Summer, Please Don’t Go!

Oh no! I can’t believe today is the last day of summer, and it’s not even a full summer day!  This prompted me to go out and take some final summer pictures around my house.


I thought this cluster of trees looked really nice together.  The sun shining on them was so pretty.DSC_0207

There are quite a few different varieties of weeds/wildflowers around the woods.


These woods are going to be stunning during the fall months as well. I just have to convince K to go with me during those times, or go with a can of pepper spray. Not that it’s dangerous, but it is sort of creepy and the woods thick. This pathway to a thicket was so dramatic and gorgeous. DSC_0219

We have a natural stream!  It smells a bit sulfuric, but the sound of the flowing water over rocks is relaxing. It’s always fun to try to look for wildlife!  I saw none though 😦

DSC_0222This is a picture of a flowering weed hanging over the stream.  The stream is surrounded by trees and plants and it’s just so pretty.


Here’s a closeup of something someone carved in the wood of the footbridge. No idea if it just means “can” or something else. Just thought it’d be a cool picture.DSC_0229


Finally, yay, another weed! 🙂 I love purple and this one caught my eye.


I think the scenery around our new place is even prettier than our last. We have a natural stream!  There’s a little bridge crossing the stream and you can sit on it and dangle your feet.  There are trails through the woods, which K and I discovered by accident when walking the grounds. It’s beautiful around there.  I also took some pictures of Chester.

DSC_0192 DSC_0195 DSC_0199

He is such a sweet boy! I love to take pictures when my memory card isn’t full 🙂 I had to delete some in order to take these.

You know something I don’ that I would love to see? A drawing of myself.  I have no idea how other people see me and to see someone’s rendition of me would be really interesting I think.  Can anyone do this? It can even be digital, which could be even cooler actually.

Well, thanks for reading/looking at my pictures!



31 thoughts on “Summer, Please Don’t Go!

  1. Well just like come over get naked pose and I’ll sketch you. If it doesn’t look good you can switch positions until we feel satisfied <3.

  2. I know, right? It makes me sad to see summer go. I love the fall, but it’s always a little sad to me too, because it means winter is coming 😦 I don’t like winter. The summer just goes by too fast.

  3. Loved the photos, looking forward to seeing the fall colors there. Fall us my favorite time, love the cool air, colors and smells. Spring used to be my favorite time but over the years I have learned spring is the prelude to a long hot summer of yard work, whether it’s a large yard or small one it’s just no fun to mow in the heat and with fall you get to look forward to a long break.

    1. I’m quite lucky to have the kind of scenery around my house that I do. You actually find that a lot in Indiana 🙂 I should take coffee or tea and head down there one morning 🙂

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