A Hilarious Beauty Fail

I have always liked vintage fashion, makeup, and hair.  I mean, what’s not to like?  Gorgeous, bouncy curls, bright red lipstick, and pretty scarves tied in bows on top of the head; the epitome of classic beauty.  I started looking up how to make pin curls.  Put briefly, pin curls are made without heat by rolling slightly damp hair from tip to root and then bobby pinning each of these rolls in an “x.”  Pin curls were commonly used to give women those beautiful curls in the 40s and 50s.  It didn’t sound too terribly hard, but I knew that from what I’ve read it could fall flat for no reason at all.  After watching a few Youtube videos and reading tutorials on how to do the pin curls, I sat in front of my mirror with a pile of bobby pins and a pencil, to wrap the curls with.  I pinned them all down pretty well and here’s what they looked like pinned in my hair.

20150103_230147The back was very difficult to do, but I did get all of my hair pinned down. After pinning, you are supposed to tie a silk scarf around your head, like you’ve seen women in old movies doing.  You can then choose to sleep with this on and have the curls in the morning, or you can do this during the day and hopefully you have enough time to let your hair dry beneath the scarf.  I tied the lovely scarf that I got from my grandma and went to bed.

It was a little uncomfortable at first to sleep with the pins poking me in the head, but eventually I fell asleep.  I’m not sure how long it was, but I’ll guess it was probably about three hours later that I woke up.  I’m sorry for what I’m about to say because it is gross, but bare with me because it made me laugh this morning.

The scarf was incredibly hot and cooking my head, so I took it off.  My hair was wetter than when I went to bed.  The curls were absolutely wet, my clothes were soaked through, and I was sleeping in a puddle.  Sleepily, I took all the pins out, which was a feat for someone who is almost sleeping. There must’ve been like 50 pins in my hair. I stumbled to my dresser and put them in a pile, which in the morning turned out to be less of a pile and more of a pin disaster. I still had a good majority of the pins in my bed.  I had to change my entire nightgown, even down to my skivvies, and I had to sleep on the opposite side of the bed because it was so terribly wet.

I have been on 100 mg of Sertraline for about 2 years now and the #1 side effect for me is the night sweats. If you’ve never had them, they are just plain awful. I’m used to them by now, but last night was probably the worst I’ve had them in quite a while. I mean, there was literally a puddle; a pool of sweat!  Well, when I woke up, my hair looked like something out of an 80s flick; all crimped out, huge, and very damp, almost like it had been gelled.  I think the scarf trapped in too much heat and really made things worse. That and I was probably not sleeping as well as I should with the pins in my head.

Well, I guess pin curls are never gonna work for someone who gets terrible night sweats 🙂

You can laugh. I’m still laughing 🙂

Oh yeah, and here are two bonus pictures of the cutest cat in the Midwest! DSC_0278 DSC_0279



37 thoughts on “A Hilarious Beauty Fail

  1. The first half of that description can double for the experience of a sleep study, but with the added knowledge that someone’s watching you on an IR camera. I’ve had a couple of those done now. At one point, I had to wear a portable EEG for 10 days. Glue some leads to your head, wrap it all up in gauze in what looks like a smurf hat created by clowns high on novocaine and PCP, then don’t take it off or itch too much so you don’t knock the leads off for the entire time. I’d not suggest it unless absolutely necessary. Aside from scrubbing my hair furiously about 5 times in a row to get whatever gel that keeps leads attached to your skin for 7-10 presumably crafted by the Devil himself, it was otherwise a highly effective form of birth control.

    Not sure why I felt the need to share.. It involved hair, and I hope that it made you laugh. 🙂

    1. Not at all! I appreciate your honesty and that you shared this with me. 10 days is a long time 😦 I think you cam out of that situation a stronger person, or at least you have an interesting story to tell.

  2. I was on Cymblata for a while and I woke up drenched! I liked curled hair as a little girl, but have never really desired it as an adult. It’s not really in fashion either I don’t think? I haven’t really noticed any huge hair trends right now, at least none I want to copy. My hair is super straight, which is fine I guess. I used to have hair down to my butt and I always got compliments on it but it was too much to take care of so I chopped it off. Now I have long hair but not crazy long hair.

    1. It is awful to wake up drenched. I hate it. I think the big curls are always in and curled hair is popular in Korea. I follow Korean fashion more than American. I really like vintage and retro looks also and I really like the curled hair looks from the past, but have the most difficult time recreating them. It’s so difficult! I wonder how they did it.

  3. Lol. So funny. Guess you didn’t see my post a long time ago Blame it on the Pin Curls? I grew up with pin curls, batting down each little curl with two bobby pins and wrapping with a scarf. Hated it! Glad we’re over that cuz now I’ve got the night sweats and I’d probably go up in flames! 🙂

  4. Megan, Believe it or not, before my Mom let me use foam rollers I had to use bobby pins just like you did! I took a short cut though, I pinned my hair and then sat undet my hair dryer bonnet for awhile before I went to bed. Funny the things remenber! ( I am now over 60 years old and can still remember what an uncomfortable that experience was).

  5. I haven’t even heard the words ‘pin curls’ since I was a kid, and I never had them in my hair. And your ‘cutest cat in the midwest’ rivals my ‘cutest cat’ in the midwest! In fact they look alot alike!

  6. They’re hard to do. Since my hair has some natural curl to it already, I use a TopStyler. It’s fast and so much easier than a curling iron or any other implement. It gives new life to what is already there and the curls will hold a few days if need be, providing I remember to use a heat memory product and a really light mist of hair spray.

  7. YUP !!! Slightly drying your hair before going to bed will help. Plus, leave the scarf off. The purpose way back when was to keep the pins from being all over the bed. Also, the scarf was used during the day to keep your pins or stray hair from landing somewhere not wanted. 😜
    HAIR … It can be challenging. 😃😃😃

    1. I take sertraline! I didn’t realise night sweats were a side effect of it. I take 100 MG also of it. Too funny though about your hair. XX

      1. Yep, it’s one of the main side effects that users experience. I’ve asked my doctor about it every time I visit and he says there’s really nothing you can do about them 😦

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