Love Getting Mail

2014-07-01 20.32.19

Did I ever tell you that I just love getting mail?  Actually, I know I have!  I have 4 lovely pen pals right now, who sent me letters and who have yet to hear my recent reply because of the hectic environment in my household right now.  No worries friends, I’ll mail them soon!

Anyway, I absolutely love getting things in the mail!  Today I finally received the makeup bag you see above.  I ordered it from Amazon and it was so inexpensive, but it’s really roomy, which is what I need now.  My makeup collection has grown since I inherited quite a few things from my grandmother.  I’ll have to do a review on the things I like most and what I don’t much care for sometime.  She has turned me into an instant beauty aficienado 🙂

Sometimes I get on kicks and purchase things that are inexpensive online that I would otherwise buy in the store, just so that I can get something in the mail.  Do you get what I mean?  I hope I’m explaining that well enough.

Anyway, today, I signed up to receive my first subscription box for free!  All I had to pay was the $2.99 shipping.  I was super excited about it because I’ve always wanted to try a subscription box, but was scared.  If ever I want to cancel it I can by calling them, but first I want to try it out first.

The good news is that I can refer friends and get $15 towards my next box!  Click on this link  to activate my referral and to put $15 on my account.  Also, now here’s the cool part, you can get the free box too and you’ll just have to pay shipping!  After you take the Maven quiz, which is just a way to get your style identified on the site, then sign up for your welcome box here:

When I get this in the mail, I’m going to review it.  I thought it would be fun if other bloggers could share their experience with the subscription box as well.

In the welcome box, you get like $80 worth of products.  Here’s what you’ll get:

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.55.05 PM

I want to clarify that this is a subscription you are signing up for and you will ONLY be charged the $2.99 for your first box.  The Nautical Welcome box is limited, so get yours ASAP.  I think you’ll use the coupon code SHIPSHAPE to get the free box.  If you do not cancel your subscription by calling Julep services at 877-651-3292 by the 24th of the month at 11:59 pm, then you will be charged $24.99 for the next month’s box.  So if you are not liking the subscription or want to cancel it for any reason, make sure to call and cancel before the 24th!

I think it’s pretty cool and I get excited about things like this.  If you want to send me anything, my favorite color is purple and I like cats *wink*wink*.

Anyway, that was a random post, but that was my excitement for the day and I had to share with you all this great deal 🙂 Get it while it lasts!

Hope all is well!


7 thoughts on “Love Getting Mail

      1. I have my own beauty blog and I’m an absolute make-up and nail polish junkie. I have more than any one person needs, but I love it regardless. For me, it’s an awesome form of creative expression. You never see me without my nails polished. I leave the house without make-up on maybe a few times a year. It sounds nutty, but it’s just a small thing that makes me happy.

      2. I wasn’t so much into makeup until my grandma passed and I inherited tons of her barely used and unused makeup and nail supplies. Now, I’m kind of addicted and I think it’s fun to put it on and experiment 🙂

      3. I didn’t wear make-up until about 11 years ago, but I’ve been a polish junkie for a long time. The amount of nail polish I acquire in a year is scary at times.

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