Winter Is Coming

2014-09-12 20.20.34
Chester enjoying a bag in the living room

Sorry to the reference to ASOFAI 😉 It just seemed fitting for this post. Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly life goes by. I remember when I was younger feeling that 15 minutes seemed to last forever.  Now, 15 minutes is nothing to me. Each week seems to go faster and faster and the years are flying by. I just want time to slow down.

For those of you who don’t know, I am 24 years old and will be 25 in March. I don’t know why, but I’m still in this mindset that I’m somehow dependent upon my parents, but I’m not at all. I am completely independent of them, except for being on my dad’s insurance still.  When I look around my house and see all the things I have and that I’ve acquired over my adult life thus far, I’m pretty amazed. I actually do live on my own! I take care of my own house, I take care of my car, I take care of boyfriend (sort of), and I take care of a cat. Wow, look at me, I’ve grown up!

But why do I still feel this way?! It’s the weirdest feeling.

With the winter coming up and cold and flu season just around the corner, I’m going to try to look at winter as being a lovely time. Hopefully, we don’t have a record cold winter like last year, or else it might be very difficult to appreciate this time.

I hate the cold seasons because with them comes illness. I shouldn’t fear them so much!  It’s just stuck in my mind that cold = illness and it terrifies me.  I need to get out of this mindset because it nearly kills me living in fear every winter.  Probably I said this last year, but I’m saying it again. Hopefully this year it sticks!

Well, hope your weekend is going well. It’s beautiful outside today! Chester is enjoying having the windows open 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming

  1. Hi Megan, it’s been a rather cold winter in Sydney and the heater was on for more days that when it was off. But now we are into spring and the weather is really improving. Glorious low 20 degree celcius days with beautiful blue skies. Rugging up and snuggling with a good book can be nice in winter. The warmth from the heater removing the chill and bringing on sleepiness. I have a flu shot every year and have not had the flu in many years. Enjoy your successes, you have done well by the sounds of it.

  2. Enjoy the feeling of being dependent. Even though you are now all grown up and have your own life, I think it is a really great thing that you cling to your family. Even though you are fully responsible for all things in your life, it means that you are still your Daddy’s Little Girl and really is that such a bad thing? Enjoy and embrace all things family. Even though it is many years down the road but at some point in our lives we are left on our own. Enjoy what you are feeling.

  3. I will be turning 55 next month, and I definitely don’t look forward to winter. I use a specialized power wheelchair, and salt and snow are enemies, which often force me to stay at home. That makes me dependent on a lot of things – at home, for transportation, to go where I want. 😛

  4. I like your post. And winter is coming! We had a pretty bad winter here in NE Kansas last year and I am not a fan of snow like I used to be when I was your age. We have a farm and it is hard to get cattle and horses and donkey fed when the snows are so deep. The drifts were the worst part this last winter. Couldn’t even get a tractor through. I like fall and spring. I love wearing sweatshirts and jeans. As for time flying, it doesn’t get any slower. I am in my mid 50s. I always heard it said that time goes faster as you age. There is a lot of truth in that! :-D. Time really flies for me now. I hope you have a good winter, spring, summer and fall. Stay healthy.

  5. I have that same feeling that somehow I haven’t really grown up yet! I’m not sure what to make of it. I like the thought that there is a rest of a child in me, but it’s weird to think that I’m a grown-up and I do grown-up things but I still feel like a girl.
    Anyway, I hope you manage to enjoy the cold season!

      1. Yupp, I think it’s probably a healthy thing to some extent. There’s no clear border between child and grown-up anyway. And I never want to forget what it’s like to be a child! 🙂

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