New Plush Friends and Much More


This weekend, K and I decided to take a day-cation to Chicago.  We love going there to visit H-Mart, which is this huge Korean market with additional vendors inside. It’s really something neat if you’ve never seen something like that before.  

We stopped at my favorite store called Fancy Pencil Shop.  It’s one of the vendors inside of H-Mart. I bought the two cute plushies you see above.  They are Hamtaro (left) and Purin (right).  I know, I’m a little old for soft animals, but to me they are more collector’s items than anything.  I was hoping to get a Molang plushie, but they didn’t carry them 😦 I was a bit disappointed in that, but maybe one day.  I did find them on Amazon, so I will be updated my Wishlist to reflect my Molang love 🙂

I also bought a Rilakkuma pencil case which I’m using to keep my crochet hooks in 😀  I mean, come on, isn’t that the cutest?


At the Japanese market, Mitsuwa, K bought some pastries from a cute little bakery called the Happy Hippo and I picked this:


I was surprised to find corn inside! haha

Crochet has been a so fun for me lately. I am just loving Amigurumi!  My most recent creation is this Chocoat, who is a friend of Hello-Kitty.  I wasn’t really satisfied with the pattern and it didn’t turn out to be my greatest creation, but it’s still kind of cute.


I also tried making my first mandala from a small mandala pattern I found on

It turned out ok, but I kind of hate the colors I picked. I’m terrible at matching colors!  I really am not good at that and this is a reflection of my poor, color-picking skill.


Anyway, that’s my life right now. I’m currently working on a VERY fun Amigurumi project and hopefully I can share it with you soon.  My OCD habits have kept me from getting far with it today because I keep redoing parts of it for perfection sake.

Thanks so much for reading. Hope your weekend was great!



19 thoughts on “New Plush Friends and Much More

  1. I am just smiling seeing the Hamtaro. Just thinking of him is fun. Okay at age way over 20 I would still buy that. Hell I was 22 or something when I bought the first Furby. go figure.

    You are finding your own way with your OCD creating your own path that gives you a peaceful mindset.
    Keep on going Super Megan and keep smiling.

    1. He is pretty darn cute, right? I just love that character and many others 😀 I should’ve gotten the bigger one. Maybe next time. I was a huge Furby fan, FYI 🙂 Thanks for your kindness and support always

  2. I am trying to self-teach myself to crochet and am having a terrible time with it. Are there any videos or tutorials that you would recommend?

      1. Awesome, Megan! Thank you! I am having one heck of a time leaning this, but I’m sure I’ll figure it all out soon. I hope!

  3. I love stuffed animal souvenirs – I have a whale from Maui, a bear which was a gift from my husband when he went to the Masters, and an otter from the Atlanta Aquarium. They are so cute and make me smile – I don’t care that I’m too old for them!

    1. They are the best. I totally get collecting them as souvenirs. As a child, sadly, I was traumatized by my father when he told me that he didn’t want me to get another stupid stuffed animal. I never got anything but t-shirts on our trips after that 😦

  4. Oh god….. my girlfriend (who by the way is 46) collects these “Squishables” which are these, but enormous. She’s got 5 of them and they are the most hideous things I’ve ever seen. 😉

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