Say Hello To My Little Friend!

I want you all to meet someone. This is Chippy, the chipmunk that lives under my air conditioner. He’s there just about every morning when I leave for work, his little head poking out from under the air conditioner, or he’s sometimes perched on the cord like it’s a swing.

We had a showdown today after I got home from work. I usually don’t see him when I come home from work because it’s too hot and he’s hiding somewhere, but today the weather was strangely cool for this time of year and well, Chippy was there. I had enough time while our gazes were locked to grab my phone out of my bag, and take a few shots. By a few I mean close to twenty. He was totally beneath it except for his little nose at first, but then he was brave enough to pop out completely.

I get such a kick out of seeing this chipmunk. He, or she, is always teasing Chester in front of our bedroom window. I think it knows he can’t get it, so it just runs back and forth in front of the window. Chester doesn’t move a muscle, but I can tell he wants to hunt it.

Chippy the chipmunk. I know, real generic, but it’s fitting. He or she is just too cute. So, that was the highlight of my day! Happy fourth of July tomorrow everyone (in the US) or wherever you might be!



40 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Little Friend!

  1. The only time I ever saw chipmunks was when I lived in upstate New York. They really are adorable 🙂

    1. It’s funny, I only lived about 2 hours south of where i lived now and I rarely saw chipmunks, but there are so many here. I guess it’s because of all the forest and limestone.

  2. Megan, you get to see all the animals from the picture books of my childhood in real life! Whereas “all” I see are kangaroos, koalas, galahs, goannas, etc 🙂 I remember seeing my first squirrel in the UK and I was so excited – until my host said they think of them as vermin. It was a funny moment.

    1. I’d have to say the same for you 🙂 I can’t imagine seeing kangaroos and koalas in the wild. That’s truly amazing. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a koala even at a zoo. Here we think squirrels are cute. I’ve never thought of them as vermin 🙂

      1. Sure, squirrels are cute. However the Grey Squirrel is considered a pest in the UK. It is not indigenous there but has been brought in from North America. Now it tends to displace the native population of the Red Squirrel, which can but seldom be seen anymore.

  3. that little head just makes me smile. One of the things I hardly ever see in a big city.

    Good thing I get out a lot.
    Have a great weekend Megan. probably be packing some more. Just keep on smiling. Pretty sure you got it all covert.

  4. Oh my gosh–soooo cute! But wait–where’s Chester? I take it he’s strictly an indoors kitty, otherwise Chippy wouldn’t be so brave as to pose for a photo, lol! Love it!

  5. A chipmunk lives on my concrete porch too. Or under it. Or just…around.

    In any case, every time I come back home, he darts from amongst the garbage cans to the safety of the tree line.

    …I’ll get him one of these days, that Chippingsworth.

      1. Used to go to a cottage when I was little, and the chipmunks there were so tame that you could put a peanut in your mouth and they’d come right up and take it. My mom had a Nikon (still does) back then, so we have all these cool photos of me and my brother and the family with little chipmunks on cautiously approaching and plucking them from out our mouths. Heh heh.

      2. That sounds like just about the best thing to ever happen ever. I’m going to start laying outside with peanuts all around me and see what happens.

        In all seriousness, that is so cute.

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