Gifts From Korea

K returned home from Korea a little over a week ago.  It’s always weird when he leaves and the adjustment period for when he comes back is a bit strange and uncomfortable. I was kind of nervous about him coming back and seeing him again. Even though we’ve been together so long and see each other nearly every day when he’s here, it’s still a strange thing to experience. 

The one thing I always try to look forward to because I want to remain positive and not nervous about the change is him bringing me gifts. We kind of have our own little tradition of opening Christmas gifts the night he comes back. It gives us something comfortable to discuss and be excited about.  This year, I got him a Jack Spade wallet, which he had been wanting. It’s gorgeous and he loves it. I got him a couple of other random things, like detailing clay for his car and a pore brush for his nose.  He brought me back all the stuff you see below, plus a White Musk hand & nail cream from the Body Shop, which smells so wonderful.  I forgot to take a picture of the White Musk lotion.

Here is what he brought me:


Everything is so pretty and special!  Everything except the coin pouch is from Etude House, a very feminine, cute Korean brand.  I love everything they make and that I’ve tried. I will describe everything below the pictures to try to explain what you are seeing.

Etude House cosmetic bag & a coin purse with a Korean traditional painting of women in Hanbok.  Are these not both so precious? The cosmetic bag just about made me swoon and the coin purse is so elegant with the gold clasp and the deep red velvet lining.
Etude House Dr. Ampoule Mask sheets for lifting and essence care. Mask sheets are great for helping skin to really absorb moisture and essential nutrients and are very relaxing to use 🙂 These are two-step sheet masks. You can’t really see, but these packets have about 10 separate sheets each in them.
Etude House Travel Kit and Etude House Oh Happy Day hand cream set. The hand cream smells incredibly good, almost enough to eat! I am currently using the cotton candy scented lotion, which is the pink tube.
Etude House Total Age Repair BB cream (Left), Etude House Magic Any Cushion in pink (right)
This is what the BB cushion looks like inside. I love this thing! It evens out my skin tone prior to using the BB cream and gives me a glowing aura 😀 This is such a unique product because you push down on the cushion part with the powder puff and liquid comes out lightly. You then gently pat this one your face.

I use all of these things daily. I am really loving the mask sheets because they are kind of special in the mask sheet arena. These Dr. Ampoule mask sheets are a two-step process. You first have to put the syrup from the first pouch all over your face. Then, you take the mask sheet out and wear it for about 15 to 20 minutes. My face is so glowing and plump after I use it. The Total Age Repair BB cream is new to me and I have yet to use it often because I still have some of my other BB cream left. The coverage, consistency, and color are spot on for me though. Plus, it has immortelle and royal jelly as ingredients. How cool is that?

You can actually buy Etude House directly from the company now by visiting the global site if you are not in Korea. Just go to

I am totally in love with this brand and would love to hear if anyone else has tried Etude House products.  Of course, you can find Etude House products on Amazon and Ebay if that’s more convenient for you.  If you are interested, I’d love to write a post on an introduction to Korean beauty products/makeup brands. This is one of my many passions in life 🙂

Thank you for reading!



30 thoughts on “Gifts From Korea

  1. Now I am not much of a make-up or cream guy and surely you do not need to have me tell you this. Do you really need all this beautiful.
    You look stunning but you know that already. Just keep on smiling and enjoy the times together, bet you had a blast smiling and getting to know each other again.
    Have faith in you abilities and keep smiling Super Megan.

  2. Girl, you look like a new woman . . .first I’ve been here for awhile and seeing a glamor photo of you is nice. I’ll have to check out the Etude products and more. Love the designer bags. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh and you made out like a bandit 🙂

  3. Ah, so lucky! >< I want everything haha. Glad you're enjoying the products! 🙂 Etude House is really amazing, all of their stuff is super affordable and in such pretty packaging!

      1. You definitely would be! I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted when I last went to Korea. I wanted absolutely everything! But that’s really nice! It’s always interesting to see what other people choose for you to try too! 😀

      2. I gave him some guidelines. Unfortunately, one of the 4 bb creams he brought back is the wrong shade, so I wont’ be able to wear it :*( He’s usually good at picking out things for me.

      3. Aw, BB creams are really hard to pick out though. You can’t really tell if it’ll work out unless you try it on your face! I’ve had way too many experiences of them being so pale that I look like a ghost. 😦 Thankfully all the other stuff he picked is good! 😀

  4. You got some lovely gifts. The masks sound amazing! Where can you get those? You always give great beauty advice. XX

    1. Thank you 😀 You can buy all kinds of sheet masks from my favorite website,, specifically here:

      You really can’t go wrong with any of them you choose. They ship from Korea, so it takes awhile, but shipping is free and you don’t pay taxes 😀 Plus, prices on their site are just about what you pay at retail in Korea. Hope this helps 🙂

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