Settling In With My Funny Cat

2014-08-03 20.13.20This cat is hilarious. I actually had time to take a picture of him while he sat there with this strange open-mouthed face for at least five minutes. There isn’t much that he doesn’t do that isn’t hilarious.  

I have been a terrible blog parent lately. To my defense, I have been incredibly busy this week with setting up our new home. I have finally moved out entirely from my old place on the 29th and I’ve been working on transferring our internet and cable, cleaning both apartments, and organizing everything into our new apartment.  I’ve actually had a fun time organizing my house and donating things I no longer use or can fit into.  I think that I have a knack for organizing, probably has something to do with having OCD 🙂  Anyway, I think the house right now is how I want it, but I know I’ll probably reconvene in a couple of weeks and organize something else.

I am loving the new place. It is so relaxing and I think because it’s on an upper floor that it’s much drier, in a good way, and therefore, less toxic.  I feel so much healthier here and the lighting in here is awesome. I can sit by the window and crochet or read and it’s totally beautiful and relaxing. Chester is enjoying the balcony. He usually doesn’t like to walk outside, but I put him on his harness and he was excited to explore all 7 square feet of it.

The neighbors upstairs are even friendly. The wife brought us chocolate chip cookies that were really yummy. I am going to make her apple cinnamon muffins in return.  I have the ingredients, I just need to get on that.  

On another note, I am working on a new piece of Amigurumi! It’s Ampharos from Pokemon. It was a request from my friend Varg. Please visit his blog at  He’s super awesome and worthy of your visit 🙂

How was your week/weekend?

I’ve missed you all!  Glad to be back 😀




29 thoughts on “Settling In With My Funny Cat

  1. Hey my dear friend. I have a second cat but you may not find her anywhere on a site. She is a combination between Siamese and a Calico. I will get a pic of her (Lacie) and my original cat ‘baby’. Lacie is 12.

  2. Your house is the way you want it? I’m impressed. I’ve lived where I am for 8 years and still don’t have it organized or the way I want it. Goal for before 2015 hits

  3. Congrats with the new home! Hope you will be very happy in it. I’ll have one of those apple cinnamon muffins, please! 🙂

  4. Love hearing the joy in your voice of loving your new diggs! I love the description of all the light, living up high, and having wonderful neighbors who are so thoughtful to bring cookies–who does that anymore??? Sounds like Chester is pretty pleased, too 🙂

  5. Very busy weekend for me. Forgot we had a wedding to attend on Saturday until my sister reminded me to have the kids ready by noon so we wouldn’t be late. It was beautiful!

    I’m glad that you have such lovely neighbors! It’s always nice when someone brings you a treat when you’re new.

  6. The look on his face, my cats do this often. :). He’s smelling something he’s interested in. Maybe the last tenants had a cat or even a bird or hamster? He sounds like he loved the balcony. My old kitties used to adore naps in the sun out there on sunny days.

  7. Congratulations on your move! Chester looks like he is quickly conquering the space and making it his own. I am amazed that you can post at such a busy time. 🙂

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