well. I woulda been freaking out and calling the after-hours vet for advice. Well done! 😀

  4. Hey!

    Glad to hear Chester’s going to be okay. I think Steve has a microchip too, but to my knowledge, he has yet to carry it to full term. Anyhow, I guess this means congratulations are in order! *Hands you a cigar*

    Cherish these moments. They grow up so fast.

    Also, here is a song called Chester the Molester by Canadian band Sloan.

  5. I am now thoroughly freaked out about that. They’re not supposed to come out, but maybe it’s more common than we know? I am going to ask my vet about this too. I would have been so upset. I can sometimes feel it, which makes me wonder how safe these things are over time. Poor little boy.

    1. It worries me too. I could actually feel his for quite some time near his shoulder, but I never imagined it would spontaneously erupt through his skin 😦 I would definitely ask your vet. My theory is that he was chipped too young and it moved as he grew. I could be wrong though.

      1. I did look into this and apparently it’s a very common thing. I was shocked. I’ve never had anyone come to me about it before, so I was thrown by how often it happens. Apparently if it’s not done properly, it can and will come out at some point. That’s terrible! I think V’s is pretty in there, because if you pick her up anywhere near it she’ll make a crabby sound to let you know she doesn’t want you to touch her there, but the process of getting it into the skin is similar to how I used to do subcutaneous fluids for my previous little girl. It’s very easy to go through the skin with a thin needle. The chipping is done in a similar fashion with how they pull the skin up and form it. A lot of people have complained that if it wasn’t done properly when they first got their pet, they’ve had to have to re-done. Seems to be something that’s been doing on since the early 2000’s when chipping became more commonplace. You’d think by now, they’d have gotten better at this. I do agree that it could have and maybe have moved as he grew. In most instances, shelters aren’t checking animals for chips when they’re brought in, but a vet always does, so I still think they’re a good idea.

  6. Oh my days!! I didn’t even know this was possible!!! Poor Chester! 😦 I hope your visit goes well, and the vet checks on his healing skin too! Poor thing! X

  7. Oh no poor Chester. You never expect things like that to go wrong. Such a simple procedure putting a microchip in. Hope he feels a bit better now that you’ve got him sorted with his wound. It’s devastating when your pet is hurt or poorly as they can’t tell you what’s wrong and you can’t explain to them that it will get better or that the vet is actually a good thing. Hope everything turns out ok x

  8. It is so hard when our fur-babies are hurt and can’t tell us what is wrong! Good Luck with this…I have never heard of a chip coming out before!!!

  9. Good to hear Chester will be fine. Also a good thing K noticed the microchip and I know Chester is feeling much relief with the chip out and not in that awkward position.

  10. Poor little Chester! 😦
    Out beloved cat died in a caraccident. She also had a microship. Thanks to The microship they identified her but it took 5 days!!! A painful experience. The police had to much to do so they let out cat stay at the street for five days until day had time to bring her to the Vet. We didn t know if that cat was our baby. But after 5 days we got the sad news. Good to have a microship.

    I hope Chester is feeling better now! 🙂

    1. That is so heartbreaking. I’m very sorry for your loss. I know when Chester passes it’s going to be very difficult for K and I. He’s such an important part of our little family and we love him so much. I feel your pain. This is definitely a reason why microchips are important to have.

  11. You’ll have to let us know what the vet said! That’s so weird! Both of my cats are chipped and I’ve never even noticed it before. Maybe it was some bad placement?? I bet he feels much better now!

    1. The vet says he’s never heard of that happening! I called there and he told me that. Anyway, Chester is doing fine and he doesn’t seem to be experiencing any after effects 🙂 Thank you for your concern!

  12. I would have FLIPPED! Like ….WOW….I did Not think they COULD pop out!! Poor Baby! I Bet it feels Much better now that you fixed it up! I wonder how the heck that happened?

  13. My kitties have a chip in them too. They put them in automatically when they are adopted from no-kill shelters. Was Chester adopted?
    I’m glad you posted this. I had no idea they could come out. That seems a bit painful for them.
    I’m pleased you were able to pull it out. Do add a post on what the vet tells you about these chips. Thanks …

    1. Sorry for the delay! Yes, Chester was adopted, from the same shelter as Lil Bub actually 😀 However, I think Chester believes he’s a direct descendant of royalty and not just a regular tabby…

      1. Since my last comment at your blog something cruelly unexpected occurred to turn our world upside down.
        I’ll leave the url but know that it is a sad read.
        XO to Chester with lots of head rubs …

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