A Turtle Made Me Happy



I was so excited when I left for work this morning because in the yard next to my bedroom window was a lovely little turtle!  It was strange to see because I have no idea where it could’ve come from, but it was just there today.  I had to, of course, run back inside and get K so that he could see.  Growing up in one of the world’s largest cities (Seoul), he hasn’t seem too many wild animals besides birds, bunnies, and squirrels, so I like to show him new things sometimes.  It’s head was sticking out of the shell, but when I got close he hid back inside.

I know it might seem silly to be excited about seeing a turtle, but any morning that I can head outside to lovely weather and see a cute little critter is a great morning for me.  I just love seeing wild animals and it seems in our little apartment community that I’ve seen surprisingly many animals.  I’ve seen a groundhog, a turtle (now), tons of chipmunks & squirrels, lots of bunnies, birds of course, deer, coyotes, and my favorite, a mink.  Oh and lots of cats. I think they know that Chester lives here because they always come to visit.

I’ve always loved animals.  When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian or zoologist.  Funny, the dreams we have as kids.  Now I wouldn’t want to do either, even though I still love animals.

I was happy to see this turtle today 🙂 It made for a lovely morning.

What small thing makes your day?  I’d love to hear from you! Please comment below or leave a message in the message box below.



25 thoughts on “A Turtle Made Me Happy

  1. We have squirrels that hang out around our apartment complexes. They are so cute :3 It makes me ridiculously happy when I see them bouncing around. My cats enjoy watching the birds from our patio. My cats both chirp when bird-watching, which I find endlessly amusing, lol.

    1. squirrels can be cute too 🙂 We have both red and gray squirrels here and there are usually at least two right in front of our windows. Chester loves them of course. The chipmunks will tease him by our bedroom window and he just sits as still as ever “hunting” them 🙂 cats can be so funny.

    2. also, chirping is an awesome cat noise 🙂 I have never heard Chester chirp before 😦 He trills ALL the time though. Like any time he jumps off of anything or wants attention. it’s precious.

  2. Cute turtle. It’s funny that when I was a kid I thought I would like to be a vet or zoologist/herpetologist, but now I don’t. However, since I’ve nursed a lot of sick animals over the years, and I have to give meds to a couple of our aging kitties, I get more vet time than I would like.

      1. I think veterinarians do very well, but for me I decided I wouldn’t like dealing with sick and injured animals all the time. I don’t think there is much money at all in zoology. You probably have to do zoology as a hobby.

  3. Oh wow! I’d love to come across a turtle in the wild 🙂 That would be amazing. Living in Australia, I haven’t had the pleasure, though I’ve frequently come across kangaroos, koalas, etc, even in suburbs (only where there’s a “nature path” such as a creek or river, though).

    What makes me smile? What little, everyday things do this? I’m having to reach back in time, because I’m grieving right now, and it’s a different headspace … I think seeing a random act of kindness, like someone stopping to help a mum manage her pram onto a tram or whatever. Seeing a shaft of sunlight on a winter’s day. Green tips on my plants, or any plants, for that matter. And, I know this might sound corny, but knowing I have tea in the pot and food in the pantry.

    1. Those are lovely things to be thankful for and that make you happy on a given day. I think random acts of kindness are windows into the soul and only truly good beings will do things at random for others. Tea in the pot and food in the pantry is not corny at all, but something to definitely be grateful for. Not everyone has even that much.

  4. My wife is a big turtle lover. I don’t think I ever saw her so happy as when we saw a sea turtle pop it’s head out of the water while we were passing by on a boat.

  5. the little things are the big things! something that suddenly makes us smile. i can carry that smile for days. 😊

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