Independence Day Freckles

I think I had a pretty productive day today. I cleaned my house, went out to lunch with K, did a bit of shopping, and went swimming. Now, here I am sitting at my computer, writing to all my great blog friends.

I love paid holidays, especially when they land on a Friday! It’s just like when I was in grade school and we had a day off. It’s instantly a great day.

I painted my nails purple and mint, which I think looks pretty cute, although I think the mint is highlighting my second toe, which is longer than the rest. I don’t want to draw attention to it!

I headed over to the mall when K was taking an afternoon nap and found a dress at Old Navy for $9! I had a pre-paid Visa I got in the mail as a promotional item, so I only paid $3 for the dress. It’s the black one on the right and it looks actually pretty great on me. I think it was made for my body. Then I went right across the way to H & M and found the other two dresses. They are having lots of sales right now. I actually didn’t know that before I went in there, but saw it as soon as I walked in. I found the navy dress in the middle for $7 and the black and white dress on the left for $4! I’m awesome. I got three dresses today for about $15. It definitely made my day. I don’t own any dresses and was determined to get one, now I have three awesome ones.

Swimming was fun and unexpected. I didn’t even think about it, but Won suggested it. I haven’t went swimming for over a year. K and I happened to be the only ones there and the sky was just gorgeous above us. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I laid out for a bit to “tan.” Turns out I just got more freckles. I took that picture so you could see just how freckly my face is without makeup.

After we have a light dinner, we’re going to our Turkish friend’s home for dinner, but we won’t eat until after 9 because they are observing Ramadan, so that’s why were’ eating a bit before.

Well that was Independence Day for me so far. Hope your day is going well, regardless if it’s a holiday or not.


18 thoughts on “Independence Day Freckles

  1. Sounds like a fab day. Great smile, and why not! Apparently freckles are fashionable now and there are tutorials about how to “add them” with makeup (paint them on). So with your new dresses I’m sure you will be very in style 😀

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