Love This Face

I haven’t written poetry in awhile. I haven’t felt the inspiration or want to write much of anything, but the changing of the seasons always has an impact on my mood.  I felt a need to write things down out came this bit of poetry.


“Love this Face”

It’s taken a lifetime to love this face,
To stand before a mirror & see more than flaws,
Someone I hated staring back.
That big, crooked nose,
Downward turning eyes,
Not quite blue, green, gray perhaps.
Skin once pale,
Now fair,

Pain of the past diminishes with the warmth of long love.
Boys, children, now grown & gone,
Have lost the temptation to show disdain for that awkward girl-child,
Now a woman,
All curves & structure,
Maturity incarnate.

Bad-hair days a thing of the past,
I now embrace the off-blonde locks of my ancestors,
No longer crying out of shame for lack of perfection,
Something no one has or ever will.
Forgetting those awkward stages,
Moving on to love & life & now.

We are all humans,
Hair & smells & chromosomes,
Poor posture slumping about the earth,
Making the trivial important.
Beauty is a social construct,
Built by the limited, limitless minds of men,

And Women.

This face is mine and it is beautiful because I say so.



32 thoughts on “Love This Face

  1. Now this is an inspiration hope that face you once hated is smiling back at you 😀
    Been a while since I last visited you. I hope you are doing well super Megan
    Keep smiling that smile big hugs

  2. And here I thought you were describing CHESTER! I’m so glad that you accept yourself in your present appearance and outlook! It’s taken just as long (…LONGER!…) for me. 🙂 Thanks, too, for visiting my place! 😀

  3. Beautiful. Just… Beautiful. I want to express the beauty that I’ve just read in words, but I’ve got nothing. You should feel very proud. You’re you! *Big Hug*

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