My Beauty Recommendations

20140629_202640I don’t pretend at all to be someone who is an expert in beauty, but there have been times in my life where I’ve obsessed over it and have scoured the internet on the topic.  I do know quite a bit about it, from my personal experience and certainly not anything I’ve been trained to know.  

I got through spurts caring about my body and/or skincare.  I always use moisturizer because if you don’t then you run the risk of putting your skin into an evil dryness and acne cycle, again from my experience.

I inherited a ton of things from my grandma that were essentially unused and this fueled my beauty obsession yet again.  I have been using her products and found them to be awesome.  Like I said, she always had nice things and definitely cared about aging and beauty.  Some of the things in the picture above are what I got from her.  The argon oil is probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever used.  This particular brand has an incredible smell and makes my skin gorgeous.  Apparently you can use the pure oil on your hair, but I have yet to try it.  Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough.

In one of my many internet beauty searches I came along the Clarisonic Mia.  I looked into sonic brushes and soon determined that I had to have one.  Clarisonic is probably the go-to sonic cleansing brush, but it is quite pricey and I just don’t have that kind of money now.  Olay makes a sonic brush and I’ve heard good things about it.  However, while looking through Amazon, I found a sonic cleansing brush by The Face Shop. It’s called the 4D pore cleansing brush because it moves in 4 different directions I think. That’s what I gathered from it anyway.  If you’ve never heard of The Face Shop, I highly recommend you give it a search. It’s a Korean beauty brand and I have yet to find something they make that I don’t like. The quality is awesome and the variety is amazing, so I was really excited when I found the sonic brush!

Surprisingly, I got it in the mail today! I think the deliverer made a mistake because I don’t have Amazon prime and it should’ve arrived tomorrow, but something happened and It was on my doorstep today.


The packaging itself was gorgeous and the color is so pretty. This sort of retro blue/teal is one of my favorite colors, so that’s probably why I was attracted to this brush.  I used it in the shower after going to the gym and am totally in love with how it makes my skin feel.  My face was literally radiating after I used it and moisturized. It feels so refreshing and I actually feel like I’ve gotten all the makeup off of my face.  I highly recommend it and at $33, you can’t beat it.  (The instructions are in Korean and Chinese, so sorry about that, but you don’t need to know much except how to put the batteries in!)

I would like to now share with you some of my beauty tips.  I got this idea from a fellow blogger at But I’m Not Cute.  Actually she is way cute and I totally envy her style and beauty.  She made lists of her own, but I’d like to share my own now.  Please check out her blog!  Again, I’m no beauty expert and I have pretty good skin for being fair complected and having high sensitivity.

Here’s a list of the things I recommend considering about your beauty routine:

  1. Drink lots and lots of water!  Beauty starts at the cellular-level, or so I think I’ve heard on a number of commercials.  You have to keep your cells healthy, plump, and hydrated.  Plus, you just feel good when you drink enough water. I know when I’ve had less than 80 oz a day and I definitely don’t feel my best.
  2. Try not to sleep on your face.  Seems weird, but I’ve always heard that sleeping on your face can cause sleep lines, which over time can cause permanent wrinkling.  I tend to believe this because if I wasn’t so young and my skin didn’t bounce back so well, then I could see me having a few sleep-line wrinkles.
  3. Don’t bite your nails.  It’s gross because they’re littered with germs and your nails will lose their strength and consistency.
  4. Cleanse & Moisturize!  This is a big one.  Wash your face once or twice a day, but preferably no more than twice.  Keeping your face free of pollutants and excess skin and oils can keep your complexion healthy and pretty.  Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy by keeping the pores open and not allowing pimples to form.  I’ve moisturized every day and night since junior high and I have never had a serious breakout in my life.
  5. Exfoliate.  Depending on the strength and type of exfoliant you use, you may want to alter how often you exfoliate.  I used Clinique super exfoliant for years and for about once or twice a week, which has always been enough for me.  Toners are also good of exfoliating on a more regular/daily basis.  You can find great organic and natural toners on Etsy or from the Face Shop and Innisfree.   
  6. Do not touch your face.  Seriously, just don’t do it.  If you have like a slight itch, well by all means scratch it, but don’t just sit there and touch your face!  Think about what you’re putting on your face between the oil, dirt, and contaminates.  Not only could it cause acne, but touching your face is a great way to make yourself sick.

Well, I think that’s a good enough list for now.  I would like to share with you some of my favorite beauty products that I use or have used:

  1. The Face Shop Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam– this is a great cleanser that smells wonderful and cleans without over drying.
  2. The Face Shop Natural Sun- A great sun cream that smells great and doesn’t cause rashes on my sensitive skin.
  3. Clinique Super Exfoliating Scrub- Love it, have used it for years.
  4. Hanskin Intense Eye Cream– Helps with my perpetual allergy shiners and for waking my eyes up 🙂
  5. Hanskin Premium Perfect BB Cream- I have used this for years and just love it. It’s got such great coverage and protects my face from the sun.
  6. Dior Diorskin ForeverWear Powder- Leaves my face looking flawless.

Holy cow, that’s a good enough list.  Sorry to keep you reading, but thank you If you made it this far!



21 thoughts on “My Beauty Recommendations

  1. Thanks for the tip about the Clarisonic Mia! I use differin so I have a lot of excess dry skin. My face is so dry I have to slather on a thick moisturizing cream, even in the summer, lol. Not touching my face is so hard >_> I just need to make a bigger effort not to do it.

  2. I have used argan oil in my hair. It was pleasant but I needed too much of it for my hair and that became expensive, so I went back to my old ways of doing nothing. 🙂

  3. Great post, I might just need to get that brush. Your face is so pretty and smooth, you are definitely taking excellent care of your skin. Where do you the oil on?

    1. thanks mom 🙂 Olay makes a brush too and it has a ton of reviews. I was the first to review this one 🙂 I put the oil on my skin and tonight I put it on my hair.

  4. Hi there! Quick question that’s completely off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird when browsing
    from my iphone 4. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that
    might be able to correct this problem. If you have any recommendations, please
    share. Thanks!

  5. Hi Megan, I heartily recommend argan oil for your skin, I use it twice a day & put it on my hair too then leave for at least 2 hours then wash off. I get it from I also use a lot of stuff from Lush; my favourite thing from there is the angels on bare skin cleanser, it amazing 🙂

  6. Megan I can certainly verify the sleeping on your face thing. I am 53 and my left side of my face is noticeably droopier under my eye than the other side as I sleep with my hand on my face every night,,,don’t know how to stop it but I am trying! Great research and ideas xo

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