Posting From My Phone About A Stressful Day


Chester helping K “study” πŸ™‚

Tonight I wasn’t quite feeling like firing up my laptop and writing a post, so instead I decided to write from my phone.Β 

This is no small feat since my phone is huge and I don’t type that well on it. Please forgive any typos.

I always feel less stressful during the warmer months and while the ocd remains,Β  it’s not necessarily completely gone. It never is. A coworker keeps saying how he doesn’t feel good and has a sore throat and stomach ache.Β  Boom. Just like that my heart drops. “My stomach hurts. ” Three little words that always send me in a panic. If only they knew how it made me feel, then they would never say it.

He single handedly made my day stressful.Β 

Chester is now chewing on a flower that I brought home from my grandmother’s memorial service.Β  It doesn’t matter because he could never make me feel bad like other people do.
Thanks for reading everyone.



18 thoughts on “Posting From My Phone About A Stressful Day

  1. Little Chester looks like he is giving k his input, he is very smart after all. Don’t worry about the coworker, you have been thru this before and they probably ate something that upset them. Have a better day.

  2. Though the ocd is still lurking a quick Chester thought could have you handle that. You are super Megan after all.
    keep your chin up and keep on smiling look how far you have come. look ahead and lets keep on moving forward.
    just hope Chester did not run across the keyboard a lot for K’s sake

  3. You’ll be alright. As buddha says, “All life is suffering.” Everyone suffers normal or not. Sometimes I’ve heard about people just growing out of their ocd, but they may only happen to a lucky few I guess. OCD sucks I know.

      1. You’ll be alright (my pinoccio nose just grew a little bit.) No but then again you never know the future. There maybe better treatments in the future.

  4. Oh, you know I don’t know anyone else who understands this and don’t even bother to try to talk about it. But I totally understand!! It does make life a lot harder. Unfortunately other problems (Bipolar and Asperger’s) just compound the situation. I am so glad you posted and hope you feel better and don’t get sick.

    1. Very few people do, but I’m glad that you are one of them that do understand. It’s got to be one of the worst phobias to have. I wish almost every day that I didn’t have it. I hope you’re doing well too.

      1. Yes, it becomes very problematic when friends or family are sick and you literally have a war going on in your brain, between wanting to help and the phobia. I don’t have answers except exposure therapy which would be horrific.

  5. Big phones rock, but I still have problems hitting the right keys.
    I look at the key I want but sometimes miss the key altogether, hitting the one next to it.

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