Packing It All Up

20140623_211146Moving is a stressful, but exciting time.  We will be moving in the middle of July and this will be Chester’s first move. He’s only ever lived in our current apartment, so I hope the change will be ok on him and it won’t aggravate his FVR (feline herpes virus).  It just breaks my heart to see him under the weather. I haven’t started to pack everything yet, but I can imagine it’s not going to be the funnest thing ever.  I have a lot of stuff it seems. I look around my apartment and wonder how it all came to be.  I had only a few things that I brought into our home years ago, but over just a few short years it’s just collected and collected.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the need to buy things and make my house seem cozy and filled.  In reality, I don’t have as much as some people and I doubt everything I own would fill even a small house, but I imagine there are some things that I’ll have to give up or give away in the move.  I like having books, but am I really going to read all of those books and why am I holding onto books that I won’t read again?  How am I going to possibly transport all of those breakable things, like teapots and cat figurines?  In some ways, I think it’s an American thing, to buy things and have them as sort of a status symbol.  I feel that as my life improves, then so should my stuff. Wasteful in some ways, I know, but it’s a difficult mindset to get past.

I’m thinking of selling my small paintings on Etsy because I certainly don’t need them and that’ll just be one less thing to move. I’m also thinking of listing a few of my collectibles that I have no emotional attachment to and that are just taking up space.  We won’t have as much room in our new place and these are just some things I’ve been thinking about.

No worries, I am nowhere near hoarder status and I definitely don’t mind donating and giving away things, but it’s just nice to have things to call my own and that provide a sense of familiarity and home.

I will start work on packing this weekend.  One good thing about renting is having the freedom to pick up and go when your lease is up and that’s what we’re doing, except it’s just to the other side of town 🙂

Hope your summer has been lovely thus far 🙂



54 thoughts on “Packing It All Up

  1. There’s a product called Feliway spray. You can spray your kitty’s bedding with it and it will help him relax during and right after the move. Feliway has plugins too.

  2. Moving can be stressful and you do wonder “how did I get all this stuff?” Everything will work out fine Megan and once Chester gets use to his new place, he’ll be right at home. Wishing the three of you well with the move.

    1. It definitely can be stressful. I haven’t packed much of anything yet, but you’re right, it will all work out fine. I just stress needlessly 🙂 Hope you’re well!

  3. My cats have both always hated every move at the time it happened. They’ve always bounced back with time, but it’s generally a process that involved a lot of hissy fights between them.

  4. My best friend used to call me gadget man because of all the crap I accumulated. I’ve been in my current apartment for 13 years and the amount of stuff I have accumulated is, well, ovewhelming. I used to obsessively shop for clothes, computer stuff and gadgets and would always but multiple items, one was never enough. The fact that they would then sit in a cupboard unused was also reflected by the hundreds of each of cd’s, dvd’s and books.
    But the seroquel had stopped the OCD. I have also stored stuff at friends houses when I have moved only to abandon them altogether.
    My father had the same problem but he had three houses filled with clutter. He also collected cars with the view to restoring them, but he never got rid of what he did not need. He died in 1999 with 20 cars on various properties.
    My mother, on the other hand, is a minimalist. He home is sparse.
    I am now working to declutter, as I have recently posted about.
    Once I have gotten rid of the clutter I will be a hoarder no more.
    I started a few years ago to read ebooks rather than paperbacks. It’s cheaper and more convenient to buy and read ebooks and it means less clutter.
    I am glad for you that you are not a hoarder.
    I had to be a non-hoarder in the not too distant future.

    1. It’s easy to collect things and then continue to collect and collect. I’ve learned, probably from my mom, that it’s also necessary to purge, donate, and sell whenever possible. It seems like you are making the right steps to clear up some space for yourself. I love ebooks too! They are such a great invention. It’s awesome to just be able to download that book you’ve wanted to read rather than going to the library or waiting for it to arrive by mail 🙂

  5. How far are you moving? I had to move about two years ago, and it was the first move for my kitties. They yowled like they were going to the vet the whole 4 hour drive. It was a very deep throated yowl. Not the kind he does when he’s annoyed, more like when he’s scared. And once Punky started yowling Neko joined in. If I pet Punky, he calmed down enough so that he didn’t yowl. I had them sitting in the passenger seat so they could see me. I hope it goes okay for Chester and that his FVR doesn’t flare up :/

    Everytime we move we get rid of stuff we haven’t used, lol. Yeah, Americans put a lot of emphasis on material things. I stored a lot of my books in my mom’s storage, but the storage shed got flooded and my books were destroyed ;_____; Most of them I don’t miss. But the thought of my books being destroyed makes me sad. I still have a lot of books, just not as many as I had 5 years ago, lol.

    1. I’m only moving to the opposite side of town, so it’s not a long distance at all. He does ok in the car, but I’ve seen him get stressed when I’ve taken him on longer trips. You know a cat isn’t well when it pants haha. I’ve been getting rid of the things I don’t use either by donating them or bringing them to work for my coworkers. I’m sorry about your books 😦 I used to have a larger collection of books, but I’ve sold most of them. Still, I have too many 🙂

  6. That’s a good mindset, if you don’t use it, don’t plan on using it, then donate it. What I do with clothing is, when I buy something I find something to disgard, something I don’t wear that way clothes don’t get out of hand. Remember your sisters move home from college her junior year? She went in with 2 car loads and came out with 3 plus, I wanted to harm her that night, lol. She had become a shopaholic. She’s a cutie.

  7. I wish you luck with moving. We’ve been prepping to move this summer as well. Our cats have all moved before and we’re frankly looking forward to a bigger house. Maybe then my cat and my sister’s cat will have enough room to share. (Doubtful, but one hopes.)

    I also like to collect things and, yes, I also have books that I personally will likely never read, but I like to loan books to my siblings and their kids. It’s the librarian in me.

    1. I’m sure your kitties will love a bigger house. Moving is a pain, but exciting at the same time. Loaning books is another great thing to do. Have you ever seen those tiny libraries that you put in your yard? I’ve seen one a few blocks from me and I think it’s the best idea and the most generous.

  8. Oooh the day is drawing nearer. exciting. 😀 ha ha.
    Ooh gosh I hate packing and leaving a house. It always feels like leaving a piece of soul behind.
    I always had the family troops pack for me a day ahead 😀 I just couldn’t do it lol.

    I am sure Chester would do great. thrilled for you and hope you will have lots of smiles in the next apartment/house as well.

    Keep on smiling

    1. Moving can certainly be exciting, even if it is somewhat stressful. It’s always fun to put things in their proper place when you move into a new house/apt. I will be sad to leave this place. I love the stream and forest right in front of our house, but I’m looking forward to a move 🙂

  9. I know the feeling when it comes to packing. I’ve been packing and moving too. Good luck. I hope it’s not too stressful on the kitty or on you. Take care!

  10. Donate the books to the library if you’re never going to read them again. I tried selling some on Ebay and that didn’t happen, so I have them to the library. I did the same with DVD’s. They were thrilled for the donations and it helps me declutter.

    Take all of the breakables to the new place by car. You’ll feel less stress that way.

    Take Chester with you when everything goes and put him in one room until everything is safe for him, a few hours, checking on him to make sure he’s all right periodically. It will help him not be so stressed. I used my upstairs bathroom and bedroom because it had already been set up. Once the movers left, I let her out to explore and it was a very smooth transition.

    1. I’m certainly thinking of donating the books and DVD’s. If not here then in my hometown where my parents live. That library could use more donations 🙂 Also, good idea about putting the collectables in the car. That just makes sense 🙂

  11. Our move last summer was the first for our cats, as well. I was more nervous about the dog coping with Indiana’s winters, but she’s fine. The cats were weird at first, especially the male, who attempted to mark the entire house, but couldn’t because fixed, so he peed a lot instead. 😦
    Once the furniture arrived and we slept here, he was fine. I hope your kitty doesn’t suffer with his FHV when you move. It is very stressful, but I tell you, my boy kitty is a much happier, more loving companion here. I think he likes the (trees) scenery! 🙂 lol
    I try to buy things that won’t be replaced. I know it sounds odd, but if I buy it knowing I’ll replace it, I probably shouldn’t buy it. Few exceptions, like cheap shelving or $1.50 flip flops. My first apartment was barren and I’m happy at what I’ve amassed over the years, little by little.
    As for books, I hate parting with them…
    Check Craigslist in your area, a lot of people (like me) give away their packing paper and boxes, to help with teapots and cat figurines! 😛

    1. I can see why you’d be worried about the winters. The winter this year in IN was so freakin cold! Gosh, I hope Chester doesn’t try to mark anything 😦 I doubt it, but you never know, cats can be funny, and by funny I mean weird.

      1. Yeah, his marking was a new and disturbing event. 😦 Thank Petsmart for selling Nature’s Miracle cleaners, and it was a very brief occurrence.
        The winter was insane. Totally insane. I’ve read we’ll have years of insane winters. I’m buying Carhart pants this year, lol!

  12. Hi Megan, I just moved last week so you have my empathy there, I feel like I’m living in a landfill site! I don’t know much about cats if I’m honest but my dog Rolo is taking a little while to settle although he loves his new back garden 🙂 I hope the move goes as smoothly as possible for you

    1. Congrats on the move! It’s funny, when I move I can’t leave boxes packed for long. I have to put everything in it’s place right away, which usually leaves me exhausted. I’m sure I’ll do it this time

  13. Sweet Megan I do not envy you having to move…hate moving. Stuff can sure pile up over the years, I have things I would love to get rid of but don’t know what to do with them. I hope all goes well with your move and sweet Megan adjusts and has no problems in the new place. Wishing you all the best with your sales. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Chester

    1. I don’t much like the actual process of moving either 😦 I do like the excitement of living in a new place though 🙂 It can be a fun change. I think Chester and I will have to support each other and help each other adjust 🙂 He just doesn’t know it yet…

  14. I hope there is minimal stress during the move for all of you. My husband got a job offer. Because it involved a move (several months from now), guiltily, I was emotionally conflicted about it.Obviously he deserves this promotion after all of his hard work, but moving, ugh. On the other hand, I like to watch him pick up heavy things and carry them easily into the house.

    1. That’s awesome that your husband got a job! I hope the move isn’t stressful on you all either and that you really enjoy where you’ll be living next. By the way, I’m still loving the portrait you sent me of Chester. It’s my most cherished piece of art and it’s hanging on the wall right next to my bed. People are so interested in it when they come over to visit 🙂

      1. I avoid stress as much as possible… and I paint. There is almost no better excuse to sit and observe the world than to paint, except possibly having a sleeping baby or cat on your lap. I am so happy that you enjoy the painting of Chester so much. He is a beautiful cat, and I enjoyed the time I spent looking at all the photos you had of him, trying to find out what essential parts of him had to get into the painting. On that piece, I think I succeeded. 🙂

      2. I think there’s nothing more relaxing than being able to create something beautiful. I’m glad that you have painting to be that outlet for you 🙂

  15. Wish I could remember the book in which people from different countries emptied all their possessions from the house and a photo was taken with all their stuff in front. It was very revealing when sheer volume of stuff was compared. Good topic!

  16. My only advice on this is that at 53 I am still going through the purging of “stuff” I don’t really need. I have realized that this stuff hinders a simpler life. I know it’s easier at my age to let things go but I wish I had done this years ago. Megan you are far ahead of where I was so I know you will be able to make the right choices. ❤

    1. It can definitely be difficult to get rid of some things. I think it’s ok to keep certain things that hold memories or sentiments, but it’s also ok to get rid of them too. They are just things.

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