My Most Recent Crochet Projects

You may or may not know that I love to crochet.  Sometimes I like it more than other times and the winter seems like a time during which I crochet a lot more.  The last couple of weeks, I’ve been crocheting up a storm.  I’ve been told that crocheting and knitting help to occupy the mind through the coordination of the hands, the eyes, and the mind. For someone with an anxiety disorder, this has been a great way for my mind to relax and to just not think about the things I constantly worry about. I suppose this last week was a stressful one for me. K came back from his trip to Korea and the change in routine always makes me anxious and stressed.  I’m slowly getting used to it and it’s nice to have him back, really.  It’s always just an adjustment period.  I took glamour shots of all my projects from this week 😉  I would love to share them with you!

This is probably my favorite project.  It’s called a waffle stitch thermal scarf and I made it for K to go with a cardigan he got for Christmas from my mom. It looks great on him.


This next one is called the triple luxe cowl scarf. I used two skeins of super bulky weight yarn and I think it turned out quite well.


Here’s a picture of me wearing it.


This is a scarf I already showed you, but I want to show you again. It’s called the spring petal scarf.  This one was very easy to make, only taking about 1 skein.


I also made my first hat! This is just called the easy crochet beanie. It turned out really cute!

20150111_164433I also crocheted two headbands.  The larger one reminds me of something from the 40s or 50s and is very retro-cool when I wear it. I love it.  The other is a mix between something that reminds me of a hippie and also of grecian times.


I’m currently working on a spring dress for my toddler niece and another scarf for myself with a beautiful color of yarn. I hope to finish and post them soon, if you’d like to see them.

All the while, Chester was watching me from his throne.  He’s so precious and poofy!


Hope you enjoyed seeing my projects. You can find all of them with the patterns on and my id is mlmessme 🙂 Hope to see you there!




35 thoughts on “My Most Recent Crochet Projects

  1. Beautiful things! I love the purple scarf and the waffle one. Recently I’ve been thinking about taking up crocheting again. My mom taught me some basic stitches when I was little, but after a few years I gave it up. Since I have 3 cats now, I’m not sure having all that yarn around is a good idea. Does Chester ever try to play with the yarn or your hooks while you’re busy? Looking forward to seeing your other projects! Take care.

  2. Great projects . . . love the twist around scarf .. . thanks for the link .. . keep on knitting!/crocheting! They could become lost arts!
    I gotta get a tower like that for my maggie as I pull out Grandma Flora’s yarn and hooks!
    fellow mental misfit mm

  3. So wish I could see them! Unfortunately Im blind so…not gonna happen. You must be really talented though to make so many beautiful things! Feel free to follow our blog if your interested I have did and ptsd. Out of curiousity, did you change the blog name? XX

  4. Awesome creations!! I’ve been addicted too lately, I got back into it after my trip to Sydney where my sister and I found a little knitted duck tagged with ‘I’m for the little yellow duck project’. We googled it and I was so excited because I realised I could join in and make a few crochet ducks. Really got into the toy making, made a teddy bear, elephant & snowman. They’re on one of my pinterest boards.

  5. Hi Megan I didn’t know that about crocheting helping stress. Thank you for that tip. I was trying to crochet dog sweater for my dogs and have put it aside. This week was awful stressful for me as I had to make The life or death decision for my Ex. I chose for the hospital to do everything possible to save his life and stressed if I had made the right decision . They didn’t know if there would be brain damage and to what extent. I have not been able to recover from all the stress and I am not sleeping very well. I am going to keep giving the dog sweaters a try and try to help myself and make some cute sweaters for my dogs. My Ex has regained consciousness and he can speak and understand . Even though I feel better about my decisions I still cannot shake off that stress. Your crocheting is beautiful and Chester is a handsome cat.

    1. I didn’t make him one recently, but he has one and it’s the only clothing he actually likes to wear. I have pictures of him documenting hours of wear time, which is amazing for a cat 🙂

  6. I haven’t been on wordpress in too long and i always love reading what you’ve been up to and you make such pretty things! I’ve followed your blog for quite a while but since I’ve known my boyfriend your blog strikes an extra chord for me, and opens my eyes to how it must be for him in his own journey through anxiety and OCD. Thank you for writing, and I look forward to reading more soon! Take care, Fryn

    1. I’ve learned them from Youtube and I also have a book that I got at Barnes & Noble called The Crochet Stitch Bible. It’s really helpful! Also, I taught myself to read patterns and that really helps with the different stitches.

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