What It’s Like To Get Botox

Photo on 12-10-14 at 1.31 PM

Yes, you read that right, Botox. I am going to confess to you all that I have had Botox injections placed in my forehead. The two pictures in this post are me with Botox. Now, to explain.

In November, I won a giveaway that I entered on my local TV station’s Facebook page. My name was announced on the morning news and I also received a call directly from someone at the station. It was a really cool thing to win, considering it’s the biggest station in central Indiana and that I am just one of thousands to be a fan. I was told that I’d won a “cosmetic procedure” from a local doctor. I called the doctor’s office and, long story short, I won 20 units of Botox.  I asked the receptionist on the phone if it’s normal for someone in their early 20s to get Botox. She said that she got them then as “prevention.” I’ve heard that it can work like that, but I wasn’t really wanting to get injections in my face. It was either that or the lash growing serum and I had heard many bad things about that. Therefore, I chose the Botox. I got it the following Monday.  I will try to explain, briefly, my experiences with Botox.

What Injections Are Like:  Honestly, getting Botox injections is less painful than a flu shot and about the same level of pain as getting injections in your mouth for cavity fillings or teeth pulling. It was sort of like getting stung by a small bee. I had very slight bruising a day after the injections.

Where The Injections Were Placed:  I had to scrunch my face to make the places where my forehead naturally wrinkled visible for the doctor. As I was scrunching, the injections were placed in these furrows.  They were placed all along my upper brow line and in between my eye brows and slightly above, more central on my forehead.

How Long It Took To Notice A Difference:  It only took about 4 days for me to notice the results. I think this is exactly average because I was told that it usually takes around 3-5 days to work.

What Sensations Can Be Expected:  At first, the feeling of not being able to move your forehead is very strange, almost irritating. It’s a complete paralysis of the areas that were injected. I can still move my eyebrows up and down, at the corners, so I look sort of like Jack Nicholson when he raises his eyebrows.  That being said, I try not to raise them. You really can’t wrinkle your forehead and it’s kind of awesome!

The Changes I Noticed:  I noticed the difference and so did K. Not everyone will because not everyone sees your face daily and knows what to look for, especially if you haven’t told them. I noticed immediately how smooth and porcelain my forehead appeared. It made applying makeup easier and my BB cream remains flawless all day because I’m not wrinkling my forehead and disturbing the BB cream.  I also noticed that my eyes look happier, my eyebrows a bit perkier. I have downturned eyes, which can be annoying and makes it difficult for me to put on eyeshadow. I’ve definitely noticed that my eye makeup is more vivid.

Photo on 12-10-14 at 1.34 PM

Would I Do It Again?  Yes, I would! I am actually very satisfied with the results and this is probably one of the best anti-aging moves I’ve made. However, it is very expensive to keep up and unless I win again or win the lottery, further injections are not in the cards for me anytime soon.

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you! Just email me on the contact page or comment below.

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57 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Get Botox

  1. I have been aching to try botox because of my worry line from furrowing my eyebrows and having a natural resting bitch face. It has caused me a REALLY deep perma-wrinkle between my eyebrows. Now I’m really tempted go give it a whirl. You looked great before but I love that you mentioned ease of makeup application and the general smoothness…SOLD! 🙂

    1. I say if you have the means and aren’t afraid to try something new to definitely go for it. I feel that I have so much more confidence as well, even if it is just a mental thing. 🙂

  2. Excellent Megan. Thanks for putting the shots into a quality perspective for me. Your attractive no matter what but I can totally understand why you feel this medication is so valuable. Appreciate the article. Rob

      1. Cool. 🙂 Was glad to see a post from you pop up. I’m hoping this winter is much better where you are than last winter was here in Michigan!

      2. Yes. Southeast Michigan near MIS. Frigging brutal. lol
        I was worried that it’d be another harsh winter so all of my work travel that I’d normally drive I booked flights for a couple of months ago until March. Oops.

      1. People who get it for migraines also experience the same things you’ve noticed, but usually over a longer stretch of time. It’s a much higher concentration used though. Over 100 units generally. You spend a lot of time fighting with an insurance company to prove it is necessary as a form of treatment.

  3. I had Botox once on the lines at the bridge of my nose…the one’s that make me look like I’m frowning. it wasn’t a dramatic change, but I would probably do it again. Megan, you look lovely, but I’m sure you’re lovely without Botox too.

  4. Your forehead really looks smooth! And it was a brave of you to try Botox, in my opinion, because I am terrified of injections.

    1. I was a bit worried, but it wasn’t all that bad. I know if you are afraid of injections, then it’s probably not something you would want to go through. They stuck me with the needle probably about 10 times 😦

  5. A few years ago, I was receiving some Botox injections, but in an entirely different location, and for an entirely different reason, and it was free. The injections were placed in the back of my neck by Neurology/Pain doctor, for the purpose of relieving some of my neck pain. The result – I had a very hard time holding my head up. If I happened to look down (as during prayer), I had to rest my forehead on my arms which were folded in front of me, to keep my head from knocking into my chest, a position in which I could not get out of without the aid of my hands. Now I look at the wrinkles (Over 50 yrs old) in my forehead, and under my eyes, and decide, ‘Oh well, if this is what God wants, He shall have it. 🙂

    1. I’ve heard Botox being used for those reasons, as well as for migraines. I think that’s amazing how versatile it is, but yes, that’s a very strange side effect, not being able to hold your head up 😦 Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

  6. I’ve had it in the past and it was very effective and took years off. I stopped using it partly due to lack of funds but also because I missed the expressiveness of my face. Every emotion looks essentially the same. It was not something I would have done except that a younger friend who was obsessed with youth persuaded me to go. That was the days when, being unmedicated, I was highly suggestible to things. I guess it all comes down to personal choice…and money.

  7. I purchased a “spa package and beauty treatment” at a charity auction that included Botox at a local dermatologist’s office. Usually they limit the “units” of actual Botox included…of course it was only 240 units, which of course was just shy of injecting the bridge of my nose (between brows) and so I was disappointed to have to pony up an additional $120 to ‘properly’ treat that spot. I’d already over-paid at the auction so I was a bit miffed…BUT the good news is that it certainly did what it was supposed to do and those lines, which weren’t really a problem to begin with, disappeared for at least 6 months. No bad effects, etc. Yes I would try a similar injection/treatment such as Juvederm or the newer products, however, they are expensive. People have to remember that those lines on your face are mostly considered ‘acquired’ meaning, they are supposed to be a part of your natural features…the temptation to go overboard in banishing all of them is rampant, esp. with celebrities and their ilk in show biz. Ironically, those people look as if they have obviously done away with lines. The natural laugh lines are frozen on most t.v. women (and men) and their faces are many times inexpressive, which can make them cold-looking. I think dabbling is good, but soon it will become a perception in some people, to become a regular maintenance or necessity…that’s how addictions and distorted self-esteem issues start.
    Megan, you are lovely just the way you are; and terribly young to have anything to really need botox!. Always remember you are unique, as every other is unique. A little here and there, is good for a lift in self-esteem, etc. and even I know I would tweak this or that occasionally (now I have no $$$, haha, so I can just dream) but I know I might easily get sucked into other stuff, as I am fragile with my own self-esteem.Don’t let those things define you, bottom line.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with Botox. I know it is very expensive and probably not something I will keep up, but since it was free, I thought I might as well 🙂 Thank you for your kind words! I always appreciate you dropping by 🙂

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